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discovering salalah with a 1 year multi entry visa

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Oman attracts a lot of tourists every year and so does Salalah. Let’s take a complete look at how to get to Salalah and how to enjoy your time there!



1. Oman Multi entry visa to Salalah

2. Documents required for multi-entry visa

3. Introduction to Salalah

4. Places to visit in Salalah

5. Places to stay in Salalah 

6. FAQs


Oman Multi entry visa to Salalah

A foreigner can enter Salalah on an Oman multi-entry visa. This visa is provided to those people who need to go back and forth during their business or due to short conferences conducted in Oman. This visa service can be availed to the foreigner by following the Oman multi-entry visa procedure.  The Oman multi-entry visa allows a foreigner to enter the country and live for 30 days duration as the validity of the visa is 30 days from entering the country. After these 30 days, the foreigner will have to leave the country. However, the foreigner can enter the country again with the same document that is the foreigner need to form a new visa every time he or she needs to enter the country. The validity of 30 days of visa can change according to the profession. The following sectors are included in the Oman multi-entry visa:

1. A foreigner who has purchased a particular piece of land in Oman can avail of this multi-entry visa. The first-degree family members of the foreigner can also avail of this visa. However, this visa will be valid for more than 6 months and for not more than a year. This means during the mentioned duration, the foreigner is allowed to enter the country with a valid passport. However, can stay in the country for not more than 3 months for the date of entry.

2. A foreigner who is a sponsored businessperson can also avail of this visa service. However, this visa will be valid for more than 6 months and no more than a year from the issue. The person can stay for a period of not more than 3 months on each visit to the country.

3. An unsponsored businessperson can also avail of this service with the above-mentioned criteria being applied. 

4. Citizens of the USA are eligible for 1-year multi-entry visa. However, it is to be noted that this visa will only allow the foreigner to stay in Oman for a period of 30 days from the date of entry for each visit.

5. Citizens of the US can also be eligible for a 2-year multi-entry visa, be it for tourism or business and this visa allows the person to stay for a period of 3 months on each visit.


The documents for Oman multi-entry visa requirement can be given as follows

1. Provide a document proving you are a businessman

2. Filling in of the application form online

3. 2 photographs

4. A copy of the foreigner's passport which will be valid for more than 6 months

5. A copy of the cover letter which is stamped and signed by the local sponsor.

6. A copy of the valid commercial registration 

7. Copy of the signatures of authorized personnel from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry 

8. A copy of membership card of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

These documents will be attached along the application form filled in online and will be processed during the visa application.


Introduction to Salalah

Salalah, the unknown city of Oman is the largest city of the southern Omani governorate of Dhofar. While it also ranked second largest in all of Oman. This city is the native place of Qaboos bin Said the previous ruler of Oman. This city has so far attracted a lot of people via tourism due to which Salalah tourism is now on the rise. The best season to visit this large, beautiful city is in the season of monsoon also known as Khareef. This ranges from the months of June to September. This place is the best known for its climate, as it has a wonderful climate that helps the plants grow in abundance.


Places to visit in Salalah

One thing you need to worry about is running out of places to visit in Salalah. With a vast amount of options to choose from, Salalah has beaches, mountains, and deserts all in abundant amounts. Here’s how to discover Salalah in your own unique style:


1. Sultan Qaboos Mosque

2. Al Marneef Cave

3. Trip on a boat

4. Salalah Festival

5. Coconut drinks from Salalah

6. Sumhuram and Khor Rori


1. Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Being the birthplace of the former leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Salalah has now established this beautiful mosque in his memory. This Mosque located right at the heart of the city is a view to never be missed while you’re in Salalah. With two big domes and its two big majestic minarets, this mosque has sure gained some immense popularity among the tourists. The floors being covered with green rugs, the beautiful lanterns that adorn the inside of the mosque, and the intricate architecture that tells more than one story is a definite sight to see! 

2. Al Marneef Cave

What better option for adventure lovers to discover Salalah than to get inside this cave and check its interiors. This cave located near Al Mughsail Beach is covered with mountains surrounding it. The mountains also have benches laid out to check out the beach and take a look at the sunset while enjoying your day with loved ones. You can also take a look at the Al Marneef Blowholes or fountains which are the center of attraction here. These holes are sea caves through which the sea water comes creating one of the most beautiful natural fountains. With all of its sight-seeing features, this place is a true love for all of the nature-lovers!

 3. Trip on a boat

What better way to enjoy the crystal clear water than to get a boat and go on a boat ride! You can take a traditional Omani boat ride to enjoy all of the mountains, the sandy beaches, and the sea of Oman which shares its coast with Salalah. A pure unique experience brought through this trip for sure. 

4. Salalah Festival

Been at Salalah and didn't attend the Salalah festival? Then this is something you need to add to your list the next time you visit Salalah. While the rest of Oman burns with the summer season, Salalah lays a green carpet of nature with its monsoon season in charge. This green carpet calls in for a festival where the local Omanis celebrate the traditional and cultural values of the country. This festival attracts a lot of tourists worldwide and is one of the most famous festivals in Oman.

5. Coconut drinks from Salalah

With the fun at beaches and the scorching heat getting to you real hard, you do need some refreshments and that is exactly what the coconut drinks here in Salalah offers! Salalah is known for its fruit juices but it is especially known for their coconut drinks which are served in shells. This coconut drink sure leaves you refreshed for a long time!

6. Sumhuram and Khor Rori

This place is an absolute treasure for geologists! This undiscovered archaeological site leaves the geologists from around the world in search of wonders. It is a secure town which dates back to the Hadramawt Empire of the 1st century CE. Khor Rori is known to be an exporting site of frankincense in Dhofar. This town gives out the whole overview of the ancient town and you can also take a glimpse of the sea of Oman from here!


Places to stay in Salalah

1. Salalah Rotana Resort

What better way to enjoy your vacation in Salalah than to stay at Salalah Rotana Resort! This resort has a lot to offer to its visitors. The 422 deluxe guestrooms and suites are a definite place to be at. This place is also near to almost all of the must-visit locations in Salalah which makes it feasible and comfortable to stay at. With only a distance of about 35 kilometers from Salalah International Airport, you can take an assured rest as soon as you land here!

2. Crowne Plaza, Salalah

Another option for you to choose from is Crowne Plaza at Salalah. This place with its lots of facilities and features helps you get a stay of the most comfortable vacation. This place provides various facilities such as fitness and well being, dining, business services, amenities, and other special requirements. This place will be a perfect match for your trip to Salalah while discovering the unknown city!



1. How far it is from Muscat to Salalah?

The distance from Muscat to Salalah is about 871 kilometres

2. Is it possible to travel from Muscat to Salalah by road?

You can travel from Muscat to Salalah by road however it will take about 10 hours and 14 minutes in total to reach Salalah. You can also take a flight from Muscat to Salalah.

3. What is the best time to visit Salalah?

The best time to visit Salalah is for sure in the monsoon season also known as the Khareef season which ranges from the months of June to September. During this time you can also take a look at the Salalah festival being hosted.

4. What is Salalah known for?

Salalah is known for its frankincense trading, you can also spot the famous frankincense trade area known as Khor Rori at Dhofar.

5. Who is known as the father of Oman?

Said bin Taimur is the father of Oman.

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