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new guidelines for Indian travellers to oman

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If you are planning to visit Oman and are an Indian citizen, the flight duration isn't long. Still, there are numbers of protocols to be followed before you enjoy the combination of modern and traditional architecture with some calming scenic attractions in the form of seas and inland mountains, and have a rejuvenating experience where memories will reside in you for a lifetime experience. In this article, we guide you with some rules Indians need to follow for their travel to Oman, so make sure you note the points to have a comfortable trip experience. Get your Oman visa with an Oman IE visa and make your journey possible.

Covid Protocols for Indian Travelers

As of present, keeping the current situation of covid in mind, Oman has pulled out of any covid protocols restrictions for Indian travellers. The Civil Aviation Authority of Oman has issued the following guidelines -

  • Travelers are required to show a negative COVID-19 PCR test having a QR code which proves they have received both doses of vaccination.
  • The duration of vaccination dose received must not be less than 14 days of their estimated arrival time
  • Travelers coming without a negative COVID-19 PCR test are required to take a PCR test on arrival and follow the necessary quarantine rules until they receive their negative report
  • If tested positive, they will undergo 10 days of quarantine 


Have a valid Visa 

Like any other country, if you want to enjoy the benefits they offer, you must have a legitimate Oman visa to enter the country. It can be easily obtained with an Oman IE visa with a smooth process. The same applies to Oman as the government regulated that visitors having E-visa would be accepted for entering the Sultanate of Oman. 

Different types of tourists visa in Oman

The country offers Oman tourist visas to those individuals who intend to visit the country on a tourism basis. An authorised Oman tourist visa has a visa validity of 30 days from the date it has been issued. Oman offers its visitors two types of electronic visas these are : 

  • Single entry visa: this visa is usually valid for a month and will allow only a single entry into the country. The visa validity can be extended on request
  • Multiple entry visa: this visa is also valid for the same duration, but availing this, you can enter the country multiple times. 

14 days visa-free stay for Indians

Some exciting news if you're an Indian citizen as you will not be required any visa to enter Oman if you intend to stay for 14 days. The Oman government has included India in the list of countries that are eligible for this. 

Where to apply for Oman E-visa 

Till now, you are aware of covid protocols for Indian citizens visiting Oman while also understanding the fact that Indian nationals are eligible for 14 days visa-free stay. But since you are required to have a visa for a stay above 14 days, the next question which arises is where to apply for Oman E-visa? Well, if you opt for Omani E-visa, you can avail your visa by carefully following these four easy steps: 

Fill Oman Visa Application 

  • Visit Oman IE visa 
  • Choose your living and citizenship country
  • Select what type of Oman visa you want
  • Fill out the application form carefully 
  • Upload necessary documents 

Visa Fee Payment

  • Select Payment mode
  • Oman Visa fees can be paid through different options like Paypal, Credit or Debit cards. So select your preferred payment method
  • Once payment is completed, on your provided mail, check your inbox and spam for the confirmation mail 
  • Review your application ID

Get Oman Visa 

After completing the above two steps, you can:

  • You can track your Visa status online through application ID or passport number 
  • Download it once approved
  • Touchdown in Oman

Why Omani E-visa

 Well, For a smooth and hassle-free experience, people at Omani E-visa are here for your assistance. 

  • They have vast experience in providing Oman visas
  • Reliable and trustworthy with many positive feedbacks.
  • 100% approval rate.
  • Timely deliver your visa within 48-72 hours. 
  • Highly expertise team of consultants who checks your details carefully so that the chances of visa approval are high.
  • Provides 24x7 Customer Support, Email support and Chat support.


Documents required for Oman visa application

These are documents that are necessary for an Oman visa application-

  • An original passport that has a validity of a minimum of 6 months. The passport should have two blank pages 
  • Latest passport size photograph of the applicant having clicked in white/light background 
  • Confirmed air tickets both ways 
  • Travel details
  • Hotel accommodation

What is the processing time of the Oman E-visa? 

Oman E-visa processing time varies from 3 to 4 days depending on which type of visa you have opted for. It is necessary that you provide all the correct information and document for the smooth processing of your Oman visa.



So there it was, the complete guide regarding new rules for Indians during Oman travel with other relevant information like 14 days of visa-free eligibility and the Oman E-visa application procedure. Through this article, if you're an Indian citizen planning to visit Oman, you are now aware of the necessary details to execute it efficiently. 

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