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benefits for pio card holders in oman

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A PIO card is very much similar to your identity card. PIO stands for Person Of Indian Origin. Anyone of Indian descent, down to the fourth generation, and their spouses are eligible to apply for and receive a PIO card under the PIO card program. However, citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Afghanistan, Iran, and any other nations that may be designated are not included in the program. In this article, you are going to read about the benefits for PIO card holders in Oman.


Requirements for Obtaining a PIO card from Oman

  • Application in the required format.
  • Six most recent passport-size photos (Frontal view against a light background).
  • Existing passport possessed by the applicant, including the original and a copy.
  • A copy of any previous Indian passports that you may have had.
  • A copy of the declaration of citizenship in India (if any).
  • If the applicant ever lived in India, a copy of their birth certificate, driver's license, ration card, or any other documentary proof may be available.
  • Persons of Indian descent wed to nationals of Oman, together with copies of the Marriage Certificate (Nikahnama).
  • Proof that either or both parents, any or all grandparents, or great grandparents, as specified by the Government of India Act, 1935, were born or now reside in India.
  • Evidence of any bank accounts, assets, shares, etc., that the applicant, his spouse, or any of his parents, grandparents, or great grandparents may have in India.
  • Identify yourself in person by submitting.


The Facilities That Are Given To PIO Card Holders

  • A PIO Card holder does not need an additional visa in order to travel to India. If a PIO Card holder's stay during any one visit to India does not exceed 180 days, he or she will be excluded from the registration obligation.
  • If a PIO Card holder stays continuously in India for a period longer than 180 days, he or she must register with the relevant Foreigners Regional Registration Officer or Foreigners Registration Officer within 30 days of the 180-day mark.
  • Except in cases involving the purchase of agricultural or plantation lands, all PIOs, including those who carry PIO Cards, must have equal access to all economic, financial, and educational facilities as NRIs. In the area of political rights, there shall be no parity.

The Factual Announcement That Was Made For The PIO card Holders

  • Persons of Indian Origin in Oman must obtain printed PIO Cards before March 31, 2020, if they currently possess handwritten PIO Cards provided by the Indian government.
  • According to directives from the Bureau of Immigration, the Indian Embassy in Oman would only accept these cards up until March 31 of the following year. After that date, individuals with handwritten PIO cards will have to apply for visas to enter India.
  • "The Bureau of Immigration (BOI) will accept PIO cards as acceptable travel documents until 31st March 2020, as the last and final opportunity," according to a statement from the Indian embassy. This extension of the deadline is contingent upon the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) notifying any deadlines in the meantime, rendering handwritten PIO Cards invalid, in which case PIO cardholders may need to secure the necessary visas from Indian missions/posts.



In this blog, we discussed various aspects of the PIO card and also how you can apply for one if you are an Omani citizen. If you wish to pay a visit to the beautiful city of Oman you are requested to visit the website Oman IE visa online to book your Oman visa. We make sure that you have the best of the journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PIO refers to the person of Indian Origin who held an Indian passport at any point in time whereas OCI is an immigration status that allows foreign citizens of Indian Origin to study and work in India.

A PIO card holder can stay in India for a period of 180 days and after that will have to file the registration to extend his stay.

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