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visiting oman's historic sites

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Tourists in Oman are passionate about the country's diverse landscape and heritage, which has created a thriving tourism sector. As one of the most 154 developed countries in the region, Oman offers an abundance of attractions that appeal to travellers from all corners of the world. Some of Oman's most famous tourist destinations include Musandam Peninsula, Salalah City, Madha Island (especially its coral reefs), and Sohar Lakeland Resort Area (due to its luxury villas and charters), Jaafarabad Oasis Wildlife Reserve (for its wildlife safaris) So Don’t wait any further. Book your Oman visas now at Oman IE visa. We are here to help you fly to Oman.


Famous Historical Sights You Must Definitely See In Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

  • The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Oman, located in the capital city of Muscat. One of the most exquisite and extravagant modern mosques in the world is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. It took six years to construct this massive landmark building in the Arab world. The mosque's architecture combines Islamic, Middle Eastern, and Omani design elements.
  • The mosque formerly had the biggest chandelier in the entire globe when it first opened to the public. The stunning 14-meter-tall and 8,500-kilogram chandelier are situated in the centre of the men's prayer hall. It has a 24-carat gold plating that took more than four years to produce and contains almost 600,000 sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Khasab Fort

  • Despite having a regrettable loss of control over the harbour as a result of the Lulu Hypermarket being constructed across the water on the reclaimed ground, the Khasab Fort nevertheless makes a statement with its four-stone turrets and exquisite crenellations in Oman.
  • One of Oman's best tiny ethnographic museums is housed in this well-preserved fort, which the Portuguese built in the 17th century around an even older circular tower. The peninsula's flora and animals are shown in the central tower, along with a movie showcasing the well-known sea chants of the neighbourhood fishermen are sure to entice you if you visit this place.


Mirani Fort

  • Al Mirani, like its sister fort, is inaccessible to the general public and is only seen from the outside. But with a fort atop each of its two promontories, Old Muscat's harbour is renowned for its symmetry thanks to its presence and the practically mirror-image Al Jalali that faces it.
  • Al Mirani is a constant on all travels to Muscat. Most of them include photo possibilities at the Al Alam Palace, which also has views of the water, and the harborfront in Old Muscat where you can see Al Mirani and Al Jalali.
  • Boat cruises that pass by the bay, hop-on-hop-off bus tours, and twilight tours that highlight the harborside when both forts are exquisitely illuminated by floodlights are other options to visit Al Mirani. It would also be possible to visit Muscat for the day from Dubai and explore the harbour.

Barka Bull Fight Arena

  • The Omani bullring is located at Barka, where there is also a specialised stadium for the activity. Even visitors are welcome to attend bullfights at any time, but preparation is a little challenging. Battles typically only receive a brief announcement prior to taking place and only occur on Fridays. Those that obtain tickets in spite of these challenges will be able to enjoy some aspects of traditional Omani culture.
  • Bullfighting is a well-liked past activity among Omanis, mostly men. The Omani men are content to dress formally and don their polished Khanjar dagger in public, which is often reserved for special occasions. This demonstrates that prize money is less important in Omani bullfighting than social reputation.

Mirbat Castle

  • Especially during the typical tourist seasons of the southern region, which differ from those of the rest of the country, Mirbat Castle is a well-liked tourist destination for visitors to Oman. It is situated less than an hour's drive from the Dhofari capital of Salalah.
  • Mirbat is described by the Dhofar Municipality as "a tourist destination known for its intriguing archaeological sites, such as Mirbat Castle."
  • The castle can be identified by its Omani-inspired architecture. While Mirbat Castle and its old complex are easily recognized by their Islamic architecture, visitors can also find here scholars' graves and tombs.



In the above blog post, we discussed some of the famous sites you can definitely visit in Oman. These places are sure to entice you and captivate you. If you have to visit oman you should check out our website Oman IE visa where you will find all the associated information regarding your visa booking to Oman. We offer quick and hassle-free services on the go.

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It is a punishable offence to drink alcohol in Oman without a licence. legal drinking age is 21 and one needs to get a licence first.

Oman is famous for its irrigation system, The Mosques, and also the third-largest yacht which is owned by the sultans.

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