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Oman visa for Kuwait residents

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Being a part of the GCC countries also called as the Gulf Cooperation Council has one of its own benefits. However, it is the case only if you are a citizen of one of the countries. If you are a resident well, then you can enjoy some easy traveling to Oman as well, but you will need to make sure you have the proper documents to enter the foreign country. One of the main documents to enter Oman remains the Oman visa for Kuwait residents. Wondering what the other requirements are and how much you will have to pay to enter the country? Well, then here is everything you ought to know via Oman IE Visa.

Who are the GCC residents?

The GCC residents are referred to as those who are a part of the GCC countries. The GCC countries include:

  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates

All the residents or expats who are from foreign countries residing in any one of the above countries with the help of a residency visa or any long-term visa are called as the GCC residents.

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Is there any free stay in Oman for GCC residents?

Free stay for GCC residents is not available but you can get grants that will allow for a single day stay in Oman. You’d however have to pass through immigration to get into the country. this is only applicable if you want to stay for a single day but if you would like to stay for more than a single day then you will need to apply for an Oman visa that will allow you to enter the country.

Requirements for Kuwait residents to get Oman visa:

There are certain conditions that need to be met in order to apply for an Oman visa as a Kuwait resident. The conditions that one needs to fulfill can be given as follows:

  • The Kuwaiti resident who will be applying for an Oman visa should not hold another valid visa. If he or she has any other visa than the GCCresidency visa, he or she will not be granted a visa to Oman.
  • Must have a passport validity of about 6 months or more
  • Must make sure that a hotel booking or a sponsor is present in Oman where you will stay during your trip to Oman.
  • Must own a return ticket to Kuwait in order to get an Oman visa.

Once these conditions are fulfilled you can get your Oman visa from Kuwait.

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Documents needed for Oman visa:

Oman IE Visa ensures a stress-free visa application and needs only some documents to be provided in order to get the Oman visa from Kuwait. The documents required can be listed as follows:

  • A digital copy of passport-sized photograph of the Kuwaiti resident
  • Passport copy with clear copies of both the initial and final pages mentioning all the details.
  • A scanned copy of the Kuwait resident’s GCC visa.
  • A copy of the GCC resident card that is valid for about 6 months or more.

With these documents being submitted you can apply for an Oman visa online.

Procedure to get Oman visa online:

Following some of the easiest steps to get an Oman visa online, you can ensure both cheap rates and fast approval. Being a Kuwait resident applying for an Oman visa you need to follow the steps as given below:

  1. Please select your citizenship country and the country where you travel to from Kuwait for now it will be Oman.
  2. Nextly fill in the application form by providing the information asked
  3. Once the information is filled in and cross-checked you can attach the documents that are mentioned above
  4. Make sure you pay the fees before checking out the confirmation mail for the same.
  5. Once you complete the successful application for an Oman visa you can now track the visa status by adding in your application ID sent via mail.

This concludes the entire process to apply for an Oman visa.

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Oman visa processing time for Kuwait residents:

Oman visa once applied for takes hardly three or four days to get approved. This however will be extended or your visa might get rejected if you do not make sure the information you provided is correct. Hence cross-checking the information provided is of utmost importance.

Extension of Oman visa for Kuwait residents:

If you would like to extend the Oman visa that you have applied for you must make sure your passport is also valid for the said time period. Once you make sure of the same, you can proceed to put in a mail to the visa agent at Oman IE Visa where you will get your Oman visa extended with a matter of days or even hours. Make sure to be on the safe side by applying for it at least two to three days before your visa expires.

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In the above-said manner, you can make your Oman visa for Kuwait residents made available and get your travel to Oman readied within just a few days of time.

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