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Oman is Gulf country (Officially Sultanate of Oman) located in the southwest Asia on the coast of Arabian Sea. Oman visa requirement for New Zealand citizens are prefectoral entry restriction by the Oman authorities. So, Oman visa for New Zealand passport holders is necessary to obtain to visit in Oman. However, you will be astounded at the fact that New Zealand ranks 8th in terms of visa free travel or visa on arrival. Citizen of New Zealand had visa on arrival or visa free access to 184 countries around the world. But Oman visa for New Zealand passport holders becomes mandatory to visit.

Oman visa for New Zealand passport holders can be acquired by visiting the embassy of Oman in the New Zealand or New Zealand passport holders can apply for electronic visa or E-Visa as they have the facility to apply through online portal by visit website.

Citizen of New Zealand can travel to some countries without any visa. They can stay in the country for short duration of 14 days to 90 days for business purpose or tourism purpose on the basis of their passport only. 

Procedure to apply for Oman visa for New Zealand passport holders:

  1. Applicant has to fill the Oman visa application form online. Information such as Name, Date of Birth (DoB), Nationality, Passport information and E-mail id is required to file for visa.
  2. All the columns must be filled correctly.
  3. No column in the Application must be left blank.
  4. Applicant has to ensure that the information provided must be correct and accurate.
  5.  As a single mistake in the visa application form may results in the rejection. So, fill the visa application form carefully.
  6. The applicant has to pay the visa fees right after the submission of application for Oman Visa for New Zealand Passport holder. The applicant can pay the fees through credit card/ debit card, UPI or NEFT,internet banking.

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Types of Oman visa for New Zealand Passport Holders:

Tourist Visa:

Tourist visa is issued to those citizens of New Zealand, who are visiting Oman for the sole purpose of travelling. This visa has the validity of 30 days or 90 days. This type of visa not extended.

Single entry Tourist Visa: In single entry tourist visa, the traveler can visit or stay in the country up to 30 day. Once the traveler leaves the country before or on 30th day, they cannot visit the country anymore on the same visa. This visa has the validity of 30 day from the day of entre in the country.

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa: In a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa, the New Zealand National can travel in Oman for up to 30 days or 90 days depending on the types of visa. In this visa tourist can leave or enter the country as many times as they want to without any restriction within the period of 30day or 90 days.

Business Visa for New Zealand Passport Holders:

Business visa is issued to those citizens of New Zealand, who want to expand their business by investing in Oman and for those who have secured a job in any organization or company of Oman. This visa has the validity period of 90, which can be further extended by the sultanate of Oman on the request.

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Countries eligible for Oman E- visa 

Electronic visa policy or E-visa policy of Oman has provided the facility to several countries including New Zealand to apply for visa online through website. 





European Union








Hong Kong









North Macedonia


New Zealand





San Marino




South Africa

South Korea









Vatican City


United States

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Document required for Oman Visa for New Zealand Passport Holders:

  • Two passport size photographs (3.5*4.5) cm of the New Zealand Passport Holder. 
  • The photograph should be clear and should have white background.
  • Photograph must be front facing.
  • A valid email address will be needed to provide data regarding visa approval.
  • Valid Passport with the validity of minimum six months and must have at least four blank pages in the Passport.
  • The bio page in the passport must be clearly visible.
  • Confirmed flight ticket from both the sides.
  • Traveler must have a printed copy of health insurance coverage.
  • The applicant must avoid security restriction to abstain oneself from any kind of problematic situation.
  • Copy of Bank statement stamped and signed by the bank manager.
  • If the applicant has a child, then child’s birth certificate is required 
  • Valid Credit card and debit card that is applicable in the Oman.
  • Information regarding the hotel bookings and tour
  • Occupation/Business of the Applicant.

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Q. Do New Zealand passport holders need a visa for Oman?

Yes, Citizens of New Zealand needs visa to visit Oman for travelling, work, business or any other purpose.

Q. What are the Oman visa requirement for New Zealand citizens?

Valid Passport, E-mail, passport size Photographs are must need document to grant Oman visa for New Zealand Passport Holders.

Q. What are the Best Restaurant in Oman?

  • Al Angham
  • The Beach Restaurant
  • Bin Ateeq
  • Grand Lounge
  • Ubhar 

Are some of the Best Restaurants in Oman.

Q. What time of the year is best to visit in Oman?

As Oman is a gulf country and weather in Oman is pretty Hot throughout the year. So, Winters in Oman is the best time to visit to enjoy the vacation.

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