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Oman visa for Vietnamese citizens

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Oman has always been one of the best tourist places for a lot of people around the world. Getting to travel to such a wonderful place along with your family and friends might seem like a dream. But not when you have an Oman visa applied for tourists around the world via Oman IE Visa. Oman IE Visa aims to make it easier for you and your family to travel to Oman and have no regrets left!

This new online system Oman visa application can now be made available by Vietnamese citizens to get their Oman visa for Vietnamese citizens! Applying for a visa online allows you to enjoy the service right at the comfort of your house and will let you avoid standing in a long queue to get a visa.

 Which type of visa do I need to enter Oman from Vietnam?

Visas are not needed by only those who are citizens of the GCC countries, while the rest of the countries that are mentioned will need to apply for a visa. The visa types depend on the following factors:

  • your duration of stay
  • your purpose of stay in Oman
  • the number of times you would like to enter Oman

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The types of visas that are available for people traveling from various countries are as follows:

30 days single entry Oman visa:

A 30 days single entry Oman visa is the type of visa that has a visa validity of 56 days and one that will allow you to stay in the country for about 30 days. You can enter the country with this visa only once.

30 days multiple entry Oman visa:

This visa is the type of visa that will allow you to enter the country and let you stay for about 30 days. This particular visa however, will have a longer validity of about 180 days which means that within these 180 days you can enter and exit the country multiple times. However, once the visa has been expired you can neither enter nor exit the country, you will have to either apply for an extension or a new Oman visa.

Oman Visas for GCC residents:

If any of the Vietnamese passport holders who live in GCC countries hold a valid residency visa for those countries can apply for a visa to Oman that will allow them to stay for about 28 days right from the entry date to the exit date. This again will be a single-entry visa and cannot be used multiple times.

Such types of online Oman visas are made available for not only the convenience of the travelers but also for the easy management of visas without getting any crowd. By applying for an Oman visa via Oman IE Visa you not only follow the COVID rules and get yourself a faster visa applied but you will also keep yourself and your family safe from the outside world!

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Documents presented while applying for an Oman visa:

While applying for an Oman visa online you need not worry about the postal charges as all we would need in order to apply for an Oman visa is just some additional copies of your documents as listed below:


The passport copy that needs to be sent must have a clear and concise image being taken of. This passport must belong to the Vietnamese citizen who will be applying for the Oman visa. You must also be careful enough to check the validity of the passport as it is required that the passport must be valid for about 6 months after you enter the country.

Passport photo:

The passport photo is a crucial document and cannot be submitted as a quick selfie. You need to keep in mind the following details:

  • The face must be clear
  • Do not wear glasses while clicking the picture
  • Take it from the eye angle and do not click it from the above or below your face angle
  • Hijabs are allowed for those who wear it
  • Do not cover your head with caps or hats
  • Your forehead must be clear and visible.
  • The expected file size of the image is about 512 KB

Application form:

This particular document is provided by us and all you need to do is fill it up. While filling up the application form the following details must be clearly specified:

  • First and last name of the Vietnamese citizen, who is applying for the visa, as it appears in the passport
  • Date of birth and the place where the visa applicant is born
  • the correct passport number of the passport that has the said validity
  • Issue of date and its expiration of the Passport whose copy is being submitted.

With this information specified in your Oman visa application form, you can clearly get your visa applied for along with your other additional documents.

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In such a way an Oman visa for Vietnamese citizens can be applied for with just the said documents and the application form being made available to you. Once you apply for a visa you can get the visa in just about 3 to 5 days and get on hopping with your trip to Oman!

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