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Talking about Oman is synonymous with expressing love for beautiful beaches with glittering sand and turquoise waters. You can dump the stress and enjoy a peaceful, beachy vacation on these breathtaking beaches, which is surely the biggest reason why tourists love this country so much. 

To double up the fun of traveling, Oman is all set to bring its own seaplane service with the intention to revolutionize the way we used to travel in the country. In this article, we’ll look at what is the Oman seaplane service and how it will affect tourism in the sultanate.

Oman Seaplane Service - A Gist

A seaplane is a hybrid of a plane and a boat to combine the utilities of both these machines in a single vehicle. In other words, it is a fixed-wing aircraft that can take off and land on water. This form of transport can prove to be a gamechanger because of the abundance of beaches and the existence of some prominent marine routes to some major countries in the world.  

According to the reports, Oman is all set to launch its seaplane service with the motive of expanding its tourism. This means that service is more likely to be centered around recreation and not commercial or international trade. The country’s first seaplane service will allow tourists to enjoy a new and much more enjoyable form of travel. 

Oman Seaplane Service Ownership

Oman plans to start its first seaplane service through private ownership i.e. the service will be owned and operated by private firms. The country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is calling for bids from private sector companies who are willing to establish and operate seaplane services in Oman. apart from this, the companies are also required to submit the following documents.

  • The complete business plan of the company to show how they are planning to run the service, estimated investment, routes, etc.
  • A detailed study of economic feasibility 
  • Proof showing that the company has sufficient funds to establish and run the service’s operations.

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Oman Seaplane Service Application Form

If a company is willing to set up a seaplane service in Oman, it needs to fill in the class B license application form along with the necessary documents to submit an application. This form can be easily downloaded from the CAA’s official website -

Once you’ve filled out your application form completely and attached all the documents, it’s time to submit your application. All the applications for the seaplane service have to be mailed to

Seaplane Service Application Fee

Once you have filled and submitted a class B license application form for Oman’s seaplane service, the authorities will check and filter potential applications from the set of applications received. If your initial bid is selected by the authorities, you need to pay OMR 300 to involve with further procedures. 

Apart from this, the applicant is also required to complete all the formalities to obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). all these formalities have to be completed within a specified timeframe. 

Validity of the Contract

The contract of Oman’s seaplane service is a medium-term contract. All the rights and licenses issued under this contract are valid for 7 years, which can be renewed or applications can be called again. 

Seaplanes Under Oman’s Seaplane Service

A country needs to plan the type and size of seaplane it will use in its seaplane service to provide a safe yet memorable experience to the visitors. According to this service, the country is planning to use seaplanes with a total number of seats less than or equal to 19. Moreover, the take-off weight of the plane will not be more than 10 tonnes. 

Some Important Considerations Under The Seaplane Project

Here are a few things to know if you’re planning to invest in this project.

  • CAA asserted that the initial acceptance of your application doesn’t guarantee approval.
  • The contract for operating the seaplane service in Oman will be given to a maximum of 2 companies, provided that both companies meet the terms and conditions of the government.

You can call us to know more about this project and how to invest in it.

How to Experience Oman’s Seaplane Service

You can enjoy this once it’s started by applying for an Oman tourist visa. A visa can be easily obtained through the Oman IE Visa visa application system. It is a new-age visa portal that provides approval in 72 hours with a 0% rejection rate. 150k+ visitors have applied for a visa through our visa portal and now we’re looking for an opportunity to be your Oman visa sponsor.

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The Final Verdict

Seaplanes will surely make the trip to Oman much more joyful. Although the ticket prices and routes have not been confirmed, a thing that we’re sure about is that you won’t be able to resist this activity. Contact us today to get your Oman visa.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Oman seaplane service is still in progress and only a few details are out yet. But it is expected to begin soon.

You need to get a tourist visa as these visas allow you to visit Oman solely for the purpose of tourism, leisure, and recreation. 

Yes, Oman provides an option to apply for a visa online. You can visit our website to start your visa process. 

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