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oman employment visa renewal covid 19 not a problem

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In the wake of COVID 19, Oman employment visa renewal has now been a matter that a lot of the residents in Oman are worried about. According to the statement given by the Royal Oman Police, the residents who are foreigners can now renew their visas online. This visa renewal process is applicable for those residents who are currently living in Oman and are stuck in the country due to various restrictions put up.


Why Oman visa renewal is not a problem?

These residents living in Oman are mostly stuck due to the closure of the airport in their hometown. This has led to huge speculation rising among the foreign people residing in Oman. The people whose visas for Oman have expired and are stuck due to the above-mentioned reasons can still renew them.

This can be done via visa renewal online through the official website of the Royal Oman Police: The people can also get access to it through Even though the process can be completed online, the stamping will be done only later on when the whole crisis will get over.

The visa renewal online does not only apply for those residing in Oman, but it can also be applied for those foreigners whose visa has expired and is currently living abroad. They can also renew their visa online and get the passport stamped when they arrive at the airport. It has also been brought to the notice that the residents who are living abroad currently can’t enter the country unless and until they have renewed their visas.


The situation so far:

With the spread of COVID 19 on the rise, there are about 2 people from the Sultanate of Oman who has died so far, also the number of coronavirus cases have been increasing without an extent. So to stop this virus from spreading, even more, risking all of the lives, the Sultanate of Oman has decided to temporarily delay all of the immigration processes for people living abroad. Also due to the current situation, the police have said that no fine will be applied for those who are extending the expired visa.


Employment visa renewal process in Oman online:

With a lot of employees stuck in Oman, it has deemed to be necessary that all of the employees residing in Oman need to extend their visa as soon as possible. The process for the same can be f=given as follows:

1. Log onto the official page of Royal Oman Police by using the link:

2. Click on E visa services and select other types of visas and select the Oman employment visa type you want to renew

3. Once you select the type, click on apply for renewal. Once you do this you’ll get a renewal application form. Fill it in and click on submit. It should be noted that those residents having an Arabic passport needs to fill in the application form in the Arabic language only.

4. Pay the specified amount of fees.

5. Print out the residency renewal paper once you pay the fees

6. It is to be noted that all the documents which verify the residency need to be attached with this residency renewal form

7. Once you do this you need to go to the passport and residency department with your passport and the filled-in form so that the stamp can be put in your passport. But due to the current situation, there have been rules to stay home and not to get out; hence the last step can be done once the whole situation has subsided.


Some of the key points you need to remember while submitting this form:

1. If your visa is a sponsored one, you need to get your form stamped and endorsed by your sponsor.

2. If the application is to be presented by someone else other than you then that person needs to have written authorization from the Directorate General of Passport and Residence and this person should also be an Oman national citizen.


About employment visa:

This type of visa is allowed to those foreigners who wish to work in Oman companies. This is only given to them on a sponsor’s acceptance of the responsibility of the foreigner. This can be given to only those foreigners who are of age 21 years and above.

This visa is valid only for 3 months from issue. This visa can be extended and can also be upgraded to multiple entries on the request of the sponsor.


Conditions you need to follow:

✔  The foreigner for whom the visa is being taken should not be less than 21 or more than 60 years of age.

✔  The foreigner should be of the same sex that has been mentioned in the labor permit given by the Directorate General of Labour Affairs.

✔  The sponsor will be an Omani person and will have to take responsibility for any of the information that has been mentioned on the application form

✔  The job should be the same one as given in the labor permit for which the visa is to be issued.


Oman Employment visa requirement:

The following documents are needed to be attached while submitting an application form for employment visa:

1. 2 images preferably of size 4x6 cm

2. A passport copy of the foreigner which is valid for more than 6 months

3. If the foreigners’ application form has been submitted by another person than the sponsor mentioned, then that person should be a local Omani and will have an authorization letter which is given by the Directorate General of Passport and Residence.

4. The original and copy of the labor permit which is allowed from the Ministry of Manpower.

5. Oman work visa requirements medical include medical certificate should be submitted by the specified countries from the Ministry of Health.

By following these guidelines and conditions both the application and Oman employment visa renewal can be easily done. It is time to remain safe and not go out of the houses!



1. Where can I get more information about Oman visa?

You can follow the official link of the Oman government website:

2. What is the minimum wage which is granted in Oman?

The minimum wage a person will be granted in Oman is 225 Omani Riyals or 592 US Dollars and an allowance up to 100 Omani Riyals or 263 US Dollars. However, this allowance will not be applicable to foreigners.

3. Is Oman better or Dubai?

It depends on whether you like the place. Both of the countries are good enough.

4. Is it possible to obtain an Oman visa for free?

It is definitely not possible to get an Oman visa for free; you need to pay a specified amount of fee.

5. Will I get a grace period once my visa has expired?

You do get one month of grace period after the expiry of your visa. However, you need to do Oman employment visa renewal via online method.

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