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Oman is found on the Arabian Peninsula and it shares the borders with the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, to the west of Saudi Arabia, and Yemen to the southwest. Oman is known to be the oldest independent state,  the country Oman has beautiful destinations, there are valleys, mountains, high ranges where you can find apricot and pomegranate, you can also experience seeing green turtles on the seashores. This oldest and independent state can be an adventurous place for those who know their way around by if you are traveling to Oman for the first time you will have to get to know some tips about your first time travel. Now that you have Oman IE visa with you, you can stay assured about any such problems.  

Large deserted areas and pools in the middle of Oman. The main cities of Oman lie on the coastline. The capital of this large city is Muscat and people speak the Arabic language there, the climate of Oman is mostly hot in summer and winter as well because it is a deserted country.

Oman is famous for Green turtles, Arabian horses, Oryx antelope the national animal of Oman, you will find various places of attraction here. Especially for cultural tourism, Muscat is the most favored place to be visited by tourists. Oman is famous for its long beaches along with the Indian oceans, the Hajar mountains, the desert, the history of Oman of food, culture, and tradition mainly attracts the people.

Oman people have their religion known as Ibadism there are Shi'a and Sunni are also being followed by the people. Their food is more like Asian people like fish, chicken, etc. Their famous sweet is called Omani Halwa. You will be able to experience history in their culture. Men of Oman wear huge dresses which cover their full body and women as well. For visiting Oman you just need a Visa. These are the things that would be informative for you to know.

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Places to visit in Oman 


Muscat is a place where you will be able to see the old fashioned elegance rather than you’ll be able to see low heightened white-washed buildings that have arabesque windows, Blooming balconies.

However, you will also be able to find the activities to do in Muscat which includes beaches, mosques, and forts.

You will also be able to find similar forts— Al Jalali and Al Mirani both of them were built by the Portuguese within the 16th century. Sultan Qaboos is known to be a grand mosque; it's a huge place for Islamic to worship, the mosque has its grace and style. You will be able to experience sculpture from shiny white marble which shows its sparkliness in the sun.


Salalah is a beautiful city this is a home to sultans from history this is a place with luxurious beaches. And it is popular for its unique climate, this city is filled with greenery mountains that you will be able to see in the monsoon season. You can also get amazing opportunities for diving and activities on the beach. It is  located in the coastal area of Arabian Sea, you will also find delicious cuisine and savory, with unique choices of seafood

You can experience its museums, mosques, and forts. It's unlike the other city in Oman.

If you want to experience the very best majestic mountains of Oman, it has the history of Nizwa. referred to as "The Pearl of Islam", Nizwa is the second largest tourist destination in Oman! The traditional city was a hub of trade, education, and art. It is covered with date palms and banana trees. Nizwa is a city that is filled with attractions just like the Nizwa Fort, Jebel Akhdar, and far more.

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There are three Oman visa types mainly that are used for citizens traveling from different countries.

  • Single entry visa:- this is often mainly employed by tourists, you'll stay for 30 days and this one is merely for one entry.
  • Multiple entry visa:- this is often also valid for 30 days and multiple entries are allowed during this visa but you'll enter and leave the country for 30 days entry.
  • GCC Visa E visa:- Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar and you'll for 28 days in total.

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Best time to visit Oman

Climate of Oman 

So Oman is a very hot place because it is covered with sandy areas so if you are planning to go from October to April, the temperature will be warm but still, you will be able to enjoy the breeze in the morning as well in the evening. However, there are very few chances to see rain in Oman, so if you find it's raining, lucky you.

Unique Accommodations in Oman 

Living in a peaceful and beautiful accommodation that gives the feeling of rest. There are many unique places where you can have a wonderful experience with a beautiful view which will amaze you. To have a phenomenal experience, you can also spend a day or an evening in Al Nahda, in the dunes and it is 1 hour away from Muscat. The accommodations are pretty huge intent style houses and you will be able to see decorative rooms with different styles of decorations. You can also experience a sand spa there.

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Q. What all things are banned in Oman?

If you are visiting a Muslim country, there'll be restrictions on certain things like pork products, alcohol, and the way you dress. Pornography is illegal. Though still, it is illegal to get drunk publicly, you'll get licensed to buy alcohol in certain hotels which have a license to buy.

Q. What is Oman best known for?

Oman is famous for its fresh air. Muscat is famous for seafood, make sure that you are not missing out on the famous Omani sweets known as Omani Halwa, also the Omani bread is not easily found outside Oman.

Definitely, now that you have known about Oman a lot you will not have an issue when traveling to Oman for the first time

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