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Going on a cruise party from your place to Oman? Well, you’d want to rethink about your Cruise Ship Passenger and Crew visa Oman. This visa is accessible for those people who will be arriving at the port of Oman via a cruise ship.



  • Who will be granted this visa?

  • Subtypes of cruise visa

  • 32A visa

  • 32B visa

  • 32C visa

  • Cruise ship passenger and crew members transit visa

  • Documentation needed for cruise 

  • FAQs


Who all will be granted this visa?

This visa is granted to only the cruise ship passengers and crew members after the request for the application of a visa by the agent of the ship. If the request is done by a local sponsor then the passenger and crew members are allowed to stay in Oman for a period of one month.


Subtypes of cruise visa:

Still, wondering as to which type of visa will be the best for your trip?

Then there are 3 subtypes you’d want to know about before planning your trip:

1. 32A visa: 

This visa is granted to passengers of the cruise ship and is valid for 48 hours of stay. This means that the tourists arriving at the port of Oman with this type of visa can stay in Oman for about 2 days. 


One of the things that a tourist should keep in mind while travelling to Oman with this visa is that just having a valid visa won’t get you inside the country. The Royal Oman Police at the port entry will be responsible to let you in the country. The tourist can enter and leave Oman only on the same cruise ship.

Validity of visa:

This visa will be valid for 6 months and that means you can enter the country with this visa during the 6 month time period from the date of issuance. 

Does the visa allow multiple entries?

The 48 hours cruise ship visa is only applicable for a single entry.


There are no fees to be paid which means that this visa is available free of cost.

Submission of application:

Submission of application is to be done at the seaport in Oman. 

Can this visa be extended?

This 32A type of visa cannot be extended and if there are any overstay then there will be a fine applicable of OMR 10 per day.

Applicant and sponsor:

The applicant must be a cruise ship passenger visiting Oman only for tourism purposes and the sponsor must be an Oman shipping agent.

Important sites for application of visa:

You can apply for the visa via an online method as well. You can apply online at

2. 32B visa:

This type of visa has the same conditions as stated above. The only difference in this type of visa will be that the length of stay will be for 48 hours to 10 days in Oman. This type of visa is applicable to all the passengers and crew members of the cruise ship.

3. 32C visa:

This visa also follows all of the conditions stated above. The difference in this type of visa will be that the stay period for the tourists visiting Oman will be for a month or 30 days from the entry into the country.


Cruise ship passenger and crew members transit visa:

This visa is granted for those passengers and crew members on arrival to Oman. This will be a landing card which will be valid for not more than 24 hours. And if any of the members wish to stay for a period longer than 4 hours need to apply for a type of visa from the above-mentioned ones. Any of the citizens of Bangladesh and Israel are not allowed to enter Oman through the port.


Documentation needed for cruise:

While there are some of the documents you need to look for before planning your cruise trip, here are some of the common travel documentation that is required:

  • A valid passport which is valid for more than 6 months

  • A visa of any of the subtypes which are mentioned above

  • A valid ID card which states the nationality of the tourist

Getting to know the subtypes of the visa and the requirements for the visa must have given an idea of which type of visa will be the best for your visit to Oman. You can now enjoy a nice time while you are here in Oman and take a cruise journey which will give you a memory to fill in your diary!



1. Can I go to Oman with Emirates ID?

A citizen of the GCC country can go to Oman with the Emirates ID.

2. Are there any cruise recommendations to visit Oman?

You can check MSC cruise or celebrity cruise Oman visa for a trip to Oman.

3. Can I travel via a cruise with a Dubai-Oman common visa?

Yes, you can travel via cruise if you have a Dubai–Oman common visa.

4. Are crew members exempted from taking a visa to Oman?

All the passengers and crew members must take a visa during their trip to Oman.

5. How can foreign cruise ship passengers enter Oman?

Cruise ship passenger and crew visa Oman is required for a foreign passenger to enter Oman.

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