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how to apply for a maid visa in Oman

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Hiring maid and domestic workers from outside the country will only be done if one follows the visa rules of a particular country. Hiring a maid for Oman,  it is necessary to follow policies and rules to obtain a Maid visa. Hiring maids from foreign countries is a long process if one does not know how to apply for a Maid visa for hiring foreign workers. Both the citizen of Oman and foreign nationals living in the country can hire maids or domestic helpers for them.

How to obtain permits for maids, nannies, or domestic helpers from foreign countries?

If one is hiring employees, workers, maids, etc from outside the country then it is necessary to obtain a work permit for maids. The person who is hiring maids from foreign should also sponsor them.


  • Collect and fill the Special laborer application form from Accredited Typing Office.
  • Submit the application form of the special laborer.
  • Then pay the required fee for the application form.
  • Give the supporting Documents to the authority.
  • The authority will send your application form of a special laborer with the documents to the MoMP service.
  • Your application for Maid Visa will take some time to be approved or rejected.
  • After approval of the application form, you will receive the permit.

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Application fee for the permit:

The fee of the application form for obtaining permits is RO 141.

The process of obtaining permits is the same for both citizens of Oman and immigrants living in the country.

Documents required for the permit:

  • Income certificate of the applicant( the person who is hiring)
  • Bank Statement of the applicant
  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of labor contract
  • Health card
  • Labor card if you are not a citizen of Oman
  • Certificate of marriage

* Bachelor's can not hire a maid in Oman

Government rules and procedures for hiring maids.

The ministry of labor is responsible to monitor that the person who is hiring maids from a foreign country is following all the rules and policies.  They must pay the servants minimum wage. Which are 350 Omani Rials for one maid for household work.

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Process for applying for maid visa, Oman

  • After obtaining a permit to hire a foreign maid you can move to the next step
  • The person who is hiring is required to obtain a Maid visa in Oman for the employee or the worker.
  • The application form for a Maid visa in Oman can be taken from the Immigration office.
  • Submit the maid visa application form with all the documents.
  • Pay the fee which is 30 Rials.
  • Obtain the issued maid visa to hire a maid.

Procedure to be followed by the maid:

  • The maid should collect all the documents that will be required to enter and work in Oman.
  • Visa for Oman will be provided by the sponsor.
  • The medical check-up is one of the requirements that a maid should complete.
  • The complete Registration process of their native country.

Documents required for sponsoring maid from a foreign country:

  • Copy of the maid Passport
  • Copy of the Maid visa
  • Passport size photo
  • Medical certificate

After you have legal permission to hire workers. And, if you also have a maid visa which is the work visa or permit for the maid.  Then, you can send the copy or origin visa to your maid. After receiving an Oman visa maid can enter the country.

You can hire maids from Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Ghana, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Uganda. The minimum payment for maids varies for every country. The salary of the maid depends on age, experience, and work. These all procedures and other requirements take around 6 weeks to hire a maid.

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Applying for a maid visa in Oman is a little tough process. You should follow all the rules. It is important to sponsor the maid and take care of all the procedures. You will be required to pay the stable income and accommodation with two rooms.

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