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cruise trip from qatar to oman

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Qatar will operate a cruise ship linking the capital of its Doha district with Oman in Kuwait, which will begin its first trip in January. In this article, we have given all the information regarding the Cruise Trip from Qatar to Oman.

About the Cruise Ship

The 145m cruise ship 'Grand Ferry' will take up to 870 passengers and 670 passenger cars, the first of its kind operating in the Gulf.

It is important to establish a strong link between the two countries behind the start of the cruise. Faisal al-owner Sulaiti told local media that the ship was not previously used in the Gulf and was the first in the area.

Al-Sulaiti claims that Qatar fills a market void, "The need for this kind of service is enormous," he said.

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Reason for Starting the Cruise

On June 5, 2017, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt broke diplomatic and commercial relations with Qatar, accusing it of promoting 'terrorism' and destabilizing the region – accusations made by Doha continuously rejected.

  • It has shut down Qatari airplanes and shut the only land frontier of Qatar, forcing its inhabitants to find alternate routes.
  • There is a restriction on people from driving to neighboring countries across the border after the blockade.
  • The Grand Ferry will take 20 to 25 hours to fly from Qatar to Oman before returning to Doha.
  • Services are initially provided to Oman and later to Kuwait but could be extended to Iran if al-Sulaiti says that there is enough demand for them.
  • The French cruise ship is ten decks high and has over 270 cabins, and provides various facilities, including a helicopter flight deck.
  • Indoors we have a decent office, conference quarters, a dining space, cafes, and a children's room," Captain Moutsatsos told the local media.
  • Currently, ship management is debating facilitating the visa process for tourists who visit Kuwait and Oman on board.
  • Since the cruise season began on October 2, Doha Harbor has seen the 14 cruise ships that docked in its capital rise exponentially in the number of tourists visiting the country abroad.
  • As part of its 2030 National Vision, Qatar has made tourism an important part of its five priorities for economic diversification.

Facilities of the Ship

Residents will soon be able to travel with their cars to Oman and Kuwait by cruise ship. A first-class luxury cruise ship in the Gulf region is scheduled to begin service to Oman and Kuwait within two weeks.

  • Grand Ferry has a length of 145 meters and is able to transport 870 people and 670 vehicles.
  • The ship currently docked in Doa Port was toured by the Minister of Transport and Communications, H E Jassim bin Saif Al-Sulaiti.
  • The ship's owner Faisal Mohamed Al Sulaiti told the peninsula that it wasn't used previously in the Gulf, and that is the first time in the area."
  • The business of the cruise starts with a confidence that this kind of business will grow because it is in great demand among the peoples.
  • The vessel will first go to Oman and Kuwait ports, but if there is sufficient route demand, it can expand the service to Iran.
  •  You can land or travel around Oman or Kuwait. We also provide people the flexibility to use their personal vehicles," Faisal Mohamed Al Sulaiti said.
  • The ship is made of France and has 237 rooms with a wide variety of amenities such as a cinema hall, meeting rooms, restaurants, cafés, and medical facilities such as physicians. There is a helicopter landing facility on the ship in the event of an emergency.
  • It is estimated that the ship will be about 20-25 hours from Doha to Oman and return to the port in Doha simultaneously.
  • The ship also plays an important role in cargo movement, apart from passengers.

"We look forward to a very good service. In order to balance income, we will be bringing the cargo as well," he said. Cargo transportation would provide the ship with additional income.

  • Fare specifics have yet to be finalized and will be revealed in the near future, he said.
  • Boat management is negotiating visa conditions for expatriates in Qatar with authorities in Oman and Kuwait so that they can go to these countries.
  • Travel agents manage passenger and car reservations when forwarding, and shipping operators make freight reservations. "For our guests, we have good facilities inside the ship," said Manolis Moutsatsos, the cruise captain.

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Final Words

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