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Ehteraz Mobile Application- oman visa policy

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Although public hygiene is the most effective way to put a halt to the spread of COVID-19, tracking contact with infected persons can also prove to be a gamechanger in managing the level of infection in the country. Realizing the benefits of a reliable contact tracking system, Oman has launched a mobile application named Ehteraz, which is also what the plot of this article is. The discussion revolves around Ehteraz's mobile application policy for Oman visas and what advantages this system offers to the government as well as the general public in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What is Ehteraz Mobile Application?

Ehteraz is Oman’s advanced contact tracing system, launched with the motive of sustaining and improving public health during the pandemic. The mobile application monitors the spread of the coronavirus across the country and identifies people who could be vulnerable to COVID-19. The app uses a new-age algorithm to track an individual’s contact with an infected person to yield an impressive accuracy in contact tracing. 

Oman understood the potential of such a platform in minimizing the rate of spread of the virus and thus, it became one of the few countries to make this app mandatory throughout the nation i.e. every adult resident and traveler in Oman must install the Ehteraz app on his phone as the app provides the person’s live health and vaccination status. 


Ehteraz App Policy for Oman Visitors

If you are an individual who is above the age of 18 and resides or has traveled to Oman, it is a must for you to install the Ehtraz mobile app. In addition to this, all travelers who are traveling solo and are above the age of 12 also need to keep this app on their phones.

How to Download the Ehteraz App

For using the Ehteraz app, the user is required to register on the platform. Here are the steps to register yourself on the Ehteraz app in Oman. 

  • The Ehteraz mobile application is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download on your smartphone. You can simply install the app from the supported store and open the app for further steps. 
  • After the app is installed successfully, you are required to register yourself, which is quite easy to do. You can register on the Ehetraz app using the following methods.
    • QID
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • GCC ID number

Your choice of registration method will depend on your nationality as well as if you are a resident of Oman or a traveler. For instance, a national of any member country of the Gulf Country Council (GCC) can use the GCC ID number to register himself/herself on the Eheteraz app. 

What Information Do You Get on the Ehetraz App

The Eheterz app is not merely a contact tracing system but also a platform that tells you about your health and vaccination status. Here is the information the app displays to its users. 

  • Name of the COVID-19 vaccine received by the user
  • Date of the first dose
  • Date of the second dose
  • Date of booster shot/third dose

Check if You’re Safe Using the Ehetraz App

The health status of an individual in Oman is displayed on the Eheteraz app using different colors. Details of these colors are given below. 


The red color is displayed on a user’s Eheteraz profile if he/she has been detected with COVID-19 at a registered Rapid Antigen Test or COVID PCR test centre in Oman. 


A user’s profile is displayed as yellow on the Ehteraz app if he/she is in quarantine or reactive after being tested positive for COVID-19 at a registered medical centre in Oman.


A user has a grey profile on the Ehteraz app if he’s suspected of being infected with COVID-19 and is waiting for his PCR test reports. 


The green color is used to show that the user is safe from COVID-19.

Golden Frame on the Ehteraz App

A golden frame is displayed on a user’s profile if he has taken both the dose of a COVID-19 vaccine i.e. he is fully vaccinated against the virus under the following conditions. 

  • Has taken a MOPH-approved COVID vaccine 
  • He received the booster dose

A golden frame lasts for 9 months after the date of your last vaccine. 


How to Visit Oman After the Pandemic 

You can visit Oman after the pandemic by simply applying for an Oman visa. You can submit an application through Omani E-Visa, which is a new-age visa services system that allows the user to apply for or track Oman visa applications within a few minutes. We have a record-breaking average of serving more than 500k travelers with 100% accuracy and an unbeatable approval rate of 100%. If you too are looking for a reliable visa partner, we’re always at your service. 

The Final Words

The Ehteraz mobile app has made it much safer to visit Oman. Plan a trip to the sultanate today by contacting us for your visa and get to experience the best trip of your life. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every foreign national must install the Eneteraz mobile application on his/her phone. The app is available for both Android and iOS and is quite simple to get started with. 


No, a golden frame is shown only on the profiles of people who have taken both shots of any COVID-19 vaccine. The frame stays on the profile for 9 months after the date of vaccination. 


Yes, the Ehteraz app is completely to install and can be installed through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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