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Visiting Oman is a dream of many. Oman is a beautiful place to explore. Visiting Oman for traveling and exploring places is awesome but taking an Oman road trip is a blend of entirely new experiences. When you travel via road, you can feel the beauty of Oman from the very near. Thus to experience the beauty of this country, it is advisable to travel on roads.

Oman trip is one of the most mesmerizing journeys in the world. Oman is a large country to visit; it takes almost two to three weeks for a complete Oman trip. Around 3.5 million foreign nationals around the globe traveled to Oman in the year2019. Most of the people make Oman travel blogs during their visit and posted them on social media. If you have ever seen these blogs, you realize how good it is to visit Oman.

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Oman Road Trip Itinerary in Four Days: 

On Day 1: visit Muscat city:

Muscat city is a beautiful full place to visit. It is the CapitalCapital of Oman and also known as CapitalCapital of the sultanate of Oman. Here in this city, you can see the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque; it's a worship place. Any foreign national can visit this mosque. 

From there, one can go to Bait Al Luban in Muttrah, which is renowned for its beautiful Omani cuisine in Oman's traditional styling. It is one of the new markets in the Arab world.

After finishing Bait AL Luban, one can head to the coastal areas of Muscat. You can book a yacht to see the beautiful aquatic animal, various fish species, and dolphins in the sea.

On Day 2: Travel to wadis

One of the best known and eye-catching wadis in the world is in Oman, Wadi Bani Khalid. Wadi, after the heavy rainfall, is converted into river beds with a sufficient amount of water so one can dip their feet in water to feel the natural pedicure by the fishes.

One can trek uphill to discover the view and explore the natural beauty.

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On Day 3: Tour to Nizwa

Nizwa was the ancient CapitalCapital of Oman. It is known for its handcrafted and agricultural products. Nizwa is a city full of vendors selling unique handmade products such as silver jewelry, silverware, traditional pots, souvenirs, and khanjar (dragger). Moreover, in agriculture, products like spices, Omani halwa, and dates. 

On day 4: Tour to Mountain and Deserts:

One should visit mountains or deserts in the morning or in the evening time. You can visit Jabel Shams and Jabel Akhdar mountain to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the mountain's peak in the morning. And in the evening you can see the Wahiba desert because the temperature goes down and you can enjoy the sands. In the desert, you can also enjoy doing night camping. 

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Oman travel advisory: Best place for Oman trip

Wahiba sands: 

Wahiba sands is a large send desert in Oman. It is extended up to the area of around 180 km. As Oman is a gulf country, a vast area of Oman is covered by desert full of sands and mountain ranges. Wahiba sands have the dunes rise to a height of 100 meters, making the landscape view clear and mesmerizing. Wahiba sands are not very far away from the city; thus, one can visit any time but the best time to travel to the desert is in the morning during the sunrise or in the evening during sunset to feel the heavenly place. Most tourists travel in the former time only because wahiba send is a desert; therefore, during noon, the temperature is significantly high, and the atmosphere is very humid. If you want to visit the wahiba sands, plan the trip in the winter season. 

Jabel Shams:

Jabel Shams also attract tourist the most. This mountain is also known as The Grand Canyon of Oman or The mountain of the Sun. The Grand Canyon of Oman is the heights peak of the Al-Hajar mountain range, with a rise of 3500 meters. Jabel also shams the temperatures to minus degrees Celsius, making it an excellent place to visit. The best time to visit this mountain is during the sunrise or sunset because the views are so beautiful and mesmerizing. Jabel Mountain is 250 far from the CapitalCapital of Oman. No restriction for any types. But it is recommended to travel by 4wd vehicle to avoid any accidents because the road to this mountain is not well constructed. 

Bimmah Sinkhole:

It is said that a large meteorite hits the ground in ancient times resulting in the formation of a large hole which is 40 meters wide and 20-meter depth, which is now known as Bimmah Sinkhole or people used to call it Hawaiyat Najm in their language, also known as The Falling Star. Bimmah Sinkhole contains turquoise green water in it. It is the most preferred place in Oman. 

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Daymaniyat Islands:

Daymaniyat Islands are 20 km away from the shore of wilayat seeb (in muskat), and it is a natural reserve. It is a beautiful and quiet island with a variety of species of birds. This island has a white sand beach. In Oman, this island is considered the best diving place because of its distant location from the city. It is very peaceful there. Travelers are allowed to visit every month except May to October because, at this time, the native birds have their nesting season. But if you have a permit for OMR 3, you can visit the island this season too. Daymaniyat island is also one of the most visited places in Oman. To reach this island, one has to take a boat from the Al-Mouj Marina in Muscat, which takes 40 minutes of traveling.  

Wakan village:

Wakan is a beautiful village located 150 km away from the CapitalCapital of Oman, and the town is at the height of 2km, which means one has to cover the 2000 meter steep slope to reach the village. Wakan village is adorned with beautiful fruits. Though the garden is small, the terrace of the garden makes it a mesmerizing place to visit. The landscape of the garden terrace is fantastic. One can create an Oman travel blog of the village; it depicts Oman's culture and tradition of how they live life and grows fruits in the town. 

Jabel Akhdar: 

It is one of the most famous tourist places in Oman during the winter season. Jabel Akhdar is part of the Al-Hajar mountain range, and it is the 2nd topmost peak. The Green Mountain (Jabel Akhdar) is at a height of almost 3000 meters. In the winter season, the temperature of this peak reaches minus degrees Celsius because of its rise. The landscape view of sunrise and sunset is mesmerizing. Activities like cycling and hiking make the whole experience much more exciting. This place is 170 km far away from the CapitalCapital of Oman(Muscat). Though the road is entirely constructed and well maintained, only 4WD vehicles can travel to Jabil Akhdar. 

Beaches in Oman:

Oman has a large number of beaches. The beaches are located in the center of the country. Beaches in Oman are lovely, and people travel to these beaches, mostly in the winter season. Beaches have all the facilities in them such as restaurants, boats, swimming gears, resorts, and foods. Tourists can have an excellent perfect time chilling on the beaches with great fun and enjoyment. Almost all the beaches in Oman are safe.

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Some of the famous beaches in Oman:

  1. Mughsail Beach: much sail beach is located in the Dhofar region in Oman. 
  2. Fins Beach: Fins Beach is located in the Sharqiyah region. This beach is covered with white pebble all around the shore. And it has crystal clear blue water. This beach has calm water, which is why it is best for diving and snorkeling. 


Q. How far is Oman from Dubai?

Ans. It takes almost one hour and ten minutes to travel to Oman from Dubai via plane.  

Q. Is it dangerous to visit Oman?

Ans. Oman is a safe country to visit. The people around are friendly. But one should know the rules and regulations of the country before visiting.

Q. Are shorts allowed in Oman?

Ans. Yes, one can wear shorts in Oman; there is no such restriction. But it is generally preferred to wear full trousers.

Q. Cheap hotels in Oman?

Ans. All these hotels are some of the cheap hotels in Oman.

Al Salam hotel

Muscat hills Hotel

Aryana Hotter

So plan a Oman Road trip and enjoy the scenic beauty on the way to Oman.

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