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Visa sponsorship, put simply, is when a relative or group of people pushes for someone's visa. When you apply for a visa, it indicates that you have a supporter who is in favour of your admission into Oman for the specified purposes. There are numerous visa categories and methods of sponsorship. Sponsorships typically include a financial element as well. A petition is often related to visa sponsorship. On the representation of the non-resident, the person or organization with a base in Oman presents a petition. The foreign national can often apply for the necessary visa after being accepted.

What is a sponsor and why do you need one?

The phrase visa sponsor basically relates to someone who pays all of the costs for those who are travelling abroad but do not have an employment certification. Many nations demand information on potential immigrants or pupils who are not employed or cover their own travel costs. Therefore, those paying the costs are referred to as sponsors. If you're considering travelling abroad but aren't a pensioner, farmer, or professional on a payroll, you'll need a sponsor.

  • If there is no evidence that the candidate can pay for their own travel expenses, a sponsor is required. 
  • In essence, you will require a sponsor if your bank account does not contain the quoted price for the previous three months.


Qualifications of an eligible sponsor

The regulations specify what is needed to sponsor a visa. Your sponsor must be one of your lawful parental guardians in first grade. Sponsors could also be first-degree relatives, including mothers, fathers, wives, and kids, or an organization. If a first-degree relationship member is not available, you can furnish your legal guardian with the required paperwork to serve as your sponsor. Those whose father has retired from employment may use his pension as security. Those who claim that only their mother, a housewife, is still living may list her second and third-degree relatives as sponsors, although, in some nations, this may cause issues.

Documents required to be eligible for a tourist visa

Oman is an ideal location for a vacation. There are lots of lovely locations to see and discover. You must apply for a visa if you want to travel to Oman. The necessary documentation that must be supplied is listed below:

  1. Attest a scanned duplicate of the first and last pages of the passport 
  2. Valid reservations of return flight tickets
  3. A pair of hued photos that have been scanned
  4. Specifics of a hotel reservation confirmation
  5. A letter of sponsorship


Procedure to apply for a visa

The biggest advantage of e-visas is how quickly and easily the application process is. All you need to apply for an Oman visa online on a computer with a reliable broadband connection. The complete process can be completed while you are comfortable at your residence. Let's quickly go over the procedures for obtaining an e-visa for Oman. Before you start your application, you must ascertain whether you are eligible to visit the country under the applicable visa group.

  1. Choose Your Country of Residence and Citizenship: Citizens of all eligible nations are granted an Oman e-Visa. To proceed, you must select the nations of your citizenship and place of residence from the drop-down menus.
  2. Pick the visa type before selecting the visa: A tourist visa for Oman is simple to obtain. Oman visas come in 30-day or 10-day lengths.
  3. Completing the form: Fill out the Oman E visa application form completely and include all required materials, such as a scanned copy of your passport, a photo, and details of your hotel and airline reservations.
  4. Pay the Oman visa fee: Pay the Oman visa application service fee online using a credit or debit card, a MasterCard, PayPal, or PayPal Credit. A chat operator will deal with any issue.
  5. Monitor Visa Status & Download Visa: After submitting your application, you can monitor the status of your Oman visa application at each stage. Once your visa application has been approved and accepted, we will email you to let you know. By providing your application number and passport number on our website's monitor Oman Visa Status page, you may easily download your visa.


Why is a cover letter necessary? 

  • In order to introduce yourself, explain why you wish to visit that particular country, and engage with the visa officers who are processing your application, you must include a cover letter with your visa application.
  • Well, it is a necessity demanded by several sponsors that the candidate presents a professional document to identify the rationale for travel, what you expect to perform in the host nation, and generally, justify the need to apply for a visa.
  • The sponsor can further confirm that you are a legitimate visitor who is either travelling for tourism purposes or a short-term business purpose by doing this. The supporting letter serves as confirmation and reassurance for the statements you make on your visa application.

Why you should choose Omanievisa?

The most up-to-date and straightforward approach to travel is Omanievisa. It is now simpler than ever to obtain an Oman visa if you are considering a trip there. Now, you only need to follow three steps to start your online application for an Oman visa. You can choose between a 10-day or 30-day single-entry tourist visa; both types of visas are provided by us. 

The Sultanate of Oman is frequently visited using a tourist visa. Because the process is totally online, it is simpler than waiting in line at an airport service desk. The only thing you need to do to register for an Oman visa online is complete the questionnaire. Omanievisa will help you implement and obtain your visa.



On the periphery of the Arab Peninsula sits Oman, a gorgeous nation with extraordinary landscapes, artistic wonders, a deep history, and warm inhabitants. Oman offers views of nature in all its forms, including breathtaking mountain ranges, vast desert plains, and shimmering beaches. The various bedecking elements of Oman should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime. To capture Oman's magnificence and its every essence within your mind, pay a visit to this marvel of nature. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It barely takes a considerable amount of time to finish the Oman tourist e Visa application. It takes only a few minutes to submit the final application online. The majority of candidates obtain their authorized travel permit in three working days thanks to the quick Oman e Visa processing.

The sponsor creates an affidavit of assistance to promote a visitor. As proof of their ability to pay for the trip, they must submit an affidavit, a notice of invitation, and accompanying paperwork.

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