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One of our main worries when we fly, is to obtain a visa. Do we or don't we need one? How can we get this? Can we verify the status during the processing of our application? Most of the time, the answer is yes. For example, for most nationalities, Oman needs a visa. Just 6 countries with visa-free residents, but all the others require a visa. Thankfully, in a matter of minutes, Oman IE Visa will help you get a visa. In order to find out the details you need, you need not search the Internet for hours. You just have to know everything about Oman Visa in one location. In this article, we have talked about how to check Oman Visa Status online.

What is Oman Visa?

The Oman Government's official document gives tourists access to their country. It is an important document.

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Types of Oman Visa

The various types of Oman Visa are:

Single Entry Oman Visa: This is the most chosen type of Oman Visa. You have a single entry and will remain in Oman up to 30 days in Total. This one is eligible for 67 nationalities.

Multiple Entry Oman Visa: You will obtain the same stay period, but you will be allowed to enter and depart the country for 30 days. This kind counts for the same group of individuals.

GCC e-visas: While people of the GCC countries (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arabian Emirates, Kuwait) are not eligible for a visa. Gulf Cooperation Council citizens do not qualify for a visa. We are, of course, addressing foreign residents who have a GCC permit to stay. You have 28 days in Total in this form of visa.

Not only the name and overall duration of stay are the variations of three forms of Oman visas. They have multiple costs, too. The multi-entry Oman visa, as you would imagine, is much cheaper, and the GCC e-visa is much less expensive than the other two.

The conditional visa is another type of visa that is worth noting. That is an acquisition of a paper which is typically not open to other nationalities. Take, for example, Indian people. They cannot apply for an Oman visa online. But if they have a residence visa from any of the following countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and Canada, they can get the Oman Visa.

Validity of Oman E Visa

The eVisa will allow you to join Oman one year later. It also gives you a form of multi-entry visa and can stay for 30 days in Oman by registration.

Documents Required for Oman Visa

However, if you send us the documents listed below, it will not be necessary to worry about the rest, because we will look after it! The documents needed to obtain an Oman eVisa will be much more detailed.

Find the documents needed for this eVisa below:

  • Document support
  • Passport Last Page (if applicable)
  • Minor Birth Certificate (if applicable)
  • Personal Passport Scan Details
  • Confirmation of Airline (if applicable)
  • Check-in evidence: The dates of arrival and departure from the country shall be respected. This requires the government to release the travel document. This is a prerequisite. (If relevant)
  • Applicants Photograph

Do Childrens and Minors Need an Oman Visa?

Yes. Any foreign citizen wishing to go to Oman, including children, needs a visa.

Oman Visa Application Form

You simply have to complete our simple three-part application form:

  1. Complete your general information and select the visa type and duration.
  2. Check your details and make the payment for it. You can make payments online with your credit-debit card or PayPal.
  3. Fill out and submit photographs with a questionnaire. Add your passenger passport scan and other documents (that it may be required as well, but it will depend on personal circumstances.)

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How to Check Check Oman Visa Status Online

Yeah, that's it. You can verify your visa status without any difficulty, thanks to our website. In order to check your visa status, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Visit the website of Oman IE Visa and select the Visa status option on the top left side menu and proceed to the next page. Then fill in the visa application number and click on the check status button. Your Visa status will load.
  2. Your order number and your visa information will then be shown. The status of a visa is of 4 kinds:
  • Unfinished: the application form has to be completed.
  • Application received: your request and payment have been received.
  • We work on your application in Progress.
  • Waiting for the government: we have sent the government your information.
  • Completed: Email with Visa has been sent to your registered email.

Final Words

So now you know how to Check Oman Visa Status Online. For applying for the Oman Visa, you can visit Oman IE Visa, which provides the best and the fastest service for the Oman Visa.

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