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Oman Tourist visa is a Single entry tourist visa that can be used to visit Oman. Valid for a maximum of 90 days, the 10 days single entry short-term Oman visa is a non-extendable one. Individuals can avail of this form of Visa if the country is to be visited for a short trip; it is possible to get an Oman Tourist visa online by yourself or through a trained agent. You can apply for the 10 Days Oman Tourist Visa at Oman IE Visa Online, which is the most trusted online platform for availing Oman Visa. Oman Tourist visas would be a visa online, which means you have to print and hold the visa pdf while visiting Oman.

At the Immigration:

The copy of your Visa and your passport are only needed. In cases of medical emergencies and other evidence of travel funds, you might be called to have travel medical insurance. 

Documents Requirements for 10 Days Oman Tourist Visa

When you apply for Oman Tourist Visas, the documents you need are as simple as possible.

  • Your passport: The passport you submit should be valid for at least six months. For stamping purposes, it should also be at least three blank pages. The passport should be presented well. It must not be broken or ripped.
  • Two pictures of the passenger: Photos with a white backdrop must be clicked. The applicant must have a straight face, and his or her face should take 80 percent of the frame by clicking on the photo. The lighting should be fine, and no headgear should be worn (apart from the religious purpose). The applicant's ear should also be easily noticeable.
  • Trip reservations: Flight return seats are mandatory. It is proof that after travelling in the world, you can return to your homeland.
  • Bank statement: You will have to submit at least the last three months of your bank statement. It is evident that you have ample money on your behalf so that both you and any dependents travelling financially with you can accept and take care of themselves. You will quickly get a bank statement from your branch of the bank.
  • Booking of the hotel: Specifics of hotel booking as proof of accommodation are needed. It gives the Department of Immigration an indication of the location you stay in the country.


Steps to Apply Oman 10 Days Tourist Visa

It is very easy to apply for a 10 Days Oman Tourist Visa through an online process. You can visit the most trusted online website Oman IE Visa for applying for the Visa. You just have to follow the below-listed steps to get the approved Visa.

  1. Visit the website of Oman IE Visa.
  2. After the page loads, select your nationality and citizenship and press on the Apply Visa option.
  3. On the next page, select the type of Visa and duration; in this case, it is 10 Days Oman Tourist Visa. 
  4. Once it's done, just move ahead to fill the Visa application form, where you have to enter all the required details such as name, age, date of birth, passport details, reasons for travel and other such necessary information.
  5. After filling the application form, move ahead to attach all the required documents for getting the Oman 10 days Tourist Visa. You must attach your passport scan, scanned photograph, flight tickets and all other necessary documents.
  6. Once you attach all the required documents, you just have to pay the visa fee. You can pay the Visa fee through a valid payment option like a Credit card and Debit card or any appropriate payment option.
  7. Once the process is completed, you just have to wait and relax, and all the further process is completed by the officials of Oman IE Visa.
  8. You can track the Oman Visa Status by visiting our Visa Status Option. 

Other Oman Visa Types

Scientific Research Visa

In the event of scientific study, this Visa is issued to people who visit Oman. This Visa shall be available for a period of three months. The appropriate authorities shall only issue this Visa upon applying for it.

Artist Visa

A local Omani individual sponsors this Visa. This Visa is dependent on the requirement that the artist perform at an event in Oman.


Investor Residence Visa

The foreigners who are involved in investment in the company in Oman are granted this Visa. The foreigner will stay a period of six months with this Visa. This can be extended to 2 years as well. This Visa also requires you to enter the country many times.

Student Resident Visa

This kind of Visa is issued to visa students for training. This Visa enables the student to spend two to three years in Oman from the time of admission.

Transit Visa

This kind of Visa is issued to foreigners who land in Oman for a limited time and then fly to their destination. This permits foreigners to remain at Oman International Airport for more than 6 hours. Furthermore, if you spend less than 6 hours at the venue, strangers can not take the Visa.

So this is all about the 10 Days Oman Tourist Visa that you need to know about. If you want to make a short trip to Oman, get this Visa from Oman IE Visa and have a short and fun trip to Oman.

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