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Oman visa for Taiwanese citizens

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Getting to Oman on a family trip might sound like a vacation plan for you but know what’s missing out on your checklist? Well, it’s definitely the Oman visa for Taiwanese citziens. While flying to Oman might need only a flight ticket and some citizenship proof, but for actually entering the country you might want to show the travel document that allows entry of the foreign nationals which in this case would be an Oman visa. Read on to know more regarding what are the requirements and the processes through which you can apply for an Oman visa.

Why is an Oman visa a necessary travel document for Taiwanese?

With the wake of restrictions in traveling around the world it is important that each country keeps a record of who is traveling within their country and by when will they leave the country.

This record is kept with the help of a travel document which not only notes down our travel history but will also help the country know that a foreign national wishes to enter the country for a certain period of time. They give an allowance such as Oman visa to enter Oman. This visa allows you to both enter and enjoy a quality time exploring what Oman has to offer. It is hence important that you get an Oman visa to enter the country.

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Oman visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens:

There are certain requirements that ought to be filled in order to get your Oman visa. The requirements that one needs to fill in can be stated as follows:

1. A valid Taiwanese passport copy:

A passport copy of the Taiwanese citizen who will be traveling to Oman will be a must. You should also make sure that the digital copy of the passport must clearly contain all the information. The information that the copy must include are as follows:

  • date of issue of passport
  • date of expiry of passport
  • passport number
  • Name of the Taiwanese passport holder

2. Passport sized photograph:

Make sure you attach a passport sized photograph that will help the visa issuer identify the Taiwanese citizen who will be applying for the visa. This passport photo copy must not be greater than 512 KB in file size. Based on the photo you will be identified at the Oman airport.

3. Hotel booking and travel itinerary:

As a part of the documents required you will need to provide the details of your hotel booking in Oman along with the travel itinerary that you have planned for your entire trip to Oman.

4. Email address:

It is crucial that you provide a valid and accessible email address. This is because all your visa related updates and your visa copy will eventually be sent on that email address.

5. Oman visa application form:

This document provided by us must be filled in carefully and you must ensure there is no issue in the document no matter what because if there is an issue your visa can get rejected.

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Process to get your Oman visa applied:

In order to get your Oman visa applied online, you will need to follow just three simple steps:

  1. Select the country you are traveling from to Oman which in this case will be Taiwan
  2. Next fill in the form after you select your desired Oman visa type and pay the fees.
  3. Now track your Oman visa status online to get your visa on time!

With just these three simple steps you can get your Oman visa online.

Applying Oman Visa via Oman IE Visa:

Applying for a visa through an embassy might seem like a good option as you are assured that you will receive a genuine visa. However, what most people do not like is waiting in big queues and getting the visa issued about a month after their application.

This is where you contact Oman IE Visa because we ensure a facility where you can get your visa in just about 3 to 5 days which means no more rushing around the embassy to get your visa issued. This visa will be delivered to you through your mail which means there is no more a reason to get out of your house and get your visa through any office. Identification and authentication of visas can also be done online without any worries.

Apart from the said points there are other benefits of applying through Oman IE Visa:

  1. Lowest processing time
  2. Enjoy a from home service
  3. Cheapest rates you will ever get on Oman visa

With these and more you will get an authentic Oman visa right at your footstep.

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Hence it is easy to apply for an Oman visa for Taiwanese citizens and you can also enjoy a good time with your family without any issues! Get your Oman visa and go exploring the hidden places of Oman now!

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