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How to Apply Oman Visa For Filipino Citizens

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Some of the travellers needing to visit from the Philippines (president) hoping to visit Oman are currently ready to do as such by following a basic, direct visa securing measure, given that they meet specific necessities. The Omani eVisa framework for travelers modernized the visa application measure by moving the whole technique on the web.

Nowadays the online procedure of applying for any visa helps to eliminate the need to visit an Omani office or government office, the travel industry authorities have made it simpler for Filipino identification holders to acquire authorization to enter Oman. The whole cycle is quick and secure, and via cautiously following these means, Filipino travelers will be well headed to visiting Oman. 

Oman visa for Filipino Passport Holders 

Presently, Filipino nationals are just qualified for a vacationer visa to Oman in the event that they live in a GCC country through an extremely durable home. Luckily, the whole interaction is simple and direct and can be finished online very quickly. 

Oman eVisa for Filipino Citizens Although there could be at this point not any need to accumulate records to send through the email or take to authorities at a department or consulate, every explorer from the Philippines who plans on visiting Oman should be ready to introduce individual reports and data during the application interaction. 


Documents required for Filipino residents

There is definitely not a mind-boggling measure of documentation or data that Filipino identification passport holders are needed to introduce during the application cycle. In any case, it is significant that explorers give close consideration to what exactly is requested from them, as any wrongly entered data while finishing up the application structure, or any missing archive could bring about the dismissal or deferral of the giving of the Oman eVisa. Coming up next is a rundown of what is expected of every travelers.

Documents required for Filipino citizens are as follows:-

  1. A substantial Filipino passport. The valid Filipino passport is required, should have somewhere around a half year means 6 months of legitimacy from the date the travel means on entering Oman.
  2. An advanced duplicate of the Filipino identification passport is required for bio page of the candidate.
  3. A new photo of the candidate ( recent one) that agrees with Omani rules. The photograph is required for uploading purposes for the following  of the application structure. 
  4. A legitimate express required for an Oman visa. It may be a debit card or credit card. 
  5. A current or valid email address through which you are registering for your Oman visa. The Oman eVisa is given through email. 

Oman Visa Application Form for Filipino Citizens 

The Oman eVisa application structure for Filipino nationals wishing to visit the nation asks that every candidate give Omani authorities essential individual data. This data should coordinate with the going with documentation or there could be issues with the Oman eVisa.

The following is a rundown of what every Filipino candidate can hope to be asked while filling in their application structure: 

  1. First and last name required for you application structure 
  2. Spot and date of birth 
  3. Date of issue and expiry date of your visa 
  4. Current spot of home 

Note: if Filipino candidates have double identity (means those candidates who have dual nationality) they are required twice to check the visa or application structure they are utilizing a similar visa for the whole interaction, including when they travel to Oman.


Choice of Oman eVisa for the Philippines 

There is just one kind of Omani vacationer eVisa that is accessible to Filipinos who wish to visit Oman. This implies that the other single-and multi-passage visa choices that Oman offers to residents of numerous different nations are not accessible to Filipino identification passport holders. Luckily, there is as yet one choice for those Filipino nationals who are now living in the Gulf area: 

A solitary passage (single entry) visa that permits Filipinos holding a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) home grant to remain in Oman for as long as 28 days.

Last Steps Before Traveling to Oman From the Phillippines 

When the application has been gotten by the Omani boundary specialists, Filipino nationals can expect a fast turnaround time. Ordinarily, reactions return following 24 hours, however in certain examples answers can take longer. As usual, it is ideal to apply with adequate chance to stay away from any issues. 

After Filipinos accept their eVisa through email, they are encouraged to print out a printed version and accept it with them as they travel. Line specialists will request to confirm that their data coordinates their own. 

Every candidate from the Philippines ought to likewise print out the accompanying records: 

  1. An advanced sweep of their visa data page 
  2. Evidence of ahead movement leaving Oman before their eVisa lapses 
  3. Evidence of convenience for their time in Oman 

These records should be sufficient to guarantee a protected, bother free excursion from the Philippines to Oman. These documents are needed if required.



This blog is all about Oman visa for Filipino Citizens, it includes Oman visa related information and details that every Filipino citizens should know before travelling to Oman.

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