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Most foreign citizens need to obtain a permit if they want to travel to Oman. With the help of online Oman Visa services the process of applying for an Oman Visa and getting an Oman E-visa has become very simple. You can apply for an Oman visa from the Oman Government website. Individuals who belong to eligible Nationality is can get their e visa for Oman in minutes with a simple online request process. It has become very convenient to get a visa for Oman without leaving the house

To apply for your visa you will need to visit the Oman Government website Royal Oman police.

What is the Oman E-Visa?

The Oman e visa is an electronic travel authorization launched by the Sultan of Oman in March 2018. This document is important for stays and tourism purposes. There is a lot of a different kind of Oman visa that you can get online. E Visa services just reduced the time and simplify the process to get a tourist visa for short stays. The validity of an Oman visa is also subject to change and for most of the individual’s following types of Oman visas are available,

  • Single entry visa for 30 days
  • A multiple entry visa for 30 days for entry over a 1-year visa validity period.
  • Individuals of GCC countries can get an Oman online visa valid for a single entry stay of 28 days.

Individuals who are translating through Oman we'll need not get a visa for Oman if the waiting time is up to 6 hours. They will need to provide the next destination tickets. Individuals who enter Oman with a ship are automatically given a visa without any charge.

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How can you get an online Oman visa?

To get an Oman visa online, All Eligible citizens will need to fill out a simple Oman visa electronic request form. It takes only a few minutes to complete this form. Applicants will need to fill in the basic personal and passport data along with travel information. They will need to pay an online fee for an Oman visa and provide their current email address through which they can receive a copy of their Oman e - Visa and receipt of the payment done. All the applicants must have a passport from Oman eligible country which is valid for at least 6 months from the expected date of arrival in Oman.

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Important information regarding Oman e-visa

  • The Oman online visa program is a component of the sultan's ongoing efforts to increase International tourism. The government has initiated easily to obtain permits to make travel to Oman easier and comfortable
  • However, due to the coronavirus pandemic Oman authorities have taken extraordinary majors and imposed several travel restrictions.
  • Visa holders and Omani citizens are allowed into Sultanate.
  • The 10 days of Visa-free entry for eligible nationalities has been suspended until further notice.
  • Tourist visa processing has been stopped until the entry Ban is lifted.
  • International flight routes between Oman and 24 other countries are also suspended for a small time.
  • Individuals incoming will need to provide negative coronavirus PCR test results and will also need to follow quarantine time on arrival. They will also need to fill out the Traveler registration form however, there are some exceptions to this.
  • All the individuals arriving will need to have a hotel reservation in Oman.
  • All the passengers are advised to download relevant infection tracking applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Entry to Oman is limited to certain travelers including visa holders. However, visa processing is temporarily suspended and individuals without visas can’t get one right now.

Yes, you can apply for an Oman visa online. It enables people to fill the visa application form online through the Royal Oman Police website. It reduces a lot of time and removes the time taken by Visa offices to retype the information at the time of submission.

Women are considered as one of the safe countries for female visitors. Women traveling solo to Oman report that there are no harassment and men tend to ignore women out of respect.

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