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Oman visa for Thai Citizens

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Having a clear sky above your head and having a good time during the vacation might seem like a good idea! but what if we say you could now do it in Oman with all the beautiful places that you can visit and some exciting adventures awaiting all of you! But worried as to how can you travel to Oman from Thailand and get your vacation going? Well, we have just the right document also called the Oman visa for Thai citizens, that will let you in the country and will also allow you to take on adventures you’d have never thought about before!

Oman has made it easier for citizens of Thailand to enter and exit the country without much of restrictions and you may wonder how is it possible to do so? Well, here we will be letting you know more about the processes included in the Oman visa application and what are the Oman visa fees you need to pay in order to get your visa approved!

Is an Oman visa for Thai citizens necessary?

This is the first and foremost question that arises in the mind of a traveler who will soon be going to Oman. With that being said, you will also need to do what does this document allow you to do! The Oman visa as it is clear from its name is a sort of document that lets you into the country and allows you to do certain activities in the country which might have been illegal if you didn’t have this document!

As far as the need of Oman visa is concerned, you will definitely need to apply for an Oman visa form Thailand in order to enter the country. Oman also offers a wide range of visas including man tourist visas, Oman business visa, Oman work visa and much more options.

All of these visa types that have been mentioned above are applied for various purposes depending on the type that you would like to apply for.

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Different Oman visa options available:

There are multiple visa options that one can apply to travel to Oman along with the visa types mentioned above. Some of the visa options that are available are as follows:

1. Single entry 30 days Oman visa:

This visa allows a foreign national to enter Oman and stay for about 30 days before the visa expiry date and also allows them to roam around as a tourist. This visa will, however, not allow a person to perform any activities that are for official purposes.

2. Multiple entry 30 days Oman visa:

This type of visa allows a foreigner to enter Oman in the same way as a 30 days single entry visa but this one will allow the tourists to enter multiple times in the given validity period. Which means that each time you exit the country you need not apply for a new Oman visa.

3. Visa for GCC residents:

This type of visas is those that are available for GCC residents, these allow the GCC residents like the foreign nationals who stay in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates will be able to apply for about 30 days in Oman.

4. Oman Visa extension:

 This type of visa can be made available by those foreign nationals who are staying in Oman on a tourist visa but the one that is soon to be expired. In such a case applying for an extension via Royal Oman Police in person can be an option, but an even easier option is to get your visa extension online! All you need to do is apply for an Oman visa extension via Oman IE Visa and get tour long stay planned out!

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Overstaying in Oman:

Overstaying in Oman is considered to be one of the most heinous crimes and hence it is needed that you be careful regarding the entry and exit dates mentioned on the Oman visa. It is to be noted that citizens of Thailand are supposed to leave the country as and when the visa gets expired and if not done so, then you might have to face a heavy fine for overstaying in Oman.

Documents needed for Oman Visa:

Oman visa via Oman IE Visa being one of the easiest applications you only need to take care of the following documents:

  • A copy of your Thai passport that has a validity of about 6 months after your entry into the country.
  • Digital copy of your passport sized photo or the photo of the applicant for whom the visa is being applied with a maximum file size of about 512 KB.
  • An Email address where our agent can contact you regarding the process involved in the application of Oman visa
  • A Form of payment that is acceptable. Can be a visa card, debit card, credit card or any other UPI payments
  • GCC residents must be able to produce a copy of their residential proof claiming they stay in one of the GCC countries.

These documents once arranged will help you apply for an Oman visa via Oman IE Visa.

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Applying for an Oman visa for Thai citizens can now be done easily via Oman IE Visa and by just providing a bit of documents you can avail any visa types that you want to opt for!

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