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Royal Oman Police ROP Useful Information for Visitors

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In Oman, there was no such thing called the police system in the country. This was the case even thirty (30) years ago. The Royal Oman police force was a new and modern method in Oman. Later then the police were only limited to the cities of Muttrah and Muscat. Local Askars were responsible for the security in the local places. The changes happened in the year 1970 when the power changed. Then they started the introduction of police-trained forces everywhere. The title ROP (Royal Oman police) created in the year of 1974. The Qurum is the place where the headquarters of ROP was set up. In the year of 1980, they started the academy for police training in Nizwa. Then it was presented by the majesty in the year 1988. This is the simple introduction for the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

Royal Oman Police ROP:

It is the main agency for law enforcement in Oman. They are responsible for both land and coastline law and order. The tourist or travellers can get the help of ROP for the following reasons. They are assistance at the emergency time, reporting some crime, and they can get help regarding the laws of Omani and procedures for Omani visa.

Contact details of Oman police:

They not only help the citizens of Oman but also help the visitors visiting Oman. The number for the emergency dial is 9999. The dial number for the services of any criminal investigation is 80077444. The dial number for reporting the extortion cases is 80077444. The dial number for the services regarding the traffic is 24343999 or 24343998. The dial number for the passport number services is 2451294 or 24512975. The dial number for the services related to customs is 24349000. Not only number services there are mail services also available. The mail ID for contacting is

Royal Oman police fine:

The fines imposed by the Royal Oman police are severe. The common reason for getting a fine is a traffic infraction for the nationals of foreign. Many tourists want to explore Oman on their own by travelling in and around. So speeding ranges in the highway vary and create little more problems. The Oman highways filled with police patrols. You can have their help whenever needed. The roads are perfect and in good condition. The highway speed limit is 120 kilometers per hour. The urban area speed limit is from 40 to 60 kilometers per hour. The fine imposed by the Royal Oman Police depending on the situation the fine ranges from 10 to 50 RO.

Useful information for the visitors:

The laws important for the visitors who visit Oman are as follows. In Oman, any means of pornography is a fully illegal and severe fine imposed if found. The next is the license for alcohol is very important. Without having the license the selling, buying, or drinking alcohol is illegal. The foreigners living in Oman can get a license from the ROP for consuming drinks at home. Ramadan is the most important festival in Oman. If the rules of Ramadan are not followed they may get punished severely. The rules are you should not drink, eat, smoke, and playing music in public gatherings or surroundings. The fines are also imposed on people who stay in Oman even after the expiry of the visa. These are the basic rules followed in Oman that are to be known by the visitors.

How to apply for the visa renewal with help of Royal Oman police:

The renewal process of a visa depends on the visa chosen. The renewal form application of the visa filled duly is important. The 2 photos of the passport size are also required. A passport with valid eligibility is also a must. If the visa related to the employer or worker they must have few more documents. The copies of the sponsorship proof, employment proof, statements related to financial status, educational details, and many more. The renewal of the visa can be also done on the online website within minutes. Not only the process of renewal you may even apply for new visas also.


We discussed the introduction of the Royal Oman police ROP. We also discussed how it started and training locations also mentioned. There is even a Royal Oman police app you can use in case of any need. We discussed the complete contact details of the Royal Oman police ROP. The details about the fine imposed by ROP are also mentioned. There is also information for the visitors who need to know the laws of Oman before they enter. We even discussed the process of renewing the visa with help of ROP. By just knowing these details you can get the Oman visa and enter Oman. You can have a pleasant and memorable trip by following the laws properly.

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