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You can travel to the Kingdom of Oman using a digital visa called an Oman IE Visa. The Royal Oman Police did so in 2018 by introducing it. The eVisa system is thought to be the fastest and simplest way to obtain a visa for relatively brief travel to Oman. 

Visitors who meet the requirements can apply for the Oman visitor eVisa online using a laptop or other internet-connected gadget and a brief official document. It only requires a few moments to finish this. 

The digital Oman visa is offered as a solitary visa with a validity of one (1) month following the date of acceptance and is suitable for durations of 28, 30, or 3 months. Additionally, it is offered as a multiple-entry visa with a one-year validity period and is suitable for durations lasting up to 30 days. 

Additionally, candidates must decide if they are GCC residents and submit the Oman visitor visa charge


A traveller must present necessary documents to attain the Oman E visa as it is necessary and required for the verification and procedure.  

  • Eligible nation passport that is still acceptable at least six months after the anticipated expected entry into Oman 
  • A duplicate of the passports data page 
  • Passport-style electronic picture of the passenger 
  • Oman eVisa charge can be paid using a prepaid debit card
  • A valid email address must be provided in order to receive a duplicate of the accepted visa application as well as the receipt of payment, among other Oman eVisa criteria. 

Additionally, the candidate must print at least one duplicate of the granted Oman visitor visa to show to border guards upon approaching the nation. 



There are a few simple steps that a candidate must go through to attain the Oman E visa immediately and as soon as possible, below are listed a few of those steps.  

  • STEP 1 Submit an online form. 
  • STEP 2: Verify the transaction 
  • STEP 3: Obtain a valid visa 
  • STEP4: Finish the digital Oman e Visa form. 

Filling up the Oman e Visa registration is the first step. This only requires a few moments. You merely need to supply some basic trip details in addition to basic identification and id details. You must also submit the required supporting papers. 

Before filling out the application, you must verify that all the data is accurate. Even minor errors could cause administrative difficulties or result in the denial of your registration for an Oman visa. 

  • STEP:5 Pay for the Oman e Visa in full. 

Before you may complete your Oman visa registration electronically for assessment, you must deposit the Oman e Visa charges. 

A prepaid debit card that is approved for online purchases must be used to make the purchase. We do not presently accept any other means of payment. The online transaction is comfortable and protected. 

  • STEP:6 Obtain the Oman-authorized eVisa. 

Application forms for Oman eVisas are typically handled in 2 working days, while many candidates get their eVisas much faster. The accepted visa will be emailed to you, and you should photocopy it out. 

Customs officers will request to examine your passport and valid visa when you arrive in Oman. To be granted permission to enter the border, you must present all documentation. Both the e Visa application and the trip to Oman should be made with the same passport. Unless you're a dual citizen with multiple passports, bear that in mind. 


Citizens of some other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members can also obtain an Oman e Visa.  As soon as they have a valid GCC resident card for any of the GCC nations that are effective for a minimum of six months, travellers of all origins are eligible to qualify for such an Oman GCC visa

The Oman GCC residence visa is a sole entrance travel authorisation that permits a stay in the nation of up to 28 straight days. From the date of issuance, the Oman GCC residency e Visa is effective for 30 days. 

The succeeding Oman GCC eVisa prerequisites must be satisfied before implementation can be submitted. It is essential to possess: 

  • When entering Oman, a resident permit from a GCC nation must be valid for at least six months. 
  • A duplicate of the individual's passport sheet with their bio.
  • An image from an electronic passport photo.
  • Verification that the candidate is travelling from a GCC nation straight to Oman (e.g. airline tickets). 
  • To submit upon arriving at Oman border entrance points, travellers must download at least 1 duplicate of the authorized GCC eVisa. 



Anyone with internet connectivity can use Oman IE Visa online to get the finest of one‘s electronic visa offerings for Oman. Our staff of migration advisors, who have years of experience, thoroughly examines all of your paperwork prior to submitting it to various countries. Say goodbye to handling foreign governments and never-ending analyses. We frequently change visitors to apply for visas using a computer, cell phone, or tablet.  


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