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complete guide as to reporting a crime witnessed in Oman

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The primary law enforcement body in Oman is the Royal Oman Police (ROP). It is in charge of the Omani shoreline in addition to keeping the peace and order in the streets. As part of his reform movement, Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said established the ROP as we know it today in 1974. The ROP can be consulted by international tourists who require: 

  1. Emergency help
  2. filing a criminal report.
  3. Details about various Omani visa requirements and Omani legislation.

Visitors may discover important details regarding the Royal Oman Police in this article, such as how and when to call them and situations in which foreigners could unknowingly violate Omani law.

The Royal Oman Police

The job done by the police is intended to maintain the stability of the Omani society while also keeping it safe and secure, as is the case in any other society. Through the Directorate General of Inquiries and Investigations, ROP is in charge of preventing and combatting crime. It carries out its functions through several departments and sections that are furnished with contemporary technology. The directorate of Crime Control, the Directorate of Narcotics Control, the Directorate of Criminal (Forensic) Laboratory, and the sections of Crime Analysis and Weapons Licences are a few instances. 


Contacting the ROP

Both Omani citizens and visitors from other countries may rely on the Royal Oman Police. The Royal Oman Police Building is located at the following address: Sultan Bin Qaboos Street Qurum, Muscat, Oman. The Royal Oman Police can be reached by phone at:

  • When in doubt, call 9999.
  • Dial 80077444 to request criminal investigative services.
  • Call 80077444 to report extortion.
  • Dial 243-439-999 or 98 to reach traffic services.
  • Contact number for passport services: 24512974/75
  • Dial 24349000 to reach customs services.

Things you can be arrested for

Food items that have gone bad

Individuals or institutions suspected of generating, industrial production, providing, attempting to sell, stashing, transmitting, advertising, acquiring for selling purposes, or publicizing any expired packaged foods may be imprisoned for a term of not less than 6 months nor more than 3 years, according to Article 380 of the new Oman Penal Code. If the deed resulted in death, the penalty is a sentence of not less than 10 years nor more than 15 years.

State security

Finally, according to Article 128 of the revised Oman Penal Code, anyone who makes it easier for the enemy to enter the nation or aids the enemy by giving them information or offering guidance would be executed.


By Article 115 of the new Oman Penal Code, spreading purposefully fake stories or rumours both domestically and abroad that have the potential to damage the reputation of the country, diminish investors ’ confidence, or otherwise negatively influence the financial situation, will result in a prison sentence of not less than three months nor more than three years.

Issues of faith

By Article 269 of the new Oman Penal Code, transgressions against God, prophets, the Holy Quran, the Islamic faith, or other celestial organizations are punishable by imprisonment for a period that cannot be less than three years nor greater than ten years.

Traffic congestion

A person who purposefully tries to obstruct the movement of ambulances or civil protection vehicles would receive at least 7 years in prison, according to Article 112 of the new Oman Penal Code.

Care obligation to minors

The new Oman Penal Code also mandates that anyone who is in charge of a child under the age of 18 or is in charge of someone who is unable to care for oneself cause of physical or psychological illness and refuses to take care of them, completely ignores them, or disregards their obligations faces imprisonment for a term of not less than 10 days and not more than 6 months, a fine of not less than OMR100 and not more than OMR500, or one of these carries a maximum penalty.


Possible infringements when visiting Oman

The people of Oman are kind and tolerant, and they value the presence of tourists. Even while many tourists are curious about local customs and appropriate attire in Oman, a cultural faux pas will rarely land a well-intentioned traveller in hot water. Oman takes pride in its good safety record and low crime rates. The Royal Oman Police, which is rigorous and efficient in executing the law, is crucial to achieving these outcomes.

Speeding limits in Oman

Traffic infractions are the most frequent grounds for stopping and fining foreign people. Oman is a large nation, so many visitors like to drive around it since it's the greatest way to see it on vacation at their own pace. The majority of Omani roadways are straight and in excellent shape, and police often monitor the city's streets. In urban areas, the speed limit is between 40 and 60 km/h (24 to 37 mph), whereas the limit on highways is 120 km/h (70 mph). The cost of a speeding ticket might range from RO 10 to RO 50, depending on the conditions. Anyone discovered to be exceeding the restrictions may be reported to the ROP.

Other prevalent offences in Oman

Some Omani laws, particularly those about religious restrictions, may be unfamiliar to visitors from the West. Here are a few instances:

  1. Importing or using pornography is prohibited and entirely unlawful.
  2. It is against the law to consume, sell, or purchase alcohol without a license, foreign residents of Oman may apply for permits from the ROP to do so.
  3. Violations of the law, such as eating, drinking, smoking, and listening to loud music in public when Ramadan is in effect, might result from disrespecting the fast.

In addition to penalties and potentially jail, a visa overstay might harm a traveller's prospects of obtaining a new Oman visa in the future.



If you observe a crime, report it as soon as possible by contacting 911 or going to the closest police station, keeping in mind the significance of not interfering with the crime scene. Go to Oman right away. Oman IE visa is the best place to go for all of your Oman visa-related issues and concerns, we specialize in providing our clients with precise, prompt visas. A completed application form and a few documentary pieces of evidence are all you need to enter Oman. Apply today, and in the next, three to four days, have your belongings organized and ready to depart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Royal Oman Police, which has its main office in Muscat, is the Sultanate of Oman's national police force. The force, which consists of eight police districts, is led by an Inspector General of Police and Customs who reports directly to the Sultan of Oman.

It ensures quiet throughout all spheres. It lessens and stops a crime from happening. It manages and captures criminals. It makes inquiries, looks into things, and gathers data.

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