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What is a GCC resident card

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Citizens of foreign countries trying to stay for a long time in Oman or any other GCC country may require a residency permit. Wondering what a GCC resident permit is? Well, then here is everything you need to know about GCC resident card and how it will give you a lot of benefits throughout your long-term stay in the GCC countries.  This resident card or permit might need some requirements to be fulfilled in order to be the eligible candidate for the same. This resident card also allows the ex-pats to both live and work in a GCC country while also being accompanied by a family member.

The residency card holders can also enjoy travel benefits which might include a special offer on GCC evisa to Oman. Let’s take a look at how you can travel to Oman from any of the GCC countries and apply for a resident permit if you are already in Oman.

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Which countries include the GCC countries list?

There are a total of 6 countries that combine together to form the GCC countries. the list of countries are as follows:

  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The Unites Arab Emirates

 A resident of any of these countries can travel to other countries for a special offer due to the political and economic union ties that were formed between these countries. While this is the case for the GCC residents, the GCC citizens can easily travel across the borders without the need of a visa.

Who all can obtain a GCC resident card?

Those expats that are living in the countries as mentioned above can issue a GCC resident card for themselves if they meet a set of mentioned criteria. This criterion however can change depending on the country in which you are living. It is also essential to note that any expat who would like to stay in any of the countries must obtain a GCC resident card before entering. These resident permits would be issued in most cases when the expat is either sponsored by him or her family member or by the employer of the company.

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Applying for a GCC resident permit via Employer sponsors:

 When getting a job in any of the GCC countries, it is seen that most of the employers tend to prepare for the GCC resident permit from their part itself. As it is sponsored by them you need to make sure you provide all of the documents to get the permit. There is a person assigned in the company who will be familiar with the process of applying for a resident card and that person will for one on your behalf.

Applying for a GCC residency permit via family sponsors:

Foreigners who are sponsored by their employers for a residency card can now further apply and sponsor for your family members. Not only the spouse but also your children may join you in the GCC countries with their own residency permit being applied for. In some cases, distant relatives who are also a part of the family become eligible for the GCC residency permit that is being issued.

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Documents needed for the application of GCC resident card:

All of the requirements vary depending on which country’s GCC residency permit you wish to apply for. It is recommended that you should check out with the embassy or consulate near you to ensure what are required documents and what the specific criteria for a particular country’s residence card might be.

The documents for Oman residency card can be given as follows:

  • complete application form for GCC residency permit
  • Original passport and its copy
  • Medical examination certificate stating all the tests and its results
  • Letter received from the employer as they will be sponsoring your visa. You can also provide a letter of sponsorship if you wish to apply for a residency permit for your family members.

The Oman residency permit is issued by the GCC nationals’ authorities after checking all the requirements that have been submitted by you and after checking the eligibility of your application.

Travel benefits obtained via a GCC resident card:

One of the best and main benefits of getting a GCC resident card is that you will get to travel to any of the other GCC countries with the help of a reduction in the cost of the GCC Oman eVisa.

To be eligible for this you need to meet the condition which states that the residence permit holder must have at least 6 months of validity left on the card along with a valid passport related to the candidate.

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Getting a GCC resident card is hence not that hard and hence you can also apply for an Oman E Visa with lower prices being made available. Get to know how you can apply one now via Oman IE Visa.

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