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Beaches of Oman

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Are you going to Oman? These are the virgin beaches that you have to see! Dotted with deep orange dunes, labyrinthine cities, and impressive mosques, Oman is a melting pot of cultural traditions and mesmerizing landscapes. Also, with more than 1,700 kilometers of coastline, Oman which is a Sultanate that lies majestically on the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea has some of the most impressive and secluded unspoiled beaches on the Arabian Peninsula.

Oman becomes a must destination on the list of any lover of the beaches. The practice of snorkeling and diving is essential on these shores' dreams, surrounded by some majestic cliffs. Oman beaches are not only happiness to the eyes but it also treats you in a way that you’d love to travel to Oman again. Wondering what are the best beaches in Oman and how to get there? Well, we have a list of beaches in Oman via Oman IE Visa that will make you want more of this place!

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What are the best-unspoiled beaches in Oman?

Khalouf Beach

Some of these beaches are, for example, Khalouf Beach, located so far south of the country's capital, Muscat, that it is usually off the beaten track. Backdrops of sand dunes, local fishermen along the shoreline, and a vibrant population of birds hovering over the landscape, meaning you can watch eagles soar into the sky while flamingos balance on their feet. The wide sands are a good place to establish your private camp: a chaise longue, a pair of flashlights and the relaxing sound of the waves will make you feel as if you have discovered something truly special just for you.

The beach at Mughsayl Beach

Another of Oman's beaches that has a unique charm is Mughsayl Beach. Tucked away in the second-largest city in the sultanate, Salalah, in southern Oman, at Mughsayl Beach you can feel like you're either on a tropical Caribbean beach or on the edge of a Western Australian cliff - depending on the season in that you visit her. Coconut palms and banana plantations grow practically to the water's edge during the summer, while in the rainy season, the giant waves hit the cliffs.

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Bandar Jissah Beach

Located 25 kilometers from Muscat, Bandar Jissah Beach may be the perfect remedy for those bustling days in the capital's markets. Traveling along the coastal road you will find seductively blue waters as you reach the rocky hills that surround the lagoon. You will be able to see how the robustness of the rock creates a beautiful contrast with the stillness of the sea. In addition, you will be able to visit the boats of the local fishermen swaying silently along the shore and you will have the possibility to go diving just outside the bay.

Tiwi Beach

It's hard to describe how brilliant the blue waters are at Tiwi Beach, another must-see Omani beach. Tiwi is undoubtedly the best diving place that Oman has to offer. Glistening white sands or the formation of natural rock pools provide the perfect opportunity to swim in calm waters or try to catch a crab. When the tide is low, it is highly recommended to take a walk along the cliff from where you can see the coral. If you snorkel, wait to see groupers, rays, sea snakes, and batfish.

Rass al Hadd beach

Of course, we cannot fail to mention Ras al Hadd Beach, the proud home of the Green Turtle Nature Reserve. It is the easternmost point of the country, the place where the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea meet. In historical terms, human activity around Ras al Hadd dates back to 3,000 years before Christ and its bay provided a safe haven for ships and planes during World War II.

The beaches that surround this population are one of the largest nesting centers for the green turtle in the Indian Ocean. It is estimated that between 20,000 and 30,000 individuals lay their eggs here each year. The reserve's Visitors Center has located 17 km from Ras al Hadd, and it takes about 20 minutes to get there via a convenient and well-marked road.

The top attraction here is the interesting Turtle Watching, which costs about 3 riyals per person. In the low season, fewer turtles are seen spawning on the beach. However, in summer, between 50 and 100 turtles come to the beach every night and can lay their eggs up to 100 eggs, which they later cover with the sand. 

Ras al Hadd is also a quiet place in the already very peaceful Oman.

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Well, with these many beaches in Oman on your list you are sure to spend one of a kind of vacation in Oman! Make sure to check out other such places you can visit in Oman via Oman IE Visa.

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