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a guide to the requirements for an oman employment visa

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One of the middle-east charms which attract tourists from all over the world. A place which carries a combination of modern and traditional architecture with some calming scenic attractions in the form of seas and inland mountains, Oman, with these illustrious travelling experiences, is also becoming an important hub when it comes to the business side. Oman is boosting their economy by attracting an endless number of visitors every year, be it tourists or workers. Like a tourist visa, any foreign individual who is entering the country on an employment basis is also required to have an employment visa with them. So if you're one of them, we got you covered with every necessary detail you need to know in this article. 


Oman employment Visa

If you've secured a job in Oman, the following crucial procedure for you now is to get an authorised Oman-to-work visa. Since this is going to be an essential document, you should know about a few rules and regulations for the application process. These are- 

  • Your visa request will be accepted on the guarantee and responsibility of the employer/organisation you are going to work for.
  • You will be required to apply for a labour permit if your host organisation does not come under the Oman government. A labour permit can be obtained from the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Your visa should be a multiple entry visa.
  • Your work visa will have a validity of two years, and after that, you are required to renew the visa in person, not by any travel agency. 



For working in Oman, these are some requirements you need to fulfil -

  • Since your employer is going to take full responsibility for you in the country, you are required to prove the legality of the company's existence. This can be achieved by providing information like incorporation details, certificate numbers etc.
  • Applicants should not be under the age of 21 and over 60, which is considered retirement age.
  • The applicant must be of the same gender and hold the same working position as mentioned in the permit allocated by the ministry.

Documents Required

Till now, we are clear with the aspects of rules and regulations. Now we are going to break down what are the necessary documents required for an Oman employment visa which are - 

  • A passport having a minimum validity of six months 
  • Passport-size photographs taken against a white background 
  • Labour permit
  • Necessary information about the host company 
  • Copy of your cover letter/invitation 
  • If the job position requires some special skills, applicants are required to provide 


Necessary certificates for the same 

  • Citizens of these countries are required to provide original and copy of medical certificates - The original and copy of the medical certificate for nationals of certain countries: India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria and Nepal. Ministry of Health will sign their certificates
  • Copy of permission from these relevant institutions for specific occupations: teaching, religious, media, medical professions etc.

Types of Work visa

Oman offers different types of Oman visas. These are -

Visit visa 

This is the most general type of visa given in Oman to enter the country. All foreign visitors must have an authorised visit visa to enter the country. Those who are from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country are exempt from requiring a visa to enter the country. Visit visa has different types like tourist, family and business.

Scientific research visa

They are mainly given to foreign nationals intending to visit the country for scientific research. Local authorities must propose this visa for the applicant. 

Employment visa

Employers obtain this visa for their foreign workers who must have a minimum age of 21. To apply for this visa, some requirements must be met between employer and employee. The visa holds a duration validity of two years. 

Investors visa

They are given to foreign individuals who are interested in investing in Oman. To acquire this, approval from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is needed. 

Family joining visa

This visa can be applied by the wife or any children who are under the age of 21 of the foreign employee. The certificate is required from the Ministry of Interior to confirm the marriage status. This visa will expire once the tenure of an employee's residence permit terminates. 



So there it was the complete guide regarding what is an Oman employment visa and its requirements. Through this article, if you're visiting Oman as an employee, you are now aware of the necessary details regarding a work visa and other information to plan your Oman stay efficiently.

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