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is onam safe for tourists

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Oman is located in Asia and many people from all over the world visit Oman every year. Oman is a beautiful country but even the most beautiful places have some things which can be dangerous for you. Many people visit Oman and it is seen that most of them have good experiences. There are many places in Oman to visit and many beautiful venues. You can visit Oman easily as it is not that difficult to obtain an Oman visa. You can also obtain it online. Today in this article, we are going to read about how safe Oman is for tourists


Oman Streets 

It's not uncommon for foreign visitors to hire a car in Oman because driving with a foreign license is legal for up to 6 weeks there. It is right to drive. Foreigners may not be accustomed to the driving dangers unique to country roads, such as the presence of goats and camels and the potential for floods in the event of heavy rain. Mountain roads should also be avoided unless you're a 4WD expert.

Is Oman Safe 

  • Oman is a safe nation, and the majority of visitors can travel there and have a trouble-free vacation. Political instability in the country is quite improbable because the Omani government and populace are both stable. If demonstrations do take place, visitors are encouraged to avoid them.
  • Oman has one of the lowest rates of terrorism worldwide. On the Global Terrorism Index, the Institute for Economics and Peace gives Oman a score of "0" for the effects of terrorism (that is, no impact of terrorism). No other Middle Eastern or Persian Gulf nation received a "0."
  • Oman has an extremely low overall crime rate, and tourists hardly ever become victims of illegal behaviour. When it occurs, it usually results from robbery or pickpocketing, which may happen everywhere there are tourists.


Women Safety And Oman

Generally, Oman is considered very safe for women as according to the women travellers they feel safe in Oman. As per the solo women travellers, they never faced harassment in Oman and according to them, Oman men tend to ignore women out of respect. The other reason why solo women travellers feel safe in Oman is that Omani citizens barely approach any stranger. It’s like they have no interest in approaching strangers. Oman men don’t even look at the women visitors which creates a safe zone for women travellers.  Is that foreign women travellers feel very uncomfortable using public transport in Oman as women in Oman avoid using public transport. So, foreign women find it very uncomfortable as most of the time they are the only women on board public transport. 

Dress code In Oman 

As Oman is a Muslim country, the dress code of the country is very conservative. Muslim community guidelines are followed in the country and dress codes should also match Muslim guidelines. Women should wear dresses in which their head, shoulder and cleavage should be covered. Although non-Muslim women are not expected to do so except they are visiting mosques.


Oman’s Safety Measures

If you're an experienced traveller, you'll probably discover that Oman's safety measures are the same as those that apply to any other tourist location:

  • Pickpockets should be avoided, especially in touristy and busy areas like landmarks, intersections, and retail centres. Keep your possessions nearby and conceal pricey goods like jewellery and cameras.
  • Avoid going alone at night on dimly lit streets, especially if you are unfamiliar with the region.
  • Avoid hitchhiking and always take authorized cabs.
  • While abroad, abide by the safety recommendations given by your government and stay informed of changes.
  • Honour regional customs and laws. Drugs and pornography are prohibited in Oman, and it's deemed rude to swear or make offensive gestures.
  • Alcohol can be purchased at licensed restaurants, however, it is illegal to consume alcohol in public. In Oman, age 21 is the minimum drinking age. You must adhere to the restrictions and prerequisites of your Omani visa.
  • Think about getting travel insurance in case you require medical attention or your belongings are stolen or misplaced.



Oman is a beautiful country and it is also easy to obtain an Oman visa. Oman provides many different types of visas to travellers tratravellerso Oman. Oman provides e-visa as well as offline visas, you can get any as per your convenience. E-visas can be obtained easily within a few business days. Talking about Oman's safety, it is safe for tourists. It is advised to avoid travelling at night. This article has all the information regarding tourist safety in Oman. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, shorts are OK, but long pants are encouraged. Linen clothing is a wonderful choice if heat is an issue. Men must always wear long trousers and t-shirts while entering a mosque. In a mosque, shorts are not authorized.


Oman is generally trouble-free to visit. Maintaining a high degree of security awareness and exercising caution in public areas and on the highways are important. Stay away from crowds and protests.


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