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Dubai Oman common tourist visa is the right type of visa you need, if you’re planning to travel to Dubai and then take a detour trip to Oman. For the encouragement of tourism purposes, Oman came up with this new idea of the Dubai Oman common visa facility. This idea involves both the Sultanate of Oman and the Emirate of Dubai. 


  • List of countries eligible for common visa facility

  • Combined visa Dubai Oman fees

  • How to apply Oman Dubai joint visa

  • Dubai Oman joint visa validity

  • Oman visa from Dubai for Indian

  • Fine for overstay

  • Dubai-Oman joint visa policy requirements

  • Oman Consulate Dubai

  • Oman Embassy Abu Dhabi

  • FAQs

List of countries eligible for common visa facility:

A combined visa between Dubai and Oman was allowed to the citizens of one of the Dubai Oman joint visa countries. The list included the following countries:

Malaysia Ireland Finland Denmark Iceland South Korea
Portugal Spain France Switzerland Japan Brunei
New Zealand Canada USA Hong Kong Luxembourg The Vatican

These countries can have access to this service, which meant that either they land in Dubai and can apply for a joint visa. Or they can land in Oman and get access to this visa. 

Combined visa Dubai Oman fees:

There are no fees that need to be paid in Oman after you get this visa. The fees will only be paid to the applicable authorities in the Emirates of Dubai. 

How to apply Oman Dubai joint visa:

The combined visa is applied on the official website of Oman or you can also get access to it via a travel agency. After your visa has been approved you get a stamp on your passport at the point you enter in Oman from UAE. This can also be done at the airport. While you get a stamp for this on your passport, you need to pay any money for doing so. 

Dubai Oman joint visa validity:

The validity of the Dubai Oman joint visa is only for three weeks. This can further be extended up to one week as well. This extension of the combined visa can be done by putting in a request for the same.

Oman visa from Dubai for Indian:

It is to be noted that GCC nationals do not need a visa for visiting Oman. However, those living in GCC countries need to take this combined visa if they wish to visit Oman. An Indian living in Dubai cannot take the common visa facility as India is not included in the list of Dubai Oman joint visa countries. However, an Indian with a GCC resident membership card can apply for a visa under the GCC section. 

Fine for overstay:

A fine of 10 Omani riyals will be charged on each day of overstay beyond the validity of the visa term.

It is of importance that you understand the common visa facility between Oman and Dubai. First of all, this facility is not a strategy between Oman and Dubai. It is some sort of an agreement made between both the Sultanate of Oman and the Emirates of Dubai. 

Dubai-Oman joint visa policy requirements:

There are some requirements that need to be met for you to be able to use this facility. The requirements can be stated as follows:

1. Your entry point into UAE is Dubai:

This common visa facility will only be valid if you enter UAE from either Dubai international or national airport or you have landed through Dubai World Central or you have landed at Port Rashid which is a ferry terminal in Dubai. If you take a flight to elsewhere than Dubai through any means of transport, this facility will no longer remain valid

2. Your travel is only between Dubai and Oman:

This means that you must enter Oman only through Dubai airport or Dubai World Central. If you plan on leaving to another emirate or to a different country before entering Oman, this facility will not be valid. You can also gain access to this facility if you cross the border between Oman and UAE via Hatta or Wajajah border. While this visa facility will not work if you take any other road border be it via Ras al Khaimah or Sharjah or Abu Dhabi.

3. You need to have rights at both Dubai and Oman for a visa on arrival:

This is crucial while applying for a joint visa facility between Oman and Dubai. As if you are not able to access the visa on arrival facility then you might as well not acquire the common visa facility. You can have a common visa facility if you are eligible for a visa on arrival at Oman airport or border, but now this will mean that you will have to leave Oman via air and cannot return to UAE. 

4. No need to go to a visa on arrival port when you cross the border:

You need to be careful while crossing the border, as you do not want to end up at the visa on arrival payment counter. This will lead to an extra payment of charges. You can directly head over to immigration and tell the immigration officer about your eligibility for a visa under the common visa facility and pass on the passport to him.

5. You need to check the type of Dubai visa you have:

Checking the type of Dubai visa is essential, as you need to have a tourist visa to get access to the common visa facility. If not then you might not be eligible.

6. Checking the validity of the Dubai visa stamp:

In order for you to be eligible for the facility, your Dubai visa stamp needs to be valid for more than three weeks, if not you cannot access the facility.

I hope all these requirements are clear and that they need to be followed if you want to access the combined visa facility. 

Oman Consulate Dubai:


8th street, Umm Hurair First, Bur Dubai, Dubai. Landmark: next to Consulate of India

Oman Embassy Abu Dhabi:


Al Musharaf Area, next to the Immigration Department, Saeed bin Thanon Square, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

You can visit any of the above-given locations, to get more information as well.


1. Can I travel to Oman with a UAE visit visa?

It’s not only enough to have a UAE visit visa; you also need to have a combined Oman tourist visa which will allow entry into Oman.

2. Is the Dubai-Oman joint visa procedure difficult?

No, it is not a difficult procedure, you can apply for this facility, just as you apply for other types of e visas. 

3. Can a South Korean person gain access to this facility?

Yes, a South Korean person can gain access to this facility as South Korea has been mentioned among the list.

4. It is possible to fly back to Dubai after going to Oman on a common visa facility?

Yes, it is possible to fly back to Dubai provided that you are eligible for a visa on arrival in Dubai.

5. Is it possible for me to gain access to the common visa facility if my country’s name is not put up on the list but I’m eligible for a visa on arrival?

It is possible to gain access to this Dubai Oman common visa facility only if your country’s name is put on the list and you are also eligible for a visa on arrival. If even anyone of this is missing you cannot access the facility.

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