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Every country in this world follows some rules and regulations which are created to maintain the decorum of the country. Talking Oman, it also has some rules and regulations. As it is a Muslim country, it has its own rules and regulation created as per Muslim culture. There are some legal aspects that every visitor should know. Today in this article, we are going to read about the important legal aspects to know in Oman. In order to enter Oman, you must know that you will require an Oman visa that can be easily acquired through the website Oman IE visa with a hassle-free process.

Local Laws And Custom Rules In Oman

  • Oman's laws and customs reflect the fact that it is an Islamic nation, and they differ greatly from those in the UK. Always be mindful of your behaviour to avoid offending others and respect local traditions, customs, laws, and faiths, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or if you plan to visit places of worship.
  • Muslims fast from daybreak till dusk throughout Ramadan. Ramadan is a time when eating, drinking, smoking, playing loud music, dancing, and other activities are absolutely prohibited and are against the law, especially for non-Muslims.


About Dress Code And Photography

  • In public spaces, especially malls, you should dress modestly. Underwear should not be seen, and clothing should cover the tops of the arms and legs (below the knee). Wearing clothing that is too tight might draw attention. Except for swimming pools and tourist beaches, you shouldn't wear swimwear in public. Cross-dressing is not permitted.
  • Certain military installations and governmental structures are off-limits to photography. Never take pictures of people without getting their consent. Hobbies like observing birds and looking for planes could be misinterpreted, especially close to military installations, government buildings, and airports.

Drugs And Alcohol 

  • Offences involving drugs are tolerated under no circumstances. Drug importation, trafficking, smuggling, and possession even of little amounts are all punishable by harsh laws. Sometimes, the death penalty may be imposed. No distinction is made between "soft" and "hard" narcotics under Omani law, both are dealt with harshly.
  • Residents who are not Muslims can apply for a licence from the Royal Oman Police to consume alcohol at home. Non-residents cannot get liquor licences, however, tourists and visitors may purchase and consume alcohol at establishments with a licence, such as hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. The drinking age limit is 21.
  • Alcohol use in public, being intoxicated in a public place, and drinking and driving are all crimes in Omani law. British nationals have been detained and accused of crimes, including when the authorities have observed them engaging in unruly or provocative behaviour or committing another relevant crime. Alcohol-impaired travellers who are passing through ports in Oman may also be detained.

Important Legal Aspects Regarding Unmarried Couples

Living together or sharing a hotel room with someone of the opposing sex who is not your spouse or a close relative is illegal. If you are single or in a relationship that the Omani authorities do not recognise as marriage, you may have trouble registering the birth of a child in Oman.


Etiquette Tips For Travellers

No Frustrative Acrivities

Swearing or using insulting hand gestures is really against the law in Oman, and expressing displeasure openly is discouraged. Someone may file a legal complaint if they are subjected to verbal abuse, impatient gestures, or even the incorrect use of the facial expression. In Oman, nobody is safe from this. Legal action can be taken with just the claim of frustration.

Religious Restrictions 

  • There will always be certain limitations on things like pork, alcohol, pornography, and how you should dress when visiting a Muslim nation.
  • Pornography is strictly banned in the country.  Alcohol use in public, intoxication in a public place, and drunk driving are all crimes in Omani law. Tourists and visitors may, however, purchase and consume alcohol at establishments with a licence, such as motels, restaurants, and nightclubs. In reality, if you reside in Oman and are a non-Muslim, you can seek a licence from the Royal Oman police to consume alcohol within your own house.
  • Hotels in Oman may occasionally decline to accommodate heterosexual couples who are not wed. Make sure you have documentation to prove your marital status.

Social Behaviour

  • One of the kindest people in the world, Omanis are extremely courteous and pleasant. However, you should also be courteous in return and abstain from acting in a way that would offend. Never disparage Islam, and it is illegal for anyone including non-Muslims to eat, drink, smoke, play loud music, or dance in public during the daytime holy month of Ramadan.
  • Rumours concerning the Sultan's personal life should not be discussed because it is against the law in Oman. You risk getting into problems with the Royal Oman Police in addition to offending the residents. In public, holding hands or kissing is not encouraged, and if locals observe visitors engaging in these behaviours, they may become slightly irritated.



This article was about the important legal aspects to know in Oman and it has all the important information which is required by any visitor from any part of the world. It is important to know the legal aspects followed in Oman as not following them can give you some hard time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Islamic law and the civil code are both used in the Omani legal system. Islam is the official religion of the country, and Islamic Shari'a serves as the legal framework (article 2 of the Constitution).

The foundation of the Omani legal system and the nation's constitution is the Basic Statute of the State, commonly known as Basic Law.


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