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how to renew my oman visa

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Oman is filled with business opportunities and travel destinations. For students and researchers, Oman is a great destination as it boasts some of the most sophisticated and known education Institutes and that is why sometimes the Visa duration tends to fall short of the required stay in the country. Well in such a situation renewal of visa becomes essential. 

While renewing your visa there are bound to be several queries and confusions, to resolve your queries and understand the Oman visa renewal policy and procedure, read the complete article.


Renewal Laws

Before getting into the process of visa renewal or knowing more about their policy, you should know what are the Laws for Visa renewal established by the Sultanate of Oman.

  • The application for renewal of the visa must be submitted a minimum of 15 days before the expiry of your current visa. 
  • The Law permits the authorities to cancel your application without providing any reason for that. The authorities may reject your visa extension application without informing you about the reason behind that.
  • Your passport must be valid for the near future.
  • If your stay in the country exceeds the time limit of your visa then you will have to pay a fine of 10 Omani Rial for each day of your stay. The fine is ultimately collected at the airport at the time of your exit from the country.

Documents Required

  • A filled-in renewal application form.
  • 2 personal passport photos.
  • A copy of the Ministry of Manpower form for renewing a labourer's residency.
  • A copy of the labour card of the father in case of renewing the spouse's or children's visa

Tourists and visitors might end up in the circumstance of requiring a visa reestablishment in Oman. Luckily, a few kinds of visas take into consideration expansion.


About Oman Visa Extension 

Some visa types can be extended and renewed while others cannot be renewed and can allow a single entry into the country.

The majority of the electronic visas for Oman can be renewed while residing in the country only. Qualified holders should apply for an expansion before the visa lapses at the Royal Oman Police.

Albeit the eVisa is the quickest method for entering Oman, there are a few sorts of visas accessible. Candidates can pick the right sort of visa contingent upon their identity, the planned length of stay in the nation, and the motivation behind their movements.

How to renew the Visa 

The process to renew your visa is very simple and will be completed in a few steps 

  1. Visit the first page of Oman IE Visa and select your nationality and the country you are currently living in.
  2. On the next page chose the "30-day visa extension" option 
  3. Then fill in the details asked on the next page.
  4. After successfully filling up the details, upload the necessary document, which are 
    • Scanned copy of Passport bio page
    • One passport size photograph 
    • Proof of further accommodation 
  5. After uploading the documents, pay the necessary fees.

That's it your visa renewal application is complete, and now you have some more time to spend in the beautiful country of Oman.



Hope this article helped you understand the renewal policy of your Oman visa. To apply for an Oman visa in a hassle-free way, visit Oman IE Visa and get your visa approved within 4 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The visa-giving date is on the endorsed Oman eVisa, which is shipped off to the candidate by email. Explorers can check the expiry date on their printed visas.

The visa should be utilized soon. On the off chance that passage isn't made by the date determined, another visa should be acquired.

The most excellent length of stay in Oman is likewise displayed on the visa, by and large, 30 days.

The Omani specialists anticipate that unfamiliar guests should regard the agreements of their visas and leave before the license's lapse date.

Neglecting to do so implies overstepping the country's movement regulation and visa strategy and may bring about extreme outcomes, including a fine. Outstaying the visa duration can result in difficulties in getting a visa for Oman in future.

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