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dubai to muscat public transport guide

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The Sultanate of Oman is one of the top vacation destinations for UAE inhabitants. The adjoining nation has a charming scene with delightful business sectors and sea shores. You can without much of a stretch travel from Dubai to Oman by street or via air. Here you are going to know about Dubai to Muscat public transport guide.

 As of January 2019, you can likewise take the Dubai to Oman Bus course number 201 for AED 55. On account of the presentation of this new transport course from Dubai to Oman, it is currently simpler and more reasonable than any other time to visit the adjoining country. So in case you're intending to submerge yourself in the way of life and customs of the nation, here's the means by which you can do as such by taking a transport from Dubai.


Recently, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in association with Oman's National Transport Company Mwasalat continued the 201 course from Dubai to Muscat. A consented to arrangement between the two elements added new transport stations and courses interfacing the two objections. You can check out to know more about dubai to oman bus for visa change

This advancement came as a feature of RTA's opening of a progression of new transport courses the nation over, which adds to the comfort of voyagers who wish to investigate the locale. Obviously, this likewise benefits the individuals who travel between the nations for transactions.

With the 201 transport administration from Dubai to Oman, the two local people and travelers can profit by one more elective that suits their spending plan and inclinations.

The new help on the Dubai to Oman transport course runs three times each day from Abu Hail Bus Station (situated close to Abu Hail MRT Station) at 07:30 am, 03:30 am and 11:00 pm. The Dubai to Oman transport travel time is around six hours.

Inhabitants picking this choice should take note of that the Dubai to Oman transport stops incorporates Airport Terminal 2 and Rashidiya Bus Station, where the transport ends for 15 minutes. You can check out to know more about dubai to oman bus visa.

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A single direction Dubai to Oman transport ticket cost is simply AED 55. Moreover, the Dubai to Oman transport charge for a full circle is AED 90. Presently, you need to buy the tickets straightforwardly from the RTA stand.

Web based booking, just as Nol card installment, will be coordinated instantly according to true declarations. This will make the interaction for Dubai to Oman transport ticket booking considerably more helpful later on.


The Dubai Oman transport withdraws threefold per day. Dubai to Oman transport timings are as per the following:

Air Terminal 2: 07:45 am, 03:45 pm and 11:15 pm

You can check out to know more about mwasalat dubai office contact number

All things considered, Dubai to Oman transport length is six hours, calculating in the ideal opportunity for custom checking and other boundary control measures. If it's not too much trouble, recall that traffic conditions can extend travel time.

When you arrive at Oman, the transport course will cover 11 stops prior to intersection the boundary. You can likewise get an Oman to Dubai transport from these stops:

One can take a Sohar to Dubai transport (or from some other station in Muscat) at a cost of OMR 5.5 (single direction) and OMR 9 (bring ticket back). The Sohar to Dubai transport timings are 06:20 am, 03:20 pm and 11:20 pm. You can visit a Mwasalat transport ticket office to affirm transport timings or just look at the authority site. You can likewise connect with Mwasalat office at this number: +971-425-25909.


Offices on the Dubai to Oman transport administration incorporate free Wi-Fi and cooling. Each Mwasalat transport is outfitted with the most recent security and innovation includes and can oblige up to 50 travelers. You can check out to know more about dubai to oman bus today

Besides, the three transport stations on the Dubai Oman transport course are associated with numerous methods of transport, which implies you can without much of a stretch discover a RTA taxi or Metro to proceed with your excursion.

As indicated by Ahmed receptacle Ali Al Bulushi, CEO of Mwasalat Oman, these transports are "complex, protected and agreeable mentors exclusively worked for long excursions". The RTA has likewise reported that they may build the quantity of excursions between Dubai to Oman if request increments.

A reward highlight of going on a Dubai Oman transport outing is the grand perspective on the open country. This gets considerably more lovely the further north in Oman you get.


You can likewise take transports worked by private vehicle organizations to and from Dubai and Muscat. These incorporate Al Khanjry transports that you can get directly close to Ruwi bus stop in Muscat. You can check out to know more about dubai to muscat bus service

The transports withdraw at 06:00 am and 03:00 pm consistently and there is just a stop on the outing in Sohar where you can get a tidbit or do some light shopping.

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As you are going between nations, you should deal with visa prerequisites.

Likewise recall that you need to pay a leave expense at the UAE line, which is AED 35 for each individual. Do keep this receipt helpful.

This wraps up our guide on the Dubai to Oman transport administration. Oman is among the top vacationer locations for those living in the UAE and the new RTA transport to Oman from Dubai will additionally support the travel industry in the area. You can check out to know more about dubai to muscat bus service contact number

Indeed, even worldwide explorers will think that its simple to travel to Dubai and afterward go on a transport outing to Oman. Doing so they can cover a more extensive schedule in the area while holding voyaging costs under wraps. On a similar note, you may likewise need to find out about Dubai to Al Ain transport course.

This was all the info on Dubai to Muscat public transport guide.

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