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Applying Oman Visa for Indonesian Citizens

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All the residents from Indonesia who are hoping to visit Oman can get endorsement to do as such totally on the web. Because of ongoing endeavors by Omani authorities, a web-based Oman visa for Indonesian citizens is presently accessible to Indonesian identification passport holders, which permits explorers to apply for and get the visa online from their home. 

Perusers will find out with regards to the electronic visa for Oman for Indonesians, the visa prerequisites for Indonesians that should be met, and how to utilize the web-based visa to head out from Indonesia to Oman. 


Oman Visa for Indonesian Passport Holders 

All the residents of Oman should hold an Indonesian identification passport when applying for a visa. Omani authorities have made the interaction a lot simpler by setting up the Oman eVisa as the primary method of getting a visa. 

For those Travellers needed to move from Indonesia to Oman for work or stay or any purposes in the Gulf country for broadened timeframes will require a customary long term visa. 

Oman visa for Indonesian Citizens

The Oman travel eVisa is accessible in both single and multi-entry designs for Indonesian residents: 

For 30 days single-entry for Indonesian residents or travelers and is legitimate for one month from the date. 

An Indonesian resident is likewise a GCC home license holder, they can apply for a solitary (single) entry visa for as long as 28 days. 

The individuals who need a conventional paper visa for Oman are urged to reach out to the Oman consulate in Indonesia or the Omani migration specialists to confirm the best visa for the travelers s requirements.


Oman Entry Requirements for Indonesian Citizens 

The data is necessary to required for in the application, Indonesian residents are needed to introduce the accompanying records and snippets of data: 

  1. dentification passport is required for Indonesian citizens with at least a half year of legitimacy from the date of appearance in the country.
  2. A new advanced visa estimated photograph.
  3. An email address since all correspondence, including the advanced duplicate of the eVisa, it will be emailed 
  4. A duplicate of the identification passport information page, which shows the visa number, nation of beginning, and the date of lapse 
  5. The eVisa application charge. To pay the charge, a substantial charge or Visa is required

Effective method to Get an Oman eVisa for Indonesian Citizens 

The Oman visa for Indonesians online is speedy and simple to acquire and just requires finishing an internet based application. Most Indonesian solicitors present their Oman visa demand from Indonesia in practically no time. 

Processing time for Oman eVisa from Indonesia 

When you get an email for Indonesians that has been endorsed, Regularly, Indonesian explorers can hope to accept their Oman eVisa within 24 hours. 

This is accepting that all subtleties and data have been accurately finished up. If any mistake or an issue occurred with the application form for the Oman visa then this will bring about the dismissal or postponement of the visa for Oman. 

In occurrences where an explorer has presented an Oman visa demand from Indonesia over one month ahead of their excursion, they may not get as fast a reaction as the individuals who have an impending date of flight. 


Oman eVisa Application for Indonesians 

While applying for the Oman vacationer visa for Indonesian residents, travelers ought to hope to give the accompanying snippets of data: 

  1. First and last name 
  2. Date and spot of birth 
  3. Current spot of residency 
  4. Significant places of information from your visa like the number, nation of beginning, and expiry date 
  5. Valid passport

Regularly, the application from Indonesia can be finished up in less than 60 minutes. 

A few explorers might be requested additional data relying upon their particular conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Indonesian citizens can go to Oman. But due to Covid - 19 pandemic travel restrictions and some guidelines you need to follow while visiting Oman. Like during the coronavirus pandemic there may be some travel restriction rules you need to obey in Oman. All Indonesians are required to check all the latest information announced by the  government before leaving.

No, visas on arrival for Indonesian or other countries have been permanently discontinued for all  foreign travelers, All the Indonesian visitors or travellers to Oman get the Oman visa for passport holders for Indonesian before arriving in the country. 

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