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Oman, a small nation hidden on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula that borders the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, has a lot to offer business people and investors from all over the world. Oman, which can seem like a little nation, is actually about 30% larger than the UK despite having just five million people. Oman, the oldest autonomous state in the Arab world, is renowned for its terraced orchards, forts, historic mosques, rolling sand dunes, and dynamic culture. It also offers a fascinating fusion of east and west civilizations. Although obtaining a visa to work in Oman is possible, there are tight limitations on the industries and professions in which foreign nationals are permitted to work. In this blog, you will get to know all about applying for an investor visa.

What Is An Omani Investor Visa?

An Omani Investor Visa is similar to a business visa. In October 2021 there was an initiation of a new visa by the Oman govt. This visa was called the investor visa. Under this category of visa, there are two visas namely the 5-year investor visa and the 10-year investor visa. People who are financially independent can apply for this type of visa. There are several steps to securing an investor visa for Oman, as follows.

  • You can ask for help from the Omani ministry to authorize your business and provide you with financial support.
  • You are entitled to have a legal work permit which is officially granted by the Omani ministry.
  • After arriving in Oman, an investor or businessperson requests a residence permit.
  • Establish a company that will employ at least 50 Omanis to have the visa granted.


Benefits Of An Omani Investor Visa

The primary type of visa that encourages international investment into the Sultanate of Oman is the Omani investor visa. For investors seeking a second property in the Middle East, this visa is particularly alluring. It is a visa that is very simple to obtain, very tax-friendly, and provides you with-

  • An Unsurmountable Real Estate Business Investment

The Omani Investor Visa enables you to invest in unlimited companies and real estate. You may purchase an unlimited number of real estate units. For individuals who want to build money and wealth for future generations, this is the ideal option. Additionally, this visa permits unrestricted business ownership. You are not limited in how much you can own.

  • You Can Run Any Business In Oman

If you wish to invest in a region that is poised for growth, an investor visa will be of great assistance. The ability to support yourself financially and carry on with your business while in the nation is another excellent reason to obtain this visa. This enables you to carry out this action while owning numerous companies or real estate holdings across the nation.

Eligibility Criteria For A Long-Term Investor Visa To Oman

  • The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Oman must approve the investor or businessperson. They'll require proof that the applicant is a legitimate foreign investor with adequate and accessible investment capital. Additionally, applicants must include information on the anticipated investment, such as the amount, the nature of the business or sector, and the investment strategy.
  • Additionally, a work permit from the Omani Ministry of Manpower will be necessary (MOM)
  • To invest in Oman, you must also obtain a residency visa.


Documents Required For A Long-Term Investor Visa To Oman

  • Two (6 x 4 cm) passport photographs of the investor or businessperson.
  • A passport of your host country which has 6 months of validity.
  • If you are investing in an Omani business you should possess the legal documents for it.
  • Also, a registration certificate of the Omani company that you have entitled to and a character certificate from the Oman Ministry.
  • A thorough investing strategy.
  • You should have evidence of money for investments available.
  • The traveller should have the Work permit provided to him by the Oman Ministry.
  • People who are coming from Egypt, Sudan or Sri Lanka, or even Pakistan should have an original copy of their medical certificate.

Can I Extend My Investor Visa In Oman?

Yes, it is possible to extend an investor visa from Oman before it expires. Evidence showing the applicant continues to invest in the nation must be offered in order for the renewal application to be approved. The Omani government has unveiled a new program that would enable investors to obtain a residency visa valid for either five or ten years. 


In this blog, we gave a detailed description of an Oman investor visa and how you can apply for one. If you wish to go to oman and learn more about the country and the lifestyle of doing interesting activities you should check out our website Oman IE visa and book your visa to Oman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To become an investor in Oman you should get the approval of the Ministry of Commerce And industry in Oman.

Oman is a great place for investors and business people who need some exemption from tax payments.

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