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The Gulf country of Oman leaves the visitors awestruck. The country has a lot to explore and experience. From whitewashed building clusters to traditional souqs, the country provides many unique and memorable experiences. Oman flourishes on its rich oil reserves and the country’s prosperity is displayed in its social life and culture. From world-class hospitality to negligible crime rates, there are several reasons why this country has become a dream destination for travellers from around the world. 

There is a lot to learn about the country and the country has many well-kept secrets as well. If you are curious to learn a little more about Oman and get familiar with the little-known side of the country then read the complete article. After reading the article you might become more eager than ever to visit the country 


Over time Oman has developed itself as a global tourist hub. People from around the world come to experience the magic of the Sultanate. There are a few things that you should be aware of before you plan your trip to the country.  


Safety remains one of the major concerns among explorers and travelers. An ideal travel destination must ensure the safety of its visitors. You will be surprised to know that Oman is not just one of the safest places in the world but also a country with virtually no crime.  The crimes reported in the country are negligible and rarely is any major crime recorded. The reason for this achievement is the strict sharia laws that the country abides by 

The country calls for rigorous punishment and this has resulted in the minimum number of crimes reported.  


There are clusters in the country where the buildings and monuments are painted white only. It does not matter whether it is a house, mall, or office, all are whitewashed. If anyone wants to try another colour, they will need to obtain permission from the authorities. The uniform whitewashed building is an amazing view and increases the beauty of the country manifolds. 



If you attend any social event in the country, you will definitely take a few sips of coffee. Any social event in the country is incomplete without a coffee. The locals call it ‘Qahwa’ and have an unparalleled love for this beverage. Serving coffee symbolizes friendship and mutual affection.  

The country serves its homegrown coffee mixed with saffron and you cannot miss it while visiting Oman


Oman has some of the most amicable hotels around the world, and the friendly nature of the locals is reflected in their hospitality as well. Whether someone is looking for a decent stay or luxurious accommodation, Oman has it all. The country stands strong on hospitality and provides a great living experience to visitors. 

The country’s hotels were not always synonymous with luxury, the country took several steps in the 1970s to develop its hospitality to stand at global levels. The sea-facing hotels in the country will provide you with some of the most amazing living experiences ever. 


So how long do you think you will need to walk to cover and completely explore the traditional marketplace, a few meters or 200 at maximum, will be prepared for the Souq Waqif, the traditional market stretches for kilometres. The place has everything that one can desire. The souqs are traditional market stalls that have been around for centuries and are still operational. The most famous souqs are Nizwa Souq, Muttrah Souq, Al Husn Souq, and Hibri Souq. The visit to Oman is incomplete without exploring the souqs. 


The immensity and depth of the Omani culture can be estimated by the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. The country boasts 5 such sites, which are: 

  • Aflaj Irrigation Systems 
  • Bahla Fort
  • Land of Frankincense 
  • Ancient City of Qalhat 

These places are of great cultural significance and you cannot get an idea of the country’s rich tradition and history without visiting these places. 

After learning so much about Oman you might be more eager than ever to explore this amazing nation. Don’t delay for even a moment, apply for an Oman Visa with Oman IE Visa and get your visa approved in minimum time, and experience this amazing country. 



Learning something new about different places is always enriching and when the place is a country like Oman, the experience is even more fulfilling. The facts about Oman mentioned would have introduced you to a side of the country that you might be unaware of before and above all, these points might have made you more eager than ever to visit the country. So, plan a visit to this amazing country as the magic of Oman can be understood by witnessing the country. 


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Oman has some of the most top-rated hotels in the world that provide world-class luxurious accommodations to visitors. 


Oman has negligible crime rates thanks to the stringent laws. Tourists can freely travel around the country without worrying about their safety. 


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