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5 things about oman that you may not know

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One of the pleasures of the Middle East is that draws travellers from around the globe. Oman is a location that offers you a restorative experience and memories that will last a lifetime. It combines modern and traditional architecture with some tranquil scenic attractions in the form of seas and inland mountains. You'll run into warm-hearted Omani folks as you stroll through this tiny paradise nation. Oman is a destination you wouldn't want to skip if you're a travel enthusiast because it's one of the safest nations to visit.

But besides its charm and attractions, the country also contains some of its interesting facts you might not know. We are not going to keep this a mystery as in this article, and we will break down 5 things you are unfamiliar with about Oman. If you are planning a trip to Oman to experience these things then you might need an Oman visa to travel that you can easily obtain through us just by completing the Oman visa application form on the Oman IE visa portal very easily.

Oldest Independent State in the Arab World

In the current scenario where you will find government and power holders changing in the span of a few years in a country, Oman, on the contrary, is something to look upon. Considered in the list of longest-ruling monarchs, Oman is ruled by the Al Said family, who has been there in the country for the past three centuries. As of now, Qaboos Bin Said al Said is the one who has the title of Sultan. 


Whitewashed buildings of Oman 

If you visit Oman, you will see buildings and houses all around you painted white. Here from offices to malls, everything is whitewashed, which can also be confusing to figure out which locality you are in. To have any other colour in infrastructure, permission is required with valid reasons from the government. All and all these whitewashed buildings really add to the astonishing beauty of the country. 

Mountain Dew is the New Alcohol

From Coca-Cola to Pepsi to Fanta, whichever country you visit, you are bound to find these fizzy drinks. Similarly, you will also find these options in Oman, but the difference will be these are not very popular amongst the locals. Why? Well, they consider Mountain Dew as their alcohol here. Strolling in the city, you will find the absolute monopoly of Mountain Dew in markets, as Omani people really love this carbonated drink. They are often hailed as the "alcohol of Oman" people here are willing to go to any extent for this drink which is quite fascinating. 

Low Crime Rate 

Safety is everyone's priority, whether you're planning to visit a new place or thinking of settling in a new place. Nobody wants to put themselves in place with high crime rates, but this is not the case with Oman. Literally having a non-existent crime rate in the country, Oman is considered one of the safest countries around the globe. The reason for having such a low crime rate is due to the Sharia Law, which is imposed in the country, a law which calls for vigorous punishment for any crime committed. Sharia law has contributed a lot to keep the crime rate low in Oman. 


Homes for World Heritage Sites

When we say Oman homes world heritage sites we mean, the country has four UNESCO declared world heritage sites which is a phenomenal feat to achieve. Bahla fort, Al Khutm, Al-Ayn and the land of Frankincense are the world heritage sites people can enjoy here. Al Khutm and Al Ayn, which are the irrigation sites of Aflaj, portray the irrigation system which was used back in 500 AD. Talking about Bahla fort, you could still see the foundation intact which is preserved to this day. The land of Frankincense shows us the trail traders used back in the day for trading, which led to their success. 

Oman Covid Regulations

Since you are now familiar with some unfamiliar facts about Oman, the next thing you should know about is the Oman Covid Regulations as of now. 

  • Oman authorities have lifted all COVID-19 restrictions.
  • You are required to present your negative PCR test before boarding.
  • Required to wear a mask. 
  • Passengers travelling to Oman are required to present a certificate proving they have received at least 2 doses of Covid vaccines. 
  • Oman approves these vaccines: Oxford-AstraZeneca, AstraZeneca-Covshield, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sinovac, Sinopharm, Sputnik V, Novovax, CanSinoBio, Covaxin and Sputnik Lite.
  • Your last dose must be taken 14 days ahead of your estimated arrival time.



So here it was the complete guide regarding 5 things you may be unfamiliar with about Oman with the latest COVID-19 guidelines any visitor should be familiar with to plan their Oman trip without any hassle. 

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The common languages spoken in Oman are - Arabic (official language), English, Hindi, Baluchi, Urdu, and Portuguese, among others.

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