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The online service had earlier been discontinued owing to Cambodian government restrictions established in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Travellers would have to apply for visas directly at Cambodian embassies or consulate-general across the world. According to NCSI statistics, the proportion of Omanis working in these roles in the private sector climbed from 52,275 in 2017. to 55,731 in 2018, and then to 58,452 in 2019 — a nearly 12 per cent rise. However, According to information from National Center for Information and Statistics, there have been 758,929 ex-pats operating in principle and ancillary engineering professions in the private industry in the month of March 2019, down from 813,599 in 2018 and 838,802 in the year 2017, a difference of 54,670 engineers over the previous year. According to NCSI statistics, the proportion of Omanis working in these roles in the private sector climbed from 52,275 in 2017. to 55,731 in 2018, and then to 58,452 in 2019 — a nearly 12 per cent rise

As per statistics released by the Omani government, around 55,000 foreigners who worked previously in Oman have already been fired by enterprises in the last year.

Even as the government continues its Omanization campaign, the shift is part of Oman's ongoing goal to replace immigrant labour with locals from the country's pool of workers. The expatriate workforce in Qatar has been as high as 95%, although it was 94 per cent in the UAE, 83 % in Kuwait, 64 per cent in Bahrain, and 49 % in Saudi Arabia. Ever since Gulf states have launched nationalisation schemes in order to incorporate more of their residents into the labour market and solve high levels of unemployment.



  • Information Security Specialist
  • Geographic Information System Specialist
  • Electronic Computer Networks
  • Programmed Machines Maintenance – Electronic
  • Electronic Calculator Maintenance
  • Graphic Designer
  • Electronic Surveillance – Equipment Assembly
  • Electronics Technician – Telecom
  • Electronics Technician – Control Instrument
  • Electronic Technician – Medical Equipment
  • Electronics Technician Broadcast
  • Electronic Technician – Programmed Machines
  • Electronic Technician – Computer Networks
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Computer operator
  • Bank Notes and Money changer
  • Banknotes technician
  • Account Auditing technician
  • General accounting technician
  • Cost account technician
  • Costs accountant
  • Insurance collector
  • Sales specialist
  • Storekeeper
  • Commercial agent
  • Commercial manager
  • Procurement logistics specialist
  • Business Administration Specialist
  • Public Relation Specialist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Administrative Director
  • Insurance Agent General
  • Real Estate Insurance Agent
  • Cargo Insurance Agent
  • Life Insurance Agent
  • Vehicle Insurance Agent
  • Factory Insurance Agent
  • Media Specialist
  • Page Maker
  • Paper Pulp Machine Operator
  • Book Binding Machine Operator
  • Decorative Books Operator
  • Calendar Operator
  • Paper Dyeing Machine Operators
  • Bill Printing Machine Operator
  • Cylinder Press Operator
  • Rotating Press Operator
  • Offset Printing Machine Operator
  • Color Press Operator
  • Planographic Press Operator
  • Paper Folder Machine Operator
  • Paper Coating Machine Operator
  • Advertising Agent
  • Male Nurse
  • Pharmacist Assistant
  • Medical Coordinator
  • Aviation Guiding Officer
  • Ground Steward
  • Ticket controller
  • Aeroplane takeoff Supervisor
  • Air traffic controller
  • Aircraft Landing supervisor
  • Passenger Transport supervisor
  • Land Guide
  • Architect
  • General Survey Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Projects Engineers
  • Building Technician/Building Controller
  • Electronic Technician
  • Road Technician/Road Controller
  • Mechanical Technician
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician
  • Steam Turbine Technician
  • Construction materials lab technician
  • Gas Network Extension Technician
  • Construction Technician
  • Transformer Technician
  • Station Technician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Heat Operations Technic
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Chemical Technician


Companies that are registered with the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprise Development and the Public Authority for Social Insurance will be exempt from the six-month prohibition (PASI). Employers who obtained labour clearance for the affected professions before January 29, 2018, can continue to hire foreign employees till the labour clearance expires. The restriction covers a total of 87 jobs in the above industries/professions in order to promote Omanisation by boosting the number of Omani citizens in the workforce.


OMAN has imposed a severe ban on engineers, this article throws light on the very shocking step taken by the government of Oman. In which total more than 87 professions showed a downfall and had a major loss. To know more about oman ban visa for engineers do contact us. 

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