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what to avoid at oman airport

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Oman has become blended its culture into modern life and this infusion has awarded the country place among the most admired tourist destinations around the world. The country witnessed around a million tourists last year and this number is bound to increase as the government has taken several steps to boost the tourism sector in the country. For explorers around the world, Oman remains a promising destination, the country’s amazing architecture and traditional values are something that must be experienced. 

Often the travelers are not quite well versed in the rules and regulations they should take care of while visiting a new place. Among all the rules and regulations, the first and the most thing that travelers should be well aware of is the rules and regulations at the airport as the airport is the very first point of entry for the majority of travelers.  

If you are looking for the necessary guidance on how you should prepare your baggage for the Oman trip and other important factors that you must remember at the airport, then read the complete article.  


Muscat International Airport is one of the most well-organized and amicable airports in the world. But the airport also expects the passengers to behave responsibly. The activities mentioned below are not a direct or hard set of rules that passengers must abide by but are some general advice so that they do not end up creating disturbance for them and other passengers.  



We know that special moments in life are incomplete without music, so you might want to start your favorite playlist once you have entered your dream destination. But remember that it is not advised to play media aloud on your device as it may not just disturb your fellow passengers but may also affect the functioning of the airport. 


We know you might be eager to collect your luggage once you get off the flight, but remember that does not mean that you disturb the conveyor belt as it may not only disturb the passenger but may get you injured or may damage your belongings. 


It is advised to not get drunk at any airport but in Oman, the advice becomes even more relevant as the country has some really strict laws regarding the consumption of alcohol. Consuming alcohol in public places is usually illegal in the country so be careful with alcohol not just at the airport but on the streets as well 


Airports are crowded and if it were Muscat Airport, it would be even more crowded. Muscat airport is very busy and too much perfume or scent may generate discomfort among fellow passengers so try to avoid that. 


It is very important to be aware of the items that are either restricted or banned to bring to the country for preparing your baggage. Do not keep these items in your luggage while flying to Oman. 

  • Magnetic Materials 
  • Remote Control Helicopter or Drones 
  • Flammable Liquid 
  • A cigarette lighter can be carried in person but not in the baggage 
  • E-cigarettes 
  • Toy guns or weapons 
  • Pornography, either print (magazines, paper, etc.) or CD/DVDs 
  • Electric Stun Guns, Batons, or similar items 
  • Walking sticks/aids with a concealed blade 
  • Object with a blade longer than 5 inches  

Avoid keeping the above items in your baggage if you want to transit through the airport smoothly. If any of the items are found in the travellers’ baggage the authorities will seize them and will not be obliged to return them. 

There are a few items that are allowed to be carried to the country but in limited quantities, these are: 

  • Alcohol- The importer must be non-Muslim and at least 21 years old. 
  • Cigarettes- Not more than 400 units 
  • DVD- Note more than 10 pieces 
  • Perfumes- Maximum 100 millilitres 

So now you know how you should behave at Oman Airport and what things you must avoid while traveling to the country, so what are you waiting for apply for an Oman Visa with Oman IE Visa now and plan a trip to the amazing. 



Being in a new place can be confusing if you are not aware of the local rules and regulations. It is very important to be well versed in the rules and regulations at the airport of a country so that you can enjoy a smooth and quick transition. Muscat Airport is one the most passenger-friendly airports in the world and will take care of your every little need, all you will need to do is cooperate with the authorities and prepare for the trip accordingly. For that, you just need to be aware of the facts we have mentioned above. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

The pets can be allowed at the airport if they are completely vaccinated but they will be traveling only in the cargo section of the flight. 


Only non-Muslim tourists, aging 21 years or more are allowed to carry alcohol to the country. 

The quantity of alcohol must be limited to 2 liters. 


Only non-Muslim tourists, aging 21 years or more are allowed to carry alcohol to the country. 

The quantity of alcohol must be limited to 2 liters. 


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