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what kind of attire to wear in oman

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Oman is a beautiful country and offers great adventure and memories to visitors. Every country has some specific dress code and it is required to follow those dress rules and regulations when you visit there. Oman is a Muslim country and also has some rules and regulations regarding clothes. These rules and regulations apply both to men and women. It is required to follow these dress regulations but before that, it is important to know about these regulations. Today in this article, we are going to read about the dress and attire to wear while in Oman. It is not mandatory to wear certain attire but it is always advised to dress modestly and if you are planning to take a short trip to Oman then you are most likely to get an Oman visa that can be easily acquired through an Oman IE visa


About Traditional Dress In Oman

Oman is a nation steeped in history, and its citizens dress according to local customs. Men in this largely Ibadi Muslim culture dress in traditional long gowns called dishdashas and muzzars (head covering). Local Omani women cover their heads with a hijab or Shayla and wear a full-length abaya. In Oman, it is unusual to see women wearing a niqab. Beyond Muscat, you will discover that Oman's rural communities have more restrictive clothing standards. In Oman, women also wear more colourful clothing than in other Gulf countries; abayas and shalas are not the only options. Although tourists in Oman are not obliged to follow the same dress code, it is still important to dress respectfully and appropriately for the situation. 

What Should Women Wear In Oman 

  • There is no requirement for non-Muslim women visiting Oman to wear a whole abaya or to have their hair or heads covered. Only when visiting the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (or any other place of worship) is this necessary, and in that case, you will be given an abaya and a headpiece to rent for a modest charge.
  • The remainder of the time, ladies in Oman should dress modestly for the culture while being aware of the environment and their activities. In the height of summer, Oman's temperatures along the coast can reach above 40°C/104°F, which is extremely hot but not as intense as its northern neighbours on the Arabian Peninsula.


Is It Appropriate To Wear A Bikini In Oman? 

  • Only in a resort environment near the pool or beach is it acceptable to wear a bikini in Oman. Be aware that local families may also be present in the hotel's common areas, on a public beach, or in a wadi and may consider your little attire improper.
  • When at the beach or pool, Muslim tourists and local ladies both use full-length burkinis. A non-Muslim guest does not need to dress in this way, instead, find a comfortable middle ground and only wear swimwear that is acceptable for the location. There are signs indicating the required attire in some of Oman's most well-known wadis (natural swimming holes), and there are frequent stories of tourist police on duty to enforce this. Instead of bathing suits, women should swim in shorts or leggings and a t-shirt.

What Should Men Wear In Oman?

  • Even if men in Oman are not dressed traditionally mentioned above, you will still notice that they wear long pants rather than shorts and sleeves on their shirts.
  • No guy visiting Oman is required to wear a veil or adhere to a certain dress code (eg, shorts are acceptable). Do, however, consider knee-length sleeves as opposed to shorts that are too tight and tank tops. At the beach, just like with women, flip-flops are OK, but for other outdoor activities, more durable footwear, hats, and sunglasses are advised. Men must wear full-length pants while entering religious facilities like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.


What Should Children Wear In Oman? 

  • For kids in Oman, there is no formal clothing code. Feel free to let your kids wear weather-appropriate clothing in Oman.
  • During this season, Muslims typically dress their kids more modestly, with long sleeves and pants for both boys and girls. However, there is no issue with foreign visitors wearing dresses, shorts, and t-shirts. However, it is usually preferable to have children dressed in swimwear at the beach or pool in Oman (even if you would normally let them run about in diapers, panties, etc. at home).
  • Again, consider activities while choosing footwear. When going outside the city to explore forts or the seaside, trainers or a solid, durable sandal would be preferable to flip flops. Additionally, it is always recommended to wear caps and sunglasses to protect against the sun's rays and heat.



This article was about the dress and attire to wear while in Oman and has all the required information about it. It is important to follow these regulations as wearing clothes out of context can even make you feel uncomfortable while travelling in Oman. With kids there are no such rules and regulations, kids are allowed to wear any type of clothes comfortably. Make sure to get your Oman visa if you want to enter this country without facing any hurdles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a classy or straightforward cultural outfit. The key to beauty is simplicity, therefore adopt a minimalistic appearance. Having said that, the majority of your in-laws are likely to feel at ease wearing modern attire these days, so do not be hesitant to exhibit your particular style in their presence. Your in-laws ought to be acquainted with you.

Although some residents chose to cover their hair with headscarves, tourists are not required to do so unless they want to attend a mosque.


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