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How to Get Oman Visa For Dubai Residents

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If travellers  living in the United Arab Emirates are quick to visit Oman on vacation, you might be puzzled over whether you need to get any sort of unique travel authorisation in case you're arranging a visit to Oman as a traveler. The response to this relies upon whether you are a Dubai inhabitant or regardless of whether you're a Dubai resident. 

Dubai Residents Need a Visa for Oman

Inhabitants of GCC nations and are heading out as a vacationer to Oman, you need to acquire a license to empower you to enter the country. Fortunately, there is an advantageous system to apply for the Oman visa online for Dubai inhabitants. 


Oman Visa Cost and it's  validity for Dubai Residents

Expat occupants can acquire a solitary entry GCC Resident Tourist Visa which costs 13 USD or this cost may vary in various platforms it depends on from where you are applying for Oman visa. This authorisation should be utilized inside a multi month issue and allows a section for as long as 30 days. 

Oman Visa Requirements for Dubai Residents 

At the point when you make your application you should supply the accompanying documentation are given below are as follows:_

  1. An identification passport that stays substantial for at least a half year from the date of section. 
  2. An advanced photograph no bigger than given kb. (512kb)
  3. A duplicate of your identification passport is mandatory for an Oman visa
  4. Evidence of at least a half year's residency staying in Dubai after the date of entry. 
  5. Your own and identification subtleties, similar to your complete name, date of birth and telephone number. 
  6. An email address for us to send you your legitimate travel authorisation. 


Apply Oman Visit Visa for Dubai Residents

The Oman e visa for Dubai occupants can be applied for through Omanievisa.  advantageous and easy to use site: 

Simply select the right travel authorisation to your necessities and complete the necessary individual data required for Oman eVisa.

Then pay your installment required for Oman e Visa and after that wait for 2 to 3 days for Oman visa approval then you can track your Oman visa status online.


Oman Transit Visa for Dubai Residents 

There are 2 travel visas accessible. The cost you can check given by your platform from where you are applying for an Oman visa.

Air travel – this visa permits the holder to enter Oman once and stay for a time of as long as 72 hours. 

Street or road transit – this type of Oman visa stays substantial for quite a long time and permits the holder to travel through the Sultanate region for a period that doesn't surpass 3 days. To be qualified, you should be a citizen of an adjoining nation or hold a passage visa to an adjoining country. 

To apply, a composed, supported and stepped application structure should be submitted to the Dubai's Sultanate international safe haven or Yemen Republic's Sultanate consulate. It should be finished in Arabic or English. A duplicate of the candidate's visa should be encased and it should stay substantial for a time of something like a half year.


In this blog you will know about Oman visa for Dubai residents and related information about Oman visa for travelers needed to know before visiting Oman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is suggested that you apply at least 4 days before you travel. Remember however that your authorisation will just stay substantial for a time of several months after issue, so don't have any significant bearing too soon. 

It is given you the greater part of the data you need to apply for an Oman transit visa for Dubai occupants. You can read this blog for more information about Oman visa for Dubai residents.

There was an Oman Visa on Arrival for Dubai occupants by street, however this framework has now been supplanted by the  Oman eVisa. Despite the fact that it might in any case be conceivable in remarkable conditions to get an authorization at the boundary, this isn't standard practice and consequently, you need to get your Electronic Visa prior to travelling. 

No, the Oman visa from Dubai costs 13 USD or more depending on your platform There is an exemption, nonetheless. There are free joint visas in case you are making a trip straightforwardly to Oman from Dubai or from Qatar. These can't be applied for on the web and subsequently require a customary paper application to be finished and submitted. 

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