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Oman attracts thousands of tourists every year from around the world. The gulf country is a retreat for all those searching for a place that provides some beautiful and memorable experiences. But many times aspiring travellers have some questions in mind, what can they expect from their trip to Oman, what the trip would be like and what is the best side of Oman? If you are also looking to get answers to these questions, read the article till the end.  

About Oman  

Before we tell you what you can expect on your trip to Oman and what you should be doing in the country, let us first give you an idea about the country. Oman is a gulf country sharing borders with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The country has a coastline formed by the Arabian Sea in the Southeast and the Gulf of Oman in the northeast. So you can enjoy a great time at the beaches near the Sea. 


What Oman is Like 

Just getting an idea about the geography and politics of a country is not enough to know what one can expect to witness and perform in a country. Oman is a beautiful country with a lot of things to offer its visitors. From witnessing the Architectural wonders to enjoying adrenaline-inducing adventure sports, you will have a lot to witness and enjoy during your trip to Oman. 

Modern yet Ethnic 

Usually, the modern or developed locations fail to provide a sense of Ethnicity. Visitors usually don't get to taste the heritage and ethnicity when they visit a ‘modern’ destination. But this is where Oman differentiates. In the country’s capital, Muscat, you can enjoy all the modern facilities and services and still taste the authentic flavour of Oman.  

Just move a little further away from town and you will get to visit the traditional markets of Oman. The place has traditional Omani clothing and handicrafts. Once you visit the place, you will be able to witness Oman’s Culture and heritage. 

A Display of Islamic Arts 

Oman is an Islamic country and you will get to witness some great displays of the Islamic Arts once you visit the country. What’s unique about Islamic Art in Oman is that it inherits the elements and impressions of various cultures but still stands strong on its core identity.  

The Islamic arts in Oman are a display of fusion and coexistence. 


A Prosperous Society 

Oman is one of the wealthiest countries in the World, and you will realize that once you visit the country. The oil reserves of Oman have provided the country with economic prosperity. 

A friendly and accepting neighbourhood 

One of the biggest concerns that a traveller has before visiting any country is how the society and neighbourhood there will treat him/her. You do not need to stress over that as the people in Oman are very friendly and are always ready to provide a helping hand to tourists. 

As a tourist, you will never feel alien to the local society and people as they will do their best to make you feel at home. 

World Class Hospitality 

With hotels like Royal Tulip Muscat, Al Baleed Resort, and many more, you can expect great hospitality in Oman. Over time, Oman has worked a lot on its Hospitality and Tourism Sector, and today, because of those efforts, Oman ranks among the nations with the best Tourist Experience. 

Some Adrenaline rush 

Oman has a lot of activities to fulfil that adventure-seeking desire among visitors. From via Ferrata on a 9,800 ft high mountain range to a scuba diving experience within the depths of the ocean, Oman has a lot of adventure sports and activities that will give you some adrenaline rush and many unforgettable moments. 

Words fall short to describe the experiences and magic of Oman. You will get to experience and understand all this only when you visit the country, so plan a trip to this amazing country now. 

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From strong Cultural values to a friendly and accepting society, Oman has a lot to offer. You will understand the magic of Oman only when you visit this amazing country, so plan a trip to Oman now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The climate of Oman is moderate between October and April. So if you want to avoid extreme temperatures, you should plan your trip during these months. 

Usually, the Visa is approved in 4-5 working days.  

Sometimes the Oman Embassy may take up to a maximum of 15 days to approve a Visa.  

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