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historical facts that make oman a great country to visit

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The Sultanate of Oman is not only famous for its beautiful tourist destinations but also has a lot to provide through the pages of history. The resource-rich country comprising of people from all the religious communities across the world is one of the most flourished economies in the Gulf region.

The country is a blend of the traditional approach and modern enthusiasm. The ethically diverse population of Oman brings diversity in culture and festivals making it one of the most favorable destinations in the world. Let’s know more about the history of Oman and Oman in modern times.



Founded on 18 November 1650, Oman is the oldest country among its Arabian counterparts. It has mostly been under the influence of Achaemenids, Parthians, and Sassanids. The country further saw its transformation in Islam in 700 C.E. Soon its capital, Muscat was seen as an important port by the Portuguese. A tussle was seen thereafter between Ottoman and Portuguese. After some time, the Portuguese were driven out by the natives. The Portuguese influence can be seen in the architecture of many forts of Oman, a tourist spot for many visitors.


After the country accepted Islam as its religion, but there was a segment of Ibadi Muslims was formed there. Now the country has both Shia and Sunni Muslims but Oman is the only country in the world to have a majority of Ibadi Muslims. The country inhabits nearly all religious groups including Indian Hindus.


Before the Islamic influence, Oman’s Dhofar region was known for its most cherished frankincense trees. The immense availability of Copper, Frankincense, and its strategic location contributed Oman to being a trading hub for many countries.

Oman started moving towards gaining economic power after its access to foreign countries like Iran and Pakistan followed by the colonization of Zanzibar, Mombasa, and Kenyan coasts. Oman at that time was under the rule of two different rulers- the sultan and the imam.

Sultan of Oman, Sa’id ibn Sultan built a no. of marvellous forts and gardens in Zanzibar. This region was famous to have known lots of spices and a flourishing economy. Due to the rivalry between the sons of the Sultan, Oman was divided into Zanzibar and Oman. In 1938, under Said bin Taimur, the new Sultan the economy of Oman underwent a decline in its growth due to his stringent policies and there were several protests until his successor, Qaboos took control.

This was a turning point in the history of Oman when its economy started flourishing again. The modernization began as the country started exporting oil. The country’s revenue was invested in building public institutions and remarkable infrastructure. This was the time when the country utilized its strategic position to grow and flourish.



We have seen the traditions around the world vanishing in modern times. Few countries can keep them intact even today and one of them is Oman.

The first and foremost is hospitality where the visitor is welcomed with a bowl of fruits, qahwa, dates, and a small cup of coffee. And when the visitor is to leave, they’re given perfume and incense. It is a part of their culture that is practised even today.

One has to enter the house without the slipper or the shoes. Some traditional families even take their shoes off while greeting someone as an expression of respect.

The palm leaves are used on the occasion of marriage when the couple is asked to step on it during which they have sprinkled some rosewater. It is generally said that this would bring happiness in their marriage life.

Oman is a tribal society but its tribal population has been in decline till now. The Muslims of Oman are less strict than their neighbour Arab countries, giving more freedom to women.


Oman is considered a good educational destination due to its international outlook, prospering economy, friendly people, and prestigious universities in the Middle East countries. The universities bring immense opportunities to students in terms of education, research, and other activities.

The destination is favourable in terms of education affordability and an integrated structure of the country, making it easy for people to move from one place to another.

The accommodation and rental apartments are also easy to discover and get at affordable prices. One of the most prestigious universities in Dhofar University offers a wide range of UG and PG courses.


The career opportunities in Oman are quite rich for every occupation and profile with a handsome salary and savings. The standard of living is quite high in Oman and therefore the salary you receive is enough for saving even a little.

Oman is close to many countries due to its location, you can save a good amount of money and your time in case of urgency.

The working hours are 45 hours per week under the law for most occupations, the stress level is much less.

It is a safe country, following rules and regulations making it a worthy place to live in. The law and management of safety are quite impressive. Low crime rates enable women to work harder, empowering them.



Oman is one of the most favoured tourist destinations around the world. One of them is Muttrah Souq, a market to search for traditional items like fabric, and jewellery. The grand mosque of Sultan Qaboos is another example, its remarkable architecture is famous for its great work. Others are forts and castles and some beautiful cities to explore like Salalah.

Along with them, there are many such places one can visit in Oman. If you wish to visit Oman you can visit  Oman IE Visa to get a visa. It gives you plenty of information and whole details about your travel.


Thus Oman from historic times has always been a prominent country in the world. From its old traditions to modern times, there are many stories one would like to cherish. A place is remembered because of its historical values and as we saw, Oman has a lot of places that are connected to historical events. If you wish to visit Oman, do not forget to apply for your Omani visa at the earliest with Oman IE Visa.

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The country is safe to travel to due to its stringent policies and regulation that are enforced. Along with this, the country has a low crime rate and women's safety is ensured.

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Oman has great academic as well as career opportunities. There are many prestigious universities in Oman giving you a wide scope for your studies in any discipline.

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