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What is Oman express visa

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Oman lies in Western Asia, it is an Arab country. It is also called the Sultanate of Oman. Prior, the nation was not counted exceptionally high on the traveler or business objective rundown. The most recent few decades, Oman has arisen as a developing business center point as well as a famous vacationer location for all foreign travelers. 

While visiting Oman for any purpose like business or the travel industry, you need to know about all the information and details regarding the country Oman. It is an Islamic country while Omani Rial is its cash. Besides, while English speakers are found effectively in the country, the most famous language is Arabic while Baluchi and Urdu are likewise spoken there.


Types of Oman Visa 

There are various Types of Oman visas for all travelers who are willing to visit Oman and they are needed for an Oman visa according to their purposes of entrance to Oman.

1.Oman Tourist Visa: 

This type of Oman tourist visa is conceded to the candidates who visit Oman for the travel industry reason. 

2.Oman Employment Visa or Oman Work Visa: 

This type of Oman Work Visa is given to the representative who is selected or sponsored by the company. This permits the candidate to remain in Oman and work for the company in Oman

3.Family joining and Family home Visa: 

The candidate is required to give a marriage endorsement for this kind of Oman visa. The visa is for the candidates whose accomplice is a resident of Oman. 


4.Student Resident Visa: 

Student Resident Visa is for the understudies or students who go to Oman for concentrate intentionally for study purposes. This permits the candidate to remain in Oman for 2 to 3 years. 

4.Investor Residence Visa or Oman Business Visa: 

This type of Oman visa called Investor Residence Visa is for the financial backers who are intrigued or needs to contribute his/her assets in Oman. The investor can remain in Oman for a considerable length of time. 

5.Express Visa: 

This visa called Oman express visa is a visa that is conceded to an outsider for business, celebration and different purposes. An occupant of Oman should sponsor the outsider. The visa is given distinctly on a condition that an occupant of Oman assumes the liability of the outsider. Oman express visa permits the outsider to remain in Oman for a considerable length of time. 

  1. Friend, relative Visa: 

This Visa is likewise conceded to the inhabitant of Oman who needs to sponsor his/her companion or relative. 

7.Official Visit Visa: 

This type of visa is for the outsiders on the solicitation of an Omani Organization. It is a kind of business visa in Oman.

8.Artist visa Visa: 

Special artists visit through this Oman artist visa who visit to perform on the occasions in Oman.

9.Truck driver Visa: 

This visa is called the Truck driver Visa this is required for the transporters visiting or passing by Oman for exchanging reasons or trading purposes. 

10.Scientific visa: 

Scientific Visa is allowed to the candidates who visit Oman for research reasons. 

11.Ship passenger and Crew visa: 

This is a visa that is given to the traveler who needs to end in Oman to arrive at his/her last objective. This visa isn't allowed to individuals who wish to remain in Oman for business, the travel industry or medical reasons. This Visa is substantial for under 24 hours.


Apply Oman visa online

The candidate needs to apply for the Oman Visa at the authority site of Oman Embassy. The candidate needs to fill the internet based application structure which is accessible on the authority site of Oman Embassy.

Travelers can also apply for Oman visa through Omanievisa, provides you best services and less hours to wait for Oman visa.

1.Application process for Oman visa

The application structure requests individual subtleties like name, age, gender, address, and contact subtleties. Other than the individual data, there are fields like the reason behind visit to Oman, kind of visa,after filling all the documents needed or uploading them up . 

2.Payment technique:

Travelers need to pay the Oman visa fees for completing the application process. There are various options available for payment. You can select the option for payment as per your convenience. 

3.Confirmation email: 

When the installment for Oman visa fees is completely done then the candidate will get an email with the application id for Oman visa. You can download the Oman visa visa link sent by email. Now you are ready to move Oman

Oman visa requirements

  1. Two photograph sizes of the candidate is mandatory.
  2. Copy of passport and make sure it is valid for a limited period not less than six months.
  3. Copy of the passport of the foreign resident.
  4. Confirmation for accommodation


This blog is all about Oman express visa and you will also get other necessary information regarding Oman visa.

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