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Ras al Jinz reserve in Oman is the turtle reserve. It is a conservation project by the government, for the protection and conservation of turtles. For tourists, it can be one of the best destinations in Oman to enjoy nature. It is also a leading eco-tourism project. Ras al Jinz turtle reserve was established in 1996 year. Ras al Jinz Reserve is also named Ras al Junyaz. Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve is situated in the Ash-Sharqiyyah South Governorate, the Governorate of Oman. Ras Al Jinz reserve is located at the Ras al Hadd village. It is also surrounded by the Eastern Hajar mountains. The nearest town located around Ras Al Jinz reserve is Sur, 40 minutes drive away from Sur to the turtle reserve.


Activities to do at Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve

Visiting the Ras Al turtle beach

Tourists can visit and explore the beach with a guide or instructor. The evening time and morning time is the best time to travel to the turtle beach in Oman. More than thousands of green turtles and other turtle species move from the red sea and from the Arabian Gulf to the shores. Turtles lay eggs on the shores of beaches in Oman. Tourists can spot huge turtles. The mother turtles come out in the evening time to lay eggs. And in the morning tourists can spot the hatchling process. Turtles leave their next after sunrise. 

The afternoon time is not suitable and perfect to watch turtles. As many turtles do not come to the beaches during day time. The turtle beach is almost 900 meters long. Tourists will have to walk at least 15 meters to the location from the visitor center. 

Night tour and evening tour to the turtle beach-  tourists can book night or evening tours to watch turtles. Tourists are not allowed to click pictures during evening and night tours at turtle beach. Morning tours to turtle beach start from 5:00 am. Tourists will get the chance to experience the magnificent view of the sunset and sunrise at the turtle beach.

Visitors center

The visitor center is situated in the east part of the Arabian Peninsula. Its full name is Ras Al Jinz and the visitor center will take one hour from Sur to reach the visitor center. The visitor center in Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve is known for home and nesting locations for rare green turtles. The evening time is the most preferred time to watch turtles nesting. Tourists can learn about ecology, life pattern, nesting pattern, turtle breeding, and hatching information about the turtles. The Ras Al Jinz reserve in Oman provides security to the turtle and its next-generation from extinction. 

Research center and library- Tourists can also visit the research center and read books in the research library. Tourists will get the related information about marine life and archaeology in the library.


Hotel in Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve

Tourists can stay or take a rest in the hotel located in the Visitors Center. The hotel consists of 31 en suite rooms. Out of which around 17 en suite air-conditioned rooms with washrooms and small LED.  Tourists can also stay in tents. Around 12 luxurious tents are situated at the top of the hill. Tents with two double-size beds for the families. With toilets, fridge, and TV on the hillock.

The restaurant at Al Jinz reserve in Oman

Only one single restaurant is located near Aj Jinz hadd reserve. Sambuk restaurant is located on the ground floor of the visitor center. Tourists can have their breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Sambuk. The Sambuk restaurant also provides the facility or freedom to choose a menu from the international buffet. Gift shops are also located for tourists. Tourists can buy pictures, handicrafts, and postcards from the gift shop. 

If the tourist book room then the night tour or evening tour to the beach is included in the room amount. Tourists can also go for morning excursions but it's not included in the room cost. Generally, morning tours get filled quickly. Tourists are allowed to take photographs in the morning. 



Ras Al Jinz hadd turtle reserve is the sanctuary or reserved natural area where huge turtles for nesting. The green turtles come out in the evening and leave in the morning. Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve is visited mostly in September and November. Because during these two months you will surely get to see turtles laying and hatching around the beach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in Oman, then you can see green turtles in Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve. The reserve is famous for its turtle beach.

The Ras Al reserve in Oman is all about the beach, hotel, and museum. From the museum, Turtle beach is only 1 Km away.

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