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From Muscat,in-routing Sur can be a great long drive. A drive through a six-hour journey that will take you over the edge of a stratigraphic basin, through a mountain range and into a dry valley. You will also pass by some beautiful beaches, some inland lagoons, an oasis or two and some dramatic canyons, some deserts, coastal plains, rocky hillsides, cedar forests and an escarpment.  

It might be tempting to begin your journey from Muscat. It's no wonder that the charming city has a wonderful view of the Arabian Peninsula's southern tip. It offers a diverse range of activities to see, including cultural sites and traditional bazaars, as well as modernized attractions and beaches.  not forgetting the  Beautiful coasts, rugged mountains, stunning oasis, and historical castles surround this city. From Muscat to Sur, road journey. Put your seatbelts on and brace for an adventure.


The sight view while driving from Muscat to Sur 

It's a long drive from  Muscat to Sur. It takes around 2 hours (202.2km) to complete the journey. The road winds its way up the steep Hajar Mountains, between rocky outcrops and patches of sand. On either side, there is a valley with irrigated terraces fed from the mountain run-off. There are fields of cardamom and banana plantations, and herdsmen herding goats or cows. The scenic view mesmerised the eyes. 

At the time of reaching Sur. The southeast of Sur is the ancient terraces cut into the mountainside. They were carved out of the solid rock, perhaps by the same civilization that built the tombs outside of town. Each terrace is roughly one-third the size of the one below it. The largest is about 200-feet wide and 400-feet long. From its vantage point near the top of the hill, you can see for miles in most directions. Sur is located near the east side of Muscat.

 As Oman is a relatively unknown destination, it's better to be prepared before visiting this country. Oman has some mind-blowing destinations to visit with different topography ranging from mountains, desert, seashore to green farmlands with multi cuisines to offer. 

Muscat which is the capital of Oman has an impressive kite festival during winters followed by a Sur welcome ceremony which makes it one of the must-visit places in Oman. You can't understand Muscat, or Oman, without going outside the city. The amazing attractions these two cities have and also some hidden places, so people can easily go there. This will be a good opportunity to know more about our beautiful country from an outside perspective from those who visit us from time to time. 

Muscat to Sur drive is an enchanting journey that will take you through some of the most breathtaking places in India. It has been rated as one of the top 10 road trips by BBC and Lonely Planet. The Muscat to Sur road trip is an experience of its own. True, it is not as popular as other destinations, but Muscat has plenty to offer.



Muscat is the capital city of Oman. The name simply means "Muscat" because it's still a hidden destination for many travellers. 2 must-visit places of Muscat.

Al Qurum is a beautiful beach in Muscat. The beach is located between  Muscat and Al Khuwair. This magnificent beach stretches over 2 kilometres of coastline with yellowish-white sand that casts a golden glow all over the beach.  The Al Qurum Beach can be easily accessed from both SUR and MUSCAT

The Muscat Festival is one of Oman's most well-known events, attracting millions of tourists each year from all over the world to see a unique and cultural celebration. It takes place in January and February and includes a wide range of events and activities for visitors interested in learning more about Oman's culture, history, and customs. This event is a wonderful cultural event, with folk dances, concerts, unique clothing and cultures and Omani handicrafts and specialities. 

Muscat is a coastal city, a great area surrounded by the Gulf of Oman's crystal clear waters. Its relative humidity is constantly high due to the hot weather that is practically constant throughout the year. However, Muscat's experiences temperatures ranging from 35° C (94.3° F) to 49.2° C (120.6° F) around the year.


The Al Ayjah Lighthouse in Oman, popularly known as the Sur Lighthouse, is one of the city's top most popular tourist attractions. This destination, which faces the Gulf of Oman, offers cultural, historic, and natural experiences. The lighthouse is mainly situated on Rasyiqah, which is Sur Harbour's highest east side point. 

Sur is the place to start for several day weekend trips like Ras-Al-Hadd, Wadi Shab, Wahiba Sands, and many others.

Places like the Old Town, Bilad Sur Castle, and the Ayjah watchtowers are just a few of the attractions. It is great for those who are keen on the culture and tradition of different places. The places are historic by nature. Explore the toric city of Qalhat, admire the architecture of the Bibi Maryam Tomb, sea turtles in Ras al Jinz Reserve, learn about Oman's maritime history at the Marine Museum, hike over the mountains to reach Wadi Shab, and so much more. Sur is a wonderful area to relax and enjoy the distinct ambience along the Corniche, as well as the beautiful Arabian Sea views.



Road trips are fantastic because you see your country with new eyes. You see the relationship of one location to another and even notice the changes in the road. Perhaps you take roads less travelled, or maybe stops along the way just seem better than they were from inside a car. In this article I'll take you on a massive road trip from Muscat to Sur, one of its ancient treasures, enjoying all the natural beauties that this country has to offer.

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