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travel tips for your 30 day visa to oman

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Oman is a place filled full of beauty and adventure. One can never deny going to Oman, once you get to know about its culture and history. With a culture that dates back to the 6th century BC era, this city has a lot of stories to tell and fantasies to see. Going to Oman needs an Oman visa and passport. Visa is the basic compulsion and one has to follow the protocol of getting a visa before entering the nation. Getting a visa can get hectic, but not when you know for how many days you’ll be going to Oman. Be it just a short meeting with your family in Oman, or a short vacation for a month to the land of undiscovered adventures, you can get a 30-day visa for your trip to Oman. A 30-day visa for Oman is usually valid for 30 days of stay validity and has a visa validity of 30 days as well. The processing time for this visa is about 5 to 7 days from the time of application. The Oman visa cost is 52.0 USD. This Oman tourist visa for 30 days has single entry validity only. 



1. List of documents for application of visa

2. Steps to apply for Oman Visa

3. Tips for your next travel

4. FAQs


Here’s a list of documents you’d want to keep handy while applying for the e-visa

1. Two photographs size 4x6 cm

2. Copy of the foreign resident’s passport to whom you’ll be paying a visit, this is to ensure the related degree. 

3. Copy of the foreigner’s passport which is valid for more than six months.

4. Copy of the specimen signature of the authorized signatories which is issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. If there are any personal sponsors, you can also get a copy of the sponsor’s ID card for signature comparison.

5. A letter which states that the sponsor is responsible for the visitor who’ll be visiting Oman and must also mention the relation with the visitor in the letter.

With the documents being ready, the steps for application of a 30-day visa become much easier. You can read out the following steps and try to fill in for the application of an e-visa:

Step 1: fill out your Oman visa application form and mention which type of visa do you need

Step 2: upload all of the important documents which are required for the authentication process

Step 3: pay the fee mentioned for the visa

Step 4: get a confirmation mail after successfully applying for a visa

Step 5: once you get a mail you can track down the process of visa online and then download the visa application

Step 6: you can get the visa verified followed by which you can go to your destination.

Now that you follow all these 6 steps you will get to know how to apply Oman 30 day visa.  With this being cleared you can take your next flight to Oman soon.

While planning a trip to Oman next time, you’d definitely want to consider these tips which will really be helpful in your trip throughout. So let’s take a look at the tips that you need to keep in mind while going for a visit to Oman!



1. Places to visit

2. Language used in Oman

3. Frankincense tree smell being spread in Oman

4. Safe Country

5. Food and Drinks

6. Dates and coffee to your welcome


1. Places to visit

Oman will never run out of places to visit no matter how many times you’ve been to Oman! The architectural and natural beauty in Oman is sure a never-ending experience. Each region will have its own share of beauty to show to its visitors each month all year round. This calls in for a decision as to which places would you love to go. However, planning to decide these places to visit will always come in handy when you have a limited time to spend in Oman. This also makes sure that your limited time is used to its maximum and you have no time to spare thinking what to do next. It is advised to look up for places to visit in Oman, which will help you get a good grasp of which places would be the best and a must-see.

2. Language

Languages are always troubled when you go to a foreign country! Here in Oman, you can find people speaking a variety of languages. Though Arabic maybe one of the main languages of the people living in Oman, as Oman is an Arab country, one can see that Oman has a lot of other languages which are been spoken. Oman is a place where there has been blend in various cultures and hence one can see languages such as Hindi, Swahili and Baluchi being spoken. This is due to its border being shared with its neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, UAE and other countries. Don’t worry if you’re not known to these languages, you can still use English which is still and wide used by people living here. 

3. Adventure-lovers Paradise

Oman can be one of the places which adventure=lovers sure love a lot! The natural attraction and activities in this place sure attract a lot of tourists! Visitors are always welcome to do adventure sports such as hiking, rock-climbing and camping in the mountains, especially the largest range, that is, Al Hajar Mountains in Oman is no less of a place to get your adrenaline drilling. Dicing, snorkelling and boating are also among other adventures that one would love taking part in! Dune-boarding is one of the famous sports here in the dunes of Oman. 

4. Frankincense tree smell being spread in Oman

Oman is known for its frankincense smell all around the country. These frankincense trees are also exported to other outer nation and due to this, the Omani people can make a lot of money. If you visit a house in Oman, you’ll never fail to get a faint smell of frankincense in each of these houses. This smell can, however, be a little irritating for those with smell allergies. However, one can always be careful by taking a mask with them. Though the smell is really good, the burning will not be dangerous as there will be not much smoke while you walk down the streets. 

5. Safe country

Oh yes! No worries when it comes to your safety because Oman is definitely one of the safest countries in the world. The efforts of the police do count in along with the kind and caring heart of the Omani people. This makes it an absolutely lovely place to visit. They always have a special welcoming nature to the visitors and are always happy to have one! This place has also been titled to be one of the terrorism-free countries in the world and hence carrying of weapons while travelling to Oman for safety purposes is forbidden. However, whenever one feels like there is some danger that one is facing, one can always go to the police and talk to them about it!

6. Food and drinks

You never ever need to worry when it comes to food in Oman. You can find almost all of the delicacies matching your taste buds. Normally Omani food includes traditional brad, fish, beef, chicken, rice and other types of special Omani sauces. Even though one might find heaven for non-vegetarians, vegetarians need not be disappointed! As there are always other delicacies that are prepared for the vegans and the vegetarians alike. You can find them easily at any local or international hotels. You can have a taste of coffees and soft drinks in most of the hotels. However, alcohol is available only in international hotels and is allowed only with the issue of a licence through the police of the city.

7. Dates and coffee to your welcome

Palm trees are one of the most common trees found in Oman. A lot of people own palm tree farms, you can also see a large amount of them being planted all alongside the road. Dates are usually served as one of the most important delicacies while serving coffee to the guests. They give out their traditional coffee also called as Kahwa to the visitors. One thing to know about Oman is that no matter even if you’re a stranger, Omanis will always accept you and serve you with the best of their food. They also make strangers feel like they are at home. The visitors also get a bag full of dates to carry along with them when they are leaving. Hospitality is a part of the Omani culture and hence accepting their invitation should be taken care of. 

These 7 tips on how to have a successful trip to Oman will surely be of great help to you especially if you’re a first-timer. You can always have your own time in Oman for a memorable trip only that you need to make sure that you always be careful of the Omani culture and respect them. 



1. Is it necessary to carry a jacket for my trip to Oman?

Jackets are not really necessary in winter seasons. However, if you’re visiting the desert in Oman during the winter season you might want to carry one.

2. How many days do I actually need to take a full view of Oman?

Oman can never be fully seen. However, a minimum of 30 days can make sure you visit the places that are a must-see

3. Is it okay to give tip in Oman?

Tipping is not really necessary; however, one can give tips if one needs a good complimentary service.

4. Is it okay to wear a bikini in Oman?

Tradition is highly respected in Oman and hence wearing a bikini is not really recommended. However, one can wear a beach dress which will respect the culture of Oman.

5.  Will a 30-day visa be available for Indian to go to Oman?

Oman visa for Indians are available and an Indian can definitely have access to a 30-day visa to Oman by filling Oman visa form.

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