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Traveling to Oman can be fun and a very different and new experience for one to cherish as the country is full of surprises. For traveling to Oman, you need a visa if you either belong to a country that does not come under the list of the GSSC countries or you are not a citizen of Oman. 

If you wish to travel to Oman for tourism purposes, then no medical test reports are required. Only a certificate for the vaccination against Yellow fever is required but not in all cases. If you belong to a country with a yellow fever outbreak recently, then only you need a vaccination certificate to be submitted to obtain a visa.

But if you wish to travel to Oman for work purposes and you want to obtain a work visa then you need to get some important medical tests done. Once you are declared fit for the work in your medical tests, then only you can travel to Oman for work purposes. If you are declared medically unfit, then you will be banned from the country for a lifetime. This rule applies to all the countries that come under the GCC countries. 

According to the GAMCA ( GCC Approved Medical Centers Association), you need to visit a GAMCA approved medical center in your respective country to get the medical test done to acquire a visa for working in Oman. 

These protocols of conducting medical tests for people wishing to travel to Oman are set up by the GAMCA to make sure that the person wanting to work in their country is physically fit for the work and he/she does not have any sort of infectious disease or other diseases that might cause a problem in the safety health measures in Oman.

First, you need to locate your nearest GAMCA medical test center and get yourself a GAMCA slip to get the tests done. The slip contains all the relevant information regarding the name and contact details of the medical center. You are required to visit the same medical center from where you got a GAMCA slip. Your photographs and fingerprints will be taken at the medical center for identification, so do remember to visit the same center for your medical tests. 


Documents are required at the medical center.

Following are the important documents necessary for all the applicants of the work visa to submit at the medical center for getting the medical tests done:

  • Your GAMCA slip and a photocopy of your original slip.
  • A passport-sized recent colored photograph with a blue background according to the Omani rules.
  • For cross-verification, a photograph and fingerprints will be taken at the medical center to verify your identity. 


The GAMCA medical test:

The GAMCA medical test includes various laboratory tests and physical examinations too.

The physical examination includes:

  • Checking for the applicant's weight, height, and blood pressure.
  • Auscultation of their chest using a stethoscope.
  • Check up for the vision of both eyes for any sort of eyesight problems or testing for color blindness for people applying for jobs as a driver or an industry worker.
  • Checking for any sort of symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Checking for any type of psychiatric disorder. 
  • Any drug allergies
  • History of any major surgeries in the body of the applicant... 

The laboratory tests include:

  • Urine test for checking albumin, sugar, and it is endemic then test for Bilharziasis. 
  • Blood test for blood sugar level, blood group, hemoglobin level, and test for microfilaria and malaria.
  • Liver and kidney function tests.
  • HIV 1 and HIV 2 test (ELISA).
  • VDRL test for Syphilis, Anti-HCV and HBsAg tests.
  • TPHA test is required if the results for the VDRL test are positive. 
  • For females, pregnancy tests are required.
  • Chest radiography

This whole procedure takes up to a duration of at least 1 to 2 hours depending upon how busy the test center is for the medical tests to be conducted. 

Applicants are required to submit a required amount of fees for their medical tests to be done. The tests will approximately cost Rs. 3800 per applicant. After the payment is done, a GAMCA slip acknowledging the payment done for the medical tests will be provided to the applicant. This slip will be required for the identification and verification of the applicant and to verify the status of his/her medical tests at the medical center. 

Once the tests are done, you will be provided with your test results a day after the tests are done. You can either collect your results in person, or you can either send any of your known persons to collect the reports by showing the acknowledgment slip at the medical test center. 


Case of Medically Unfit reports:

A person declared medically unfit will be banned from traveling to Oman for a lifetime as according to the rules the person is a harm to the health and safety of Omani citizens. 

Following are the reasons why you could be declared medically unfit to travel to Oman:

  • If you have any sexually transmitted diseases like HIV-AID or syphilis, skin diseases like leprosy,  tuberculosis, kidney or liver diseases, etc.
  • If you are handicapped or have any major deformity.
  • If you are pregnant ( for females).

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