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exploring ruwi business capital of muscat

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Found out that your next business trip is to Ruwi in Oman? Well, exploring Ruwi, the business capital of Muscat is not that hard for sure! This doesn’t mean that it’s a place that anyone can discover on their own. You need to be sure as to where you are going and how you are going to plan the trip when in Ruwi. It is sure a place to self-discovery!



  1. About Ruwi

  2. Transportation in Ruwi

  3. Ruwi Airport

  4. Self-Discovery guide to Ruwi

  5. 7 places to discover in Ruwi

  6. FAQs


About Ruwi:

1. Muscat’s main business district is located in Ruwi which is about 5 kilometers away from Al-Khuwair, Al-Qurm, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, and Shati Al Qurm.

2. This place has also gained popularity among Indians and is also hence the south-eastern part of Ruwi is also named as “Little India”! You can find narrow paths and ancient buildings which are the olden parts of Ruwi which is definitely a place to discover. 


Transportation in Ruwi:

Traveling around here will not be hard for you, as you can find bus services that are available in around 15 to 20 minutes interval. You can also find most of the international and national bus routes passing through Ruwi which makes it easier to go from one place to another. 

The bus services from Ruwi go to the following places:

  • Route 1 goes to Al Mabela

  • Route 2 goes to Al Wadi Kabir

  • Route 3 goes to Wadi Adei

  • Route 4 goes to Muttrah

  • Route 5 goes to Almerat.


Ruwi Airport:

With a limited supply of equipment and facilities that served the airport, Bait Al Falaj was the first commercial airports ever build in Oman. This airport which was built in 1929 was nothing more than a dirt road for the flights to land on. This airport area has now become one of the most modern commercial residence areas in Ruwi.


Self-Discovery guide to Ruwi:

With a lot to discover in Ruwi in a limited time, you might certainly want to make sure you got the right list in your hand. It can take up to a month or two to discover the whole place; however, with only a week’s time in your hands, you might not be able to complete the discovery of Ruwi. So here are 7 such places to visit in Ruwi, Oman which you’d want to check before planning your trip.


7 places to discover in Ruwi:

  • Hop-on hop-off tour in Big Bus Muscat

  • Bait Al Baranda Museum

  • Private Fort tour from Muscat

  • PDO Planetarium in Ruwi

  • 5 Muscat Gate Museum

  • Muttrah Souq

  • Bait Al Zubair Museum

1. Hop-on hop-off tour in Big Bus Muscat:

This bus runs around through almost all of the areas in Ruwi. You can hop onto the bus and hop off whenever you want to. This bus travel will be an ultimate experience especially if you’re planning on a short business trip to Ruwi. With a beautiful skyline that adorns the city of Ruwi, you can also discover some of the most historic places that have been conserved in Ruwi. You can also have access to the personal commentary which is recorded in about 6 languages; this will give you a thorough understanding of the entire city! 

2. Bait Al Baranda Museum:

What better way to explore and find more about Oman than to go to Bait Al Baranda Museum in Ruwi which covers almost the whole of the culture of Oman. It not only covers the culture but you can also take a look at the exhibits and Ruwi Oman photos, which gives endless information about the political and military history of Oman.

3. Private Fort tour from Muscat:

Getting camera full of memories back to your home is something that the private tour from Muscat provides you! You can take a look at the hot water springs, the Nakhl Fortress, and the seaside town of Barka while having a picnic lunch and admiring these surroundings. 

4. PDO Planetarium in Ruwi:

PDO planetarium is an absolute place that both the kids and adults will enjoy alike. The various stargazing opportunities, the shows which gives out information and the laser shows which covers geographic information is a definite must-see if you ever visit Ruwi. 

5. Muscat Gate Museum:

A tour to Muscat Gate Museum is a must if you really want to take a look at the vintage wall which separates the old city of Ruwi and Corniche. These enormous gates will surely hold some history which you can only see if you’re present there! 

6. Muttrah Souq:

Also called as Ruwi souq, is one of the oldest markets yet stunning among all of the attractions in Ruwi. The fresh smell of the frankincense, the Arabian perfumes that gush through your nostrils will give a sense of relaxation while you stride through the market. You can shop for various items, all that will be held as an Oman souvenir forever.

7. Bait Al Zubair Museum:

With a large collection of traditional weapons and other ancient artifacts, this museum portrays the vast socio-economic and cultural heritage of Oman. You can also take a look at the monarchy history and the exhibits that portray the culture of the monarchy in Oman.

With these 7 places in your checklist, all you need to do is take Oman visa and fly over to Ruwi to enjoy an experience of a lifetime and get some quality time while you are in Oman. 



1. Are there any famous cinema centers to watch movies in Ruwi?

Yes, there is Stay Cinema and City Cinema to choose from the famous cinema centers in Ruwi.

2. Is it possible for an Indian to stay in Ruwi?

Along with a visa and a valid passport, an Indian can definitely stay in Ruwi.

3. How much is Ruwi to Muscat airport distance?

It takes only 26 minutes to reach from Ruwi to Muscat International airport. This means there is a distance of about 30.6 km.

4. Is Ruwi worth visiting?

With a lot of attractions and job opportunities, Ruwi is definitely worth visiting.

5. How long do I need to stay in Ruwi?

Exploring Ruwi will definitely take a month or more, but if you are on a short trip you can still discover Ruwi in bits.

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