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types of oman visas

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Oman a place known for tourism is there on your list and why wouldn't it be? Still worried about the type of visa you need to enter Oman? Then don’t you worry well now discuss the different types of visas to help you gain a bit of information about how many types are there and which one might be the best for you!


The immigrant visa types can be given as follows

1. Scientific research visa

This visa is granted to people who visit Oman in case of scientific research. This visa is valid for a total of 3 months. This visa is only granted by the proper authorities on putting in a request for the same. 

2. Artist visa

This visa is sponsored by a local Omani person. This visa is based on the condition that the artist is required to perform for an entertainment show in Oman. 

3. Ship passenger and crew

This type of visa is provided only to those people who come to Oman ports and have a break in between. The passengers and the crew staff can gain access to this type of visa while visiting Oman. However, this visa is only for stops which last for a small time. This is also why this visa is valid only for twenty-four hours.  

4. Official visit visa

This type of visa is granted to foreigners only on the request of the hosting government organization

5. Truck driver visa

This type of visa is granted to the truck driver and any one of his assistants. This visa allows multiple entries into the country visa road passage.  

6. Express visa

This visa is sponsored by the local Omani person who will take the responsibility of the foreigner who enters Oman. This responsibility includes business responsibilities or any festival related or any other convention-related. This visa allows the foreigner to stay in Oman for only about three weeks.

7. Friend or relative visa

This visa is granted to a friend or a relative of the resident of Oman. This visa is issued under the sponsorship of an Omani locality.

8. Investor residence visa

This visa is given to those foreigners who are interested in investing in the business in Oman. This visa allows the foreigner to stay for a maximum duration of six months. This can also be extended for up to 2 years. Also, this visa allows multiple entries into the country.

9. Family joining and family residence visa

This visa allows the foreigner in Oman to bring in their wife and children. This visa has a total validity of 2 years.

10. Student resident visa

This type of visa is granted to students who come to visa for study purposes. This visa allows the student to stay in Oman for about two to three years from the date of entry.

11. Employment visa

This type of visa is granted to a foreigner who has been given a sponsorship under the local Omani people. This visa is only valid if the foreigner employee is twenty-one years and above.

12. Tourist visa

A tourist visa is the most sought after visa. This visa is allowed to any of the people wishing to stay in Oman. However, the personal details are checked and verified before granting access to this visa. With this visa, a person can stay for a maximum period of thirty days in Oman. The tourist visa can further be divided based on the number of days it is valid:

1. Single entry visa: this type of visa is the most common and is chosen almost all of the time. You can stay for up to 30 days in Oman with this type of visa and it is to be noted that it grants only a single entry hence the name single entry visa.

2. Multiple entry visas: the stay period remains the same for this type of visa as well. However one of the differences in this visa is that it will allow multiple entries with the same document. And each of the entry into the country will always be valid for 30 days. For both single and multiple entry visas a total of 67 nationalities are eligible. 

3. 10-day visa: this visa allows foreigners to stay in Oman for a total of 10 days.

4. The GCC e-visa: one of the visas which are granted to Gulf Cooperation Council allows the nationals of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait to enter the country of Oman. This type of visa allows a national to stay for 28 days in Oman. 

13. Transit visa

This type of visa is granted to foreigners who have a flight landing in Oman for a short while and then taking another flight to their destination. This visa allows foreigners to stay for more than 6 hours at the international airport of Oman. The foreigners can also choose not to take the visa if they are staying in the location for less than 6 hours.

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